(Minghui.org) Master Li Hongzhi said:

“Dafa disciples are the hope of humankind—the one and only hope. It is our mission to save lives, and a tremendous responsibility. Only by cultivating yourselves well can you do well what Dafa disciples must do.” (“A Congratulatory Letter to the European Fa Conference in Paris”)

At this critical juncture of the universe’s renewal, I know that I have a great responsibility, and dare not slack off. However, I still have attachments to be eliminated, so I might slack off if I am not strict with myself, and the effectiveness of my saving people might be compromised. I therefore need to study the Fa well, send forth righteous thoughts, and maintain a state of diligence.

I admire practitioners who walk the streets to clarify the truth to people without hindrance. Sometimes, I feel that my cultivation state is not good enough but I really don’t want to delay reaching out to save people. So before I set off, I say to Master Li’s portrait: “Today my cultivation state is not good enough. Master, please reinforce my righteous thoughts and actions, reinforce my wisdom, and disintegrate all interference so that I can save sentient beings.” In this way, I often improve my incorrect cultivation state.

I would like to share a couple of stories of my clarifying the truth to people, and show that sentient beings are waiting to be saved.

A Couple on North Mountain

North Mountain is a remote area on the fringe of my county. I had been thinking about delivering information and clarifying the truth to the few families that live there, but I’d never found the time to go. One day, I finally went up the mountain with some Minghui desk calendars and other materials.

I came to a farmyard where a lady was busy cleaning. I greeted her and asked if she’d like a desk calendar. When she saw that the calendar was about Falun Dafa, she said, “It's great. I read Falun Dafa books every day.” I asked her whether she practices cultivation, “I don’t practice, I just read the books.”

At first, I thought she meant Dafa books but later I realized that she was referring to truth-clarifying brochures that practitioners had delivered previously, “I have saved a lot of Falun Dafa booklets, so I just read them when I’m not busy. I even have a Falun Dafa keychain!” She had found the keychain on the ground. She also had read a copy of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party.

While we were talking, her husband came to join us. I was surprised to find that he understood the truth even deeper. He said, “Leave a copy of everything you’ve got in your bag. We love to read them.” The wife added, “He doesn’t believe in anything. I don’t know why, he just likes Falun Dafa books.”

The husband chimed in, “We are also good people. I know a lot about using folk remedies to cure illnesses. In the past few years, I have given away medicine worth hundreds of dollars.”

I told them the importance of making the three withdrawals from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), and helped them withdraw from the Young Pioneers. I also gave them a copy of the Minghui periodical “Heaven, Earth, and People,” as well as a USB flash drive with various videos. The couple thanked me repeatedly.

Police Officer: “I Know What to Do in the Future!”

I was passing a hospital on my bicycle one day, when from a distance, I saw a man sitting alone outside. So I wanted to clarify the truth to him.

I asked him, “Why are you resting near the hospital?” He said he had come from a neighboring county with his father to see the doctor. This hospital was famous for treating cerebrovascular diseases.

I told him to ask his father to recite “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good,” so that he could recover quickly. He said he was a police officer and had been arresting Falun Dafa practitioners since 1999. He asked me to stop talking and leave right away.

I said, “You are a police officer, so I should tell you more. You have been in contact with practitioners for many years. Haven’t you seen that they are good people? Are you still involved in the persecution?” He replied, “We are part of the state machine and we execute orders.”

“Humans are not machines. People have thoughts and can distinguish right from wrong. A police officer’s duty is to arrest bad people. Should these good people who cultivate Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance be arrested? Besides, it is a principle of heaven that good will be rewarded with good, and evil with evil. You may have heard that many 610 office personnel and police incurred retribution for the persecution. Falun Dafa has suffered a wrong as great as history has ever known. Falun Dafa and Master Li must be redressed sooner or later.”

“I know that. Now, if no one reports Falun Dafa to us, we keep our eyes half shut. There is a well-known local Chinese medicine doctor who was sentenced to prison for several years; after being released he still practices and delivers information to people. We know that and pretend not to know. However, if someone reports it to us, we have to take action.”

I said, “You can still act according to each circumstance. For example, the gun’s aim can be raised by a centimeter, and you can choose to let practitioners walk away. The CCP has done too many bad things, and heaven is going to eliminate it. You don’t have to perish with the CCP. I can give you a nickname to quit. Have you ever joined the CCP and its affiliated organizations?”

He smiled, “Who in this profession didn’t join it?” I said, “It is fate that we met here today. Using a nickname to quit the CCP won’t impact your job. I sincerely hope you do well, and I do not seek anything from you in return.”

He stood up and said solemnly, “Okay, thank you! I know what to do in the future.” I gave him a nickname and asked him to remember it. I said, “Bless you!” He replied, “Bless you too. Take care!” A police officer who used to persecute Dafa practitioners made the right choice!

I have many stories from when I’ve talked to people. As long as I have the heart to save people, Master will reinforce me. Sometimes clarifying the truth is as natural as the moving clouds and flowing water; good results come easily.

Master has arranged everything and only asks disciples to finish the last step with righteous thoughts and righteous actions. I will continue to diligently cultivate myself, help Master rectify the Fa, and walk my final path well so as not to disappoint Master.

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