(Minghui.org) Over the years, especially in recent times, we have often come across practitioners’ experience sharing regarding their celestial eye visions, observations and prophecies about how and when the first phase of Fa-rectification is completed. I think how we view and approach these issues can be important in our cultivation path.

We should all have learned many lessons from these issues and realized that no one but Master knows the exact time and place of the events related to the Fa-rectification, and Master may change the Fa-rectification arrangements at any moment. It is possible for Master to change anything at any time to save more sentient beings and to push more Dafa practitioners to reach Master’s requirements.

Also, in the face of these prophecies, we must discover and cultivate the various attachments that emerge, such as the attachment to time, attachment to reaching consummation, attachment to laziness and comfort, and attachment to zealotry.

If we look at these kinds of experience-sharing articles without attachments and based on the Fa, they can be good, hopeful and motivating for our cultivation path and lead us to become more diligent. But if we look at them with different attachments, then they can cause us to become lax in doing the three things, go to extremes, lose our faith, or even give up cultivation.

I think if we look at these sharings from the right point of view, whether we hear that we have a month, a year or ten years left, it should not matter and it should make us do the three things more diligently and wisely.

For example, if a schoolteacher suddenly tells us that we have an exam tomorrow, we can take two approaches. The wrong approach is to get anxious, lose hope, and stop studying or to do extreme things for fear of running out of time. The right approach is to come to our senses when we hear this, be more serious, make better use of the time left, and study harder; even if there is only one day left, we should not miss that day and should do our best.

Also, if on the day of the exam, the teacher suddenly says that the exam is cancelled and we have another month to study, it still should not matter and there will again be two approaches. The wrong approach would be to feel comfort in having more time, become relaxed, lazy and playful instead of studying, and postpone everything again until the last minute or even think that the exam would not be given anymore. The right approach would be to appreciate that we have more time and to think, “If I have not done well so far, or if I have any shortcomings, there seems to be some hope and I have more time. From now on, in the short remaining time, I will do my best and study my lessons well.”

For instance, in the last two months, I have heard from some practitioners that there may be less than a month left. But not only was it not troubling for me to hear this news, it made me more diligent in doing the three things compared to two months ago. I became more diligent in my personal cultivation, exercises, Fa study, and truth clarification

I am not upset and my faith has not changed, since what I heard from the practitioner has not happened (yet), and the Fa-rectification has not come to an end. But rather, I am grateful to Master and I am glad that there is still time and I can fulfill my vows.

When reading an experience sharing about prophecies on the end time for Fa-rectification, I thought, “First of all, nothing is certain, and only Master knows everything, and whatever Master knows to be the best will happen. Secondly, if Master has arranged for us to have more time to do the three things, then I should be grateful and do the three things better and more diligently than before. Thirdly, whether it is one day or another hundred years left, I believe in Master and the Fa and I will try to fulfill my vows better.”

If we look at these events from another angle, aren’t all these scenarios tests of our xinxing and faith to see what we think, what approach we take, and how much we believe in Master?

When we face the scenario that we have less than a month, what thoughts come to mind? What approach do we take? Do we stop fulfilling our duties to our communities, families and jobs properly under the pretext of lack of time? And when nothing happens after a month, what do we think again? Do we have doubts and relax, or does our faith remain strong?

Now what do we do if we are faced with another scenario in which we may have more than seven years? What thoughts do we have? What approach do we take? Do we become lax and unmotivated? Do we consider the opinions and experiences of practitioners as absolute truth and on par with Master’s words? Or do we look at practitioners’ experiences simply as their personal perceptions and opinions according to their level?

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