(Minghui.org) The CCP virus broke out last year. Many practitioners who usually clarified the truth about Falun Dafa to visitors at the scenic spots now came to the telephone-calling platform to tell people the facts about Falun Dafa. Some practitioners including me were selected to provide training to the newcomers so that they could adapt to the phone calling project quickly. 

I came across many tests in this training position during the past year, and also had many amazing experiences. I was grateful to Master for his arrangement. I am also grateful for having this opportunity to work with many practitioners at home and abroad during this special period. 

New Hope Appeared at My Lowest Point

I was fortunate enough to start practicing Falun Dafa in 2010. The reason I registered for attending the 9-day Falun Dafa sessions was not for cultivation. I traveled to China with my colleagues during the Olympic Games in Beijing and saw practitioners arrested by the police. I didn’t have a good impression of the practitioners at that time. 

When I learned that my brother was practicing Falun Dafa, I worried that he was deceived. I wanted to know what Falun Dafa was all about, so I registered for the 9-day training session. Our compassionate Master didn’t give up on me despite my wrong thought. On the first day of the session, I experienced body purification. I could feel the Falun on the third day. I experienced huge mental and physical changes. When I visited the Minghui website, I was even more shocked. 

It was also the lowest point of my life. Before I got married, everyone was good to me. I lived carefree. But everything changed after marriage. I didn’t get along with my mother-in-law. I was thinking of getting a divorce, but my child was too small. Then, I rented an apartment and lived with my child there. I was not happy and felt hopeless. Because I had a lot of free time, I became obsessed with online games. Looking back, I would have gone to hell if I hadn’t come across Falun Dafa. 

But, then I changed my mind. I realized that my husband was a good person. He loved our child. I shouldn’t be so selfish and should let our child experience a healthy family environment. So I agreed to move back to live with my husband. Soon I obtained the Fa

Being Responsible 

I hadn’t been willing to take on any responsibility once I started to practice Falun Dafa. Actually, I was covering up my attachment to fear and selfishness. I feared that I would be criticized if I didn’t do well. It was an attachment to saving face. 

When the coordinator asked me to provide training to newcomers, I agreed immediately. Because of the pandemic, many practitioners joined the project on the platform. I felt the urgency of cultivation, and awakening the conscience of sentient beings. My attachments and concern for fame and interest were no longer important. I realized that I shouldn’t shift the responsibilities to others.

Master said, “Once you pass this village, this inn will no longer be available,” (“Teaching the Fa and Answering Questions in Guangzhou,” Zhuan Falun Fajie - The Law of Zhuan Falun Explained)

Master said,

“If you can manage to quietly complete what you notice is lacking, quietly do well what you should do, and quietly do something well when you find it to have been done less than ideally, then the multitude of gods will have tremendous admiration for you and exclaim that this person is simply extraordinary. Only doing things this way counts as what a Dafa disciple should do.” (“Be More Diligent,” Collected Fa Teachings, Vol. X)

I told myself to do the things well under any circumstance, regard practitioners’ work as my own work, and try my best to help practitioners complete the mission of awakening the conscience of sentient beings. 

When I came across problems, I would solve them based on the Fa principles. I shouldn’t develop any fear because Master and the Fa are here. So I started to provide the training to practitioners, although I didn’t have any training experience. 

Before the training session started, one overseas practitioner logged onto the platform and asked questions. As I didn’t teach practitioners before, I listened to another host practitioner on how she taught. That overseas practitioner was very nervous and kept making mistakes when learning how to make phone calls. I listened to them silently and could feel how nervous the practitioner was. The atmosphere was a bit awkward. I told myself that I must help that practitioner. I didn’t have any training experience. I only had the thought of helping her. The next morning when I was doing the sitting meditation, my mind kept thinking about how I should teach that practitioner. Tears covered my face. But, my mind was very clear and I found a teaching method. I knew that Master gave me wisdom. 

Because of this experience, when I came across various problems when providing training, I was able to solve them as long as I had the heart to help practitioners and learn from experienced practitioners. This newcomer told me later on that she had been thinking of making phone calls on the platform after she had gone overseas. She asked Master to arrange a Taiwan practitioner to teach her. So she met me. I was grateful for Master’s arrangement.

Improving Xinxing 

Most of the practitioners on the platform are from mainland China. They are different from Taiwanese practitioners in terms of how they talk and behave. So there were xinxing tests for me. 

One practitioner corrected my way of doing things. But his remarks were unkind and rude. I felt uncomfortable in my heart. I was upset and felt I was wronged. I asked myself: what was my purpose in doing this thing? Was there any attachment? Why did I feel uncomfortable? Why did I feel upset? I realized that I had many attachments, such as wanting to be praised, as well as I couldn’t take criticism, wanted to save face, and I was competitive. I thought of the story of Han Xin who followed a bully’s order to crawl between his legs to avoid a fight. I said to myself that I had faced far less humiliation than Han Xin. This was an opportunity for me to improve and let me find my hidden attachments. 

Master said, 

“So whether it is good things or bad things you run into, so long as you cultivate in Dafa, they are all positive, to be sure.” (“Teachings at the 2005 Conference in San Francisco”)

Most of the practitioners in our group were either not good at talking to people or elderly. They were not able to use computers. I came across several practitioners in their 7os and 80s. I told them how to become computer literate. I was touched by their determination to save sentient beings. So, it didn’t matter how much they learned every day. As long as they liked to learn, I would try my best to teach them. 

These practitioners were like my family members. My skills were obtained because of Dafa. I often reminded myself that I should think from practitioners’ perspectives. and teach them based on their willingness. I must be kind and not pressure them. Although I was very busy sometimes, I felt happy for them when they learned how to make phone calls on the platform. When I saw them on the platform, I felt warm in my heart. It was such a rare opportunity. Gradually I realized why it was arranged for me to work on this platform. It was an opportunity for me to let go of my impatience and foster my patience, tolerance, and kindness. 

Learning to Install Software

More and more practitioners logged onto the platforms to learn how to make phone calls. They needed to install software before they were able to make phone calls. The practitioners who provided technical support were all very busy. Newcomers had to wait one or two days. So I wanted to learn how to install software to help reduce the work of the tech support practitioners, and also reduce the waiting time for the newcomers. 

I was on duty on the platform one afternoon. I didn’t have much to do. I saw nobody queuing in the tech support room. I went to ask the tech support some questions. She asked me if I’d like to learn the software installation -- she could teach me. I was so happy and learned from her step by step. I jotted down the notes while learning. Then, I installed the software by following the notes. After I familiarized myself with it, I noticed a long queue in the tech support room. 

On another occasion I thought of finding a practitioner to write a software program which would replace a manual operation. It could save a lot of time for practitioners so that they could spend more time doing other Dafa projects. But, how could I find a practitioner with such skills? One practitioner sent me a message that night. I realized that he could write computer programs. I asked him if he was willing to help. He asked some detailed information, and I introduced another practitioner to him, so that they could communicate with each other directly. Master’s Fa came into my mind: “You can only have such a wish and think about it like that, but it is the master who actually does these things.” (Lecture Two, Zhuan Falun

Master arranged everything for me. Master knew my thoughts. I thanked Master from the bottom of my heart. 

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