(Minghui.org) Something bothered me for a long time. When I practiced the exercises, especially the second exercise, many distracting thoughts appeared, one after another. I knew that this was because my cultivation state was not right and I was not in line with the Fa.

Master said,

“Another situation is called "unknowingly practicing an evil cultivation way." What is "unknowingly practicing an evil cultivation way?" It is when someone practices an evil way without realizing it. This problem is very common and simply too widespread. As I said the other day, many people practice qigong with wrong thoughts on their minds. Though they are practicing a standing exercise there with their hands and legs shaking from fatigue, their minds are not at rest. One is thinking: "Prices are going up. I have to go shopping after finishing the exercise. If I don’t hurry up, things will be more expensive." Another person thinks: "The workplace is now assigning apartment units. Will I get one? The person in charge of assigning apartment units is always at odds with me." The more this person thinks about it, the angrier he becomes: "He won’t assign me a unit for sure. How should I fight him... " All thoughts crop up. As I said earlier, they make comments from family issues to state affairs. When they speak of unpleasant topics, they become even angrier.” (Lecture Five, Zhuan Falun)

Even though my body practiced the exercises, my mind wandered and all sorts of stray thoughts surfaced. I was unable to reject them. The minute I eliminate one stray thought, another thought appeared and it continued nonstop in a vicious cycle. At times when I don’t have strong righteous thoughts, I would be dragged down by these negative thoughts. As a result, my practicing the exercises was not effective. I was depressed and wished to do better the next day. However, each time it felt like I did the exercises in vain. 

Recently a practitioner with sickness karma said that the old forces are constantly instilling negative thoughts in her mind. They tell her to get ready for her funeral and to buy the clothing she wants to be buried in. Even though she constantly rejects and eliminates it, this thought karma keeps reappearing. After sharing her experiences with another practitioner, she realized she had to eliminate the root of all these negative thoughts. As soon as she directed her righteous thoughts at it, she saw an entity shivering in fear and she was able to completely eliminate it with her righteous thoughts. 

When I practiced the second exercise the following morning, I sent out the thought: “Completely eliminate all the negative thoughts that surface while I practice the exercises!” Something astonishing happened as soon as I silently recited Master’s stanzas for righteous thoughts. I was able to reach a state of tranquility while I did the second, third and fourth standing exercises. My mind was thinking about how to save sentient beings but that thought also slowly disappeared as I followed Master’s recorded instructions while practicing the exercises.

While doing the sitting meditation exercise today, I was able to stay clear-minded and I did not feel drowsy. I was able to concentrate while sending righteous thoughts and keep my palm upright. 

I shared my experiences with my husband, who is also a Falun Dafa practitioner, about how I eliminated negative thoughts. The words “direct your thoughts at all evil” surfaced in my mind and I knew this was Master Li enlightening me to actively direct my righteous thoughts at the evil. 

I benefited a lot by listening to Minghui radio while doing household chores every day. For those who've had similar experiences, I encourage you to write them down and share them with other practitioners.