(Minghui.org) I was previously having difficulties logging onto the Minghui website, and it was also difficult to open the webpage. It was even more difficult to upload and download anything. 

I tried to access Minghui.org at different times and using different channels of Freedom Gate. I found that surfing the internet went very quickly around four a.m., with very quick download speeds. 

I persisted this way for a period of time but then felt that something was wrong, as I typically used this period of time to practice the exercises. If I spent this time doing work on the computer, not only was it inconvenient due to time constraints, it was also difficult to make up for the practice during the day. 

I didn't know what to do, so I began looking for a solution. I thought it was alright to surf the internet and download stuff at around four a.m., but not at other times. 

Why? Wasn’t this caused by the interference of the old forces? 

Normally, it should be that practitioners could work on the computer at any time. If this is the case, isn’t it enough to eliminate the interfering factors?

Thus, I began sending righteous thoughts concerning this matter. Whenever I sent righteous thoughts at the global time, I would send righteous thoughts for an additional five minutes to clean up all the evil factors related to my own personal interference. 

Each time I turned on my computer I also sent the same righteous thoughts. I persisted with this and was not driven by whether I could smoothly surf the net. 

Gradually, I could successfully access Minghui.org, and upload and download things at any time. Even if there were occasional problems, I closed the software which breaks the internet blockade and restarted it. 

If it failed once, I repeated it twice or several times, and finally I could log into the website. Through this incident, I not only strengthened my confidence in sending righteous thoughts, but also realized its power. 

Now, I still send righteous thoughts on this matter, because I realized that Dafa practitioners should take the initiative to eliminate all evil, instead of waiting for interference.