(Minghui.org) I have practiced Falun Dafa for more than 12 years. Throughout the years I have constantly worked on improving my character, letting go of attachments, and doing the three things asked of practitioners. On a regular basis, I gave out flyers and newspapers to let more people know about Dafa and the persecution it continues to face in China.

During the pandemic, many businesses are closed. I began visiting those stores or malls that were open to distribute Dafa flyers. I briefly explained how many people feel they've been blessed by practicing Dafa. When I tell them that Dafa books and videos are free to download, people are very happy and say they would share the information with others.

I visited a Vietnamese nail salon one time. The manicurist said she had heard about Falun Dafa and happily told me the Vietnamese pronunciation. Another time when I visited a Vietnamese restaurant, the waiters also told me they had heard about Falun Dafa. I was surprised and wondered how they knew. It seems as if people are becoming increasingly aware.

Another time I visited an office building. I started talking to the receptionist about Dafa, and he said he was very glad that I came. He wanted more informational materials and said he would share them with others. At that moment, I felt that his life truly came for Dafa. I was touched by his attitude and thanked him.

I have met many predestined people. Some would say, “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good,” while others say, “This is exactly what I’ve been waiting for!” Some people say, “I heard about this in school” or “give me more flyers.” Most of them were very grateful. I believe all sentient beings are waiting to be saved. As long as we are diligent, we will not let Master down.

Thank you, Master, for you compassionate salvation! Thank you, fellow practitioners!