(Minghui.org) I went to Beijing to validate the Fa in 1999 and was temporarily detained in the backyard of the Tiananmen Square Police Station. One police officer said sarcastically to us that we were anti-Party, anti-government, disrupting society, and so on. I said, “We practice Falun Dafa and believe in Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. If you think that Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is not good, then do you think that Falsehoods-Hatred-Violence is good?” He was speechless and walked away.

While Being Detained

That same day I was taken to Xicheng Detention Center in Beijing. The head inmate in the detention center cell was from Beijing and in his 20s. He tried to hit me. I was not afraid but instead felt pity for him. I told him I wouldn’t fight back if he hit me and that it won't do him any good if he did. He was kind of surprised by my response. It was quiet in the cell, and almost everyone turned and nervously looked at us, not knowing how the cell head would treat me. He looked at me a few times, told me to sit down, and said it was just a joke. He then beat up a rapist in the cell.

When we were out on a break, a guard cursed at me. I told him it was not necessary to do that. I said, “Actually, who doesn’t know what’s going on?” He got scared, treated me like I was a colleague, and left.

Later on, I was arrested again. It was during a time when I was away from home avoiding persecution. I was eventually detained in a brainwashing center. At first, the people in charge at the brainwashing center came to my room to ask about my thoughts and plans. I sat on the chair with my eyes closed. I didn’t even look at them and told them that I didn’t have any plans. How could I have any plans in this place? They felt they were unwelcome and left. After they left, they said that people like me have suffered a lot but were too stubborn to be “transformed.”

After they observed me for several days, the person in charge of “transforming” detainees came to talk to me for a couple of hours. He asked me how I understood consummation. I gave him an example of how cultivators could achieve consummation. For instance, we start to walk from here, and the final destination is Tiananmen Square in Beijing. All we need to do is to arrive at Tiananmen Square within the specified time. If we climb a mountain, the goal is to reach the top of the mountain. We start from the bottom of the mountain, and all we need to do is reach the top within the specified time. But if you change your mind and find a better destination halfway to Beijing or the top of a mountain, then you basically gave up halfway. It’s just that simple.

Some of the people working at the center were former practitioners and who now helped the authorities to persecute Dafa practitioners. They brought me Dafa books to study and then they tried to talk to me about some things they called “Fa principles” and tried to convince me of some “high-level Fa principles” that they understood. I told them no arrow ever turned back. Cultivation is like climbing a mountain. There is no shortcut—reaching the top is all that matters. Once they discovered that I just wouldn’t go along with their way of thinking, they berated me, saying that I knew nothing about the Fa principles, that I wasn't even as good as a kindergartener. They even said sarcastically to me, “Little kid, let’s go climb a mountain. You will achieve consummation once you reach the top of the mountain. Or, let’s go to Beijing. You will reach consummation once you arrive at Tiananmen Square.”

These “Judases” stopped bothering me until one of them returned to the brainwashing center from somewhere else, and they started to harangue me again. After eight o’clock one night, they called me to a dimly-lit room. It was very gloomy. They circled around me and tried to force me to give in using their rhetoric. I tried to leave but wasn’t allowed to. Around midnight, they called my name, became very crazy, and started yelling wildly.

My celestial eye is closed, so I couldn’t see anything in other dimensions, but I felt horrible. I sensed that the evil in other dimensions was watching and participating. A terrifying field appeared in front of me. I immediately calmed down and laughed at them, “It’s ridiculous! What’s the use of that stuff on a small path? It’s useless!” They said they could use whatever they wanted, as long as it would make me give up my belief. I laughed and asked why they took out the small path stuff and wicked things, while they claimed to understand high-level principles.

Then I said, “Let’s call it a day. I have to get some rest.” I left the room while they stood there stunned. They didn’t visit me again before I left the brainwashing center. When I walked out the gate of the brainwashing center, I felt that a substance that had been pressing on me like a mountain had been removed.

While Being Harassed

Fellow practitioners had different understandings about how to respond to the Party’s door-to-door harassment campaign. Some thought we should not open the door or cooperate with the authorities. Some thought we should open the door and clarify the truth to the police officers and the community workers. In my opinion, either way was fine as long as we maintained a peaceful mindset and righteous thoughts. If you have the attachment of fear, then whatever you do won’t work and can even cause damage. I, myself, had both experience and lessons in this regard.

Police officers once visited my home to harass my family. When a family member (also a practitioner) opened the door and saw who was there, he quickly shut it due to fear and didn’t calm down to clarify the truth to them. They broke in and confiscated many Dafa books, which caused a lot of damage.

Another time, two relatives (one of them a practitioner) were visiting us. When we saw that the police were in our community to harass practitioners, a practitioner family member went out with the two relatives. So when the police knocked, we didn’t plan to open up and were sending forth righteous thoughts inside. But our non-practitioner relative who was outside asked us to open the door. Then a practitioner family member went out, closed the door behind him, and tried to clarify the truth to the police but ended up arguing. I wasn't afraid and I had no thoughts of hatred, either. I only thought about how pitiful the police were, as they were unknowingly committing a crime. I calmed down and went out, too. I didn’t let them in. Instead, I took them downstairs and clarified the truth to them. After a few minutes, they left.

I came to understand that in the face of evil or danger, we should not be fearful, resentful, or argumentative. When we can stabilize our mindset, the side of us that has cultivated well will be effective, because a cultivator’s compassion is a mighty energy that can restrain the surrounding environment and resolve all danger.