(Minghui.org) Last week, I received a link from several practitioners to a Minghui experience sharing article in Chinese, “Thoughts and Predictions on the End Time…” The topic was the recent presidential election and what a young practitioner had seen of the future with his tianmu (celestial eye).

In my understanding, the election was a test for practitioners and a big opportunity to clarify the truth to many people. Whatever the result, human beings make choices, but the outcomes are decided by Heaven. We should not be attached to any particular outcome of these ordinary affairs, as it has nothing to do with true practitioners–our hearts should remain unmoved. Our role as true cultivators is to save sentient beings, not become involved in ordinary political affairs.

I was surprised to see predictions like this on Minghui. Another veteran practitioner and I discussed this. The next day, we both had come to the same conclusion: we would ignore these predictions.

Other than Master’s article “In Reference to a Prophecy,” I have ignored prophecies, visions, and even things I have seen with my own celestial eye. I used to worry about things I saw but later realized they were interfering with my cultivation. Even if some prophecies are correct, our hearts should remain unmoved. Big catastrophes and these events don’t have anything to do with cultivators of a righteous way, in my understanding.

Why do practitioners pay attention to these things? It’s because of attachments.

Only Master knows how much time remains. As for the total number of people who can be saved worldwide, that specific detail is not our concern—Master and divine beings have arranged these things. We should focus on saving those beings arranged to be saved by us. We shouldn’t be distracted by these sorts of things. Instead we should focus on what is critical: fulfilling our vows, improving our xinxing and cultivation level, and saving sentient beings.

When I saw that article, I knew I had an attachment to these prophecies that I still had to eliminate—that is why I was shown this article. I also had the attachment to when the Fa-rectification and persecution would end. The article was feeding my attachments to knowing things and to time. It was time to completely eliminate these attachments.

In my understanding, the reason the persecution continues is that practitioners have not completed their missions, due in part to their attachments. Many practitioners have been attached to foretelling the future and avoiding tribulations. I never go to “fortune-tellers,” but I realized everything pointed out in Zhuan Falun has to do with me—I was treating these predictions like a “fortune-teller:”

“There are also people who see fortune-tellers. Someone asks me, “Teacher, I’m practicing Falun Dafa now. I’m also very interested in Zhouyi or things like fortune-telling. Can I still use them?” Let me put it this way: If you carry a considerable amount of energy, whatever you say will have an impact. If something is not that way, but you have told someone that it is that way, you may have committed a bad deed.” (Zhuan Falun, Lecture Six)

Fellow practitioners, we should not allow ourselves to be distracted, and we should be careful not to distract other practitioners.

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