(Minghui.org) I read some sharing articles about the time remaining in Fa-rectification. Some practitioners think there are still many years to go. I think this only represents what they have seen, because Master controls the universe’s Fa-rectification. Only he knows the length of Fa-rectification, so I normally do not really think about this issue.

But seeing these types of sharing articles, I was slightly moved and thought that if this was true it would be great! The current cultivation environment in my region is not as relaxed as it had been in previous years, and we are facing severe suppression and comprehensive surveillance by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Sometimes my daily life and work are disrupted. However, no matter how crazy the evil is and how heavy the pressure is, genuine practitioners are protected by Master’s compassion and cannot be blocked. They do not slack off or retreat.

In retrospect, before the CCP’s persecution, I was a little ignorant about cultivation. The cruel persecution did not weaken my will as a cultivator, but made me more sober. In the face of the universe’s Dafa and Dafa practitioners’ clarifying the truth, the Party is so terrible and vicious. The persecution has only served to demonstrate the holiness, dignity, grandeur and greatness of Dafa and has made disciples appreciate Master for his compassionate care. Dafa disciples have become more determined to believe in Master and the Fa. Falun Dafa has spread around the world and established a moral monument for mankind. The old forces and the CCP never expected this would happen. The Party’s attempt to “eliminate Falun Gong in three months” completely failed.

If the time for Fa-rectification is extended, the disciples are willing and happy to accept it, because it will definitely be the best arrangement in the universe. The disciples can have more time to purify themselves, make up for losses, clarify the truth and save more people, because all of these things take time. If the time remaining in Fa-rectification is so short that the disciples cannot react quickly and still have not done many things well, this will still be the best arrangement based on various factors. We all know that Master’s arrangements are what the Fa-rectification requires and what the universe needs. They are certainly the best arrangements for all sentient beings, including the disciples.

Many fellow practitioners subconsciously look forward to the end of Fa-rectification, but when they calm down, they find that they will persist in practicing Dafa, clarifying the truth and saving people regardless of the length of time. Practitioners in mainland China are still facing a harsh environment, but remain committed to believing in Master and the Fa.

I asked fellow practitioners around me for their thoughts, and unexpectedly they all had the same thoughts as I do. The veteran practitioners who persist in saving people on the front lines think that we should be happy if the time is extended, because the disciples know that Master wants to save more sentient beings, and we disciples unconditionally harmonize with what Master wants.

Speaking frankly, practitioners in China miss Master very much and look forward to seeing Master one day. But we also know that Master is always beside us. No matter how much time remains, one lifetime or several lifetimes, the disciples’ hearts will not change. They will hold fast to their faith and follow Master’s teachings.

If I had not heard about the sharing on the time remaining in Fa-rectification, I would not have thought about this issue. After thinking about this issue now, I feel calmer and steadier in my heart. Thank you Minghui.org for communicating with fellow practitioners. Thanks to fellow practitioners for sharing about this issue.

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