(Minghui.org) A year after I began practicing Falun Dafa in 1998, Jiang Zemin, the head of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), launched the persecution of Falun Gong. Because I didn't give up my cultivation when I was pressured to, my employer demoted me to the position of janitor.

The Power of Hearing Master's Lectures for the First Time

In March 1998, I went to a practice site and listened to Lecture Two of Master’s Fa lectures in Guangzhou.

When I heard Master talking about opening the celestial eye, I felt the place where my celestial eye is tighten. Master said, “As long as you all practice Falun Dafa, everyone’s Celestial Eye will be opened.” (Lecture Two, Zhuan Falun), The next morning I felt something spinning in my lower abdomen. I realized that Master gave me a Falun!

Other practitioners there taught me the five exercises. Since then, I have diligently studied the Fa and done the exercises every day. Dafa changed me. I am able to consider others first and am no longer selfish.

I used to suffer from severe tuberculosis. I was dark and thin, but now I am fair and plump with a good complexion. People who knew me in the past said, “You look healthier.” I told them it was because I practiced Falun Dafa (also called Falun Gong).

Since I starting practicing, I have been happy every day. I used to work night shifts and was fearful every time I got off work in the middle of the night. Now I am not scared, because Master is by my side, and the Falun shines with colorful light when I walk home.

One day, I had a clear dream: I took the book Zhuan Falun with a lotus flower on the back of the cover page, walked to a school, knocked on the door of a classroom, and said, “Master, please open the door.”

The door opened, and I walked to my seat and sat down. Master came down from the podium, looked at me kindly, and said, “Why have you just now come?” I stood up timidly, lowered my head, and said, “Teacher, I was sick and had tuberculosis. Now I have recovered after practicing Dafa!”

The Persecution of Falun Gong

In July 1999, the CCP began to smear Dafa and persecute practitioners. I wept because I couldn't understand why such a good practice was being treated like that.

My supervisor at work was afraid I would cause trouble for him, so he told me to give up my faith. I told him that I was in good health because I practiced Dafa and that Dafa taught people to be good. I also told him to let his superior know that Falun Dafa was a good and righteous practice.

In the end, he transferred me to the property management company to be the janitor. I thought to myself, “Master arranges everything for me.”

When I arrived at the new workplace, I realized that all the employees were from various branches and were retiring in two years. I had rarely seen these people before. Now I had the opportunity to work with them. It was really Master's careful arrangement!

I was the first person where I worked to be persecuted for practicing Falun Dafa. I was held in a detention center for 17 days.

That was how everyone at work knew who I was. People who didn’t know me knew I practiced Falun Dafa from seeing my name on the “document” that announced that I'd been arrested for practicing it. A coworker told me, “You're famous now!”

Since I was famous, I didn't have to cover up. I told whoever was with me that I was healthy because of Falun Dafa. Otherwise, I wouldn't have had the physical strength to do my job cleaning.

Clarifying the Truth to Coworkers

As a result of practicing Dafa, I am kind, straightforward, and hardworking. I did whatever job I was assigned and was never picky. I was happy every day and got along well with my coworkers. During breaks, I told them stories about divine culture and reincarnation. They loved to listen to me.

Sometimes someone would ask me to “sit on the table and do the exercises for us!” Then I would show them the fifth exercise.

After my demonstration they said, “It's beautiful and peaceful.”

Master asked us to do the three things well. To clarify the truth about Dafa and help people, I told everyone at work to quit the CCP and its youth organizations.

Someone said, “I quit; I'm not interested in the Communist Party.” Someone else said, “I quit, and my child does, too.”

A coworker went to Shenzhen City. After she came back, I told her about the importance of quitting the CCP. She didn't say anything. Two days later, I mentioned it again. She said, “Ah! Why haven't you done it for me yet?”

Each of us janitors had an assigned area, which was quite large, to clean. Ms. Bo's area was next to mine. She refused to give in to anyone on the team, thinking she did the best job and no one was as good as her. Sometimes she quarreled with the other janitors.

One day, a coworker secretly said to me, “Ms. Bo said bad things about you.” I just smiled and thought to myself, “I practice Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. How can I be like her?” When I finished my work, I cleaned up her mop, which was always the case. I was very respectful of her.

When Ms. Bo was about to retire, one day she put her arms around my shoulders and said, “I'm going to retire, and the one here I will miss is you. You have a good temper.” I said, “I changed my bad temper because I practice Falun Dafa.” Then I asked her if she'd ever joined the Youth League.

When she said she had, I said, “You should quit it! You swore your life to it—it is a lifelong pledge and it is not a good one.” She said: “Okay, I quit!”

A temporary worker, Mei, loved to listen to my stories. Once when I told her about divine culture, she looked at me intently and said, “I think you are like a Bodhisattva!” She agreed to quit the Youth Pioneers.

Another temporary worker, Tao, suffered with severe back pain from a herniated disc. She had to stay in bed for two or three months each time it acted up.

I gave her a Dafa truth-clarification amulet and asked her to recite the words written on it: “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” She said that she was illiterate and had never attended school because the school was too far from her home. I taught her to read the words on the amulet.

That was a Friday. By Monday, she couldn't wait to tell me that her pain was gone!

She said that she had forgotten how to read the words after she got home, so she asked her husband to teach her. She then said, “I remember it now, and I read it every day.”

On the CCP's sensitive days, someone from security would call me. One day our team leader received a call from security about my information.

She told the security person, “Lianhua is a very good person. Falun Dafa is her belief.” The team leader never told me about this. Other coworkers told me afterward.

When I decided to retire, the director invited us to dinner. Every time a coworker on our team retired, the director invited everyone to dinner. At the table, the director said, “Everyone has to drink except Lianhua.” He knew I practiced Falun Dafa and didn't drink.

After the meal, the director sat down next to me, chatted with me, and told me he had been to Hong Kong. The Dafa disciples in Hong Kong told him to quit the Party to ensure his future safety. He asked me if he should quit it or not? I told him he should and he did.

Lucky to Believe in Master

We have waited thousands of years for today. We are so lucky to have a compassionate and great Master to save us, take care of us, and help us to return to our true self during the Last Havoc!

On my path of cultivation, sometimes I do well and other times not so well. But compassionate Master has never given up on me.

I only have to be more and more diligent with my cultivation and help awaken more people's conscience.