(Minghui.org) When I was practicing the fourth exercise one day, when my hands moved down from my head to my legs, I felt energy rush down my body. It looked like a lot of soft things were washed away in a dark red dimension. I felt my energy channels being opened from my head to all over my body.

Was what happened a miracle because I found an attachment to ego and asked Master to help me remove it?

I’ve been trying to remove my attachment to my ego for a long time. For example, I thought my family members and friends who quit the Chinese Communist Party and knew the truth of Dafa should be protected. I had a thought that they must be blessed and won’t have any trouble.

This thought emerged again when I was practicing the third exercise. I realized I was arrogant to have such a thought. Master Li (Dafa's founder) told us everyone has his or her own fate. How could I change someone else’s fate? I still need Master’s protection and have to align myself with the Fa at all times.

If ordinary people are kind and honest they will be blessed, but they will still have karmic tribulations. Even Dafa practitioners have tribulations and experience sickness karma. I saw the arrogance in myself and asked Master to help me.

When I felt energy rushing through my body when I did the fourth exercise, I knew Master cleaned many bad substances from my body when my xinxing improved.

Looking inward once again, I found that I harbored the attachment of competitiveness. I can’t bring this attachment to heaven and fight against other gods and Buddhas; I must eliminate it, too.

Recently I felt Master has helped me to enlighten to things more often. I believe that Master hopes I advance faster.