(Minghui.org) We suddenly became aware of the CCP virus (a.k.a. coronavirus) in January 2020. It has become extremely difficult to clarify the truth during the pandemic. Getting in and out of residential districts could not be done by everyday people. However, as long as our practitioners had the heart to do it, Master Li Hongzhi made arrangements for us.

My Sister-In-Law Begins Falun Dafa Cultivation

My sister-in-law viewed pandemic-related videos posted online and became scared. The day Wuhan City was locked down, my brother, his wife, and their eldest son’s family quickly fled the city and went to the town where his daughter-in-law worked.

Unexpectedly, the place where they stayed had infection cases, so the entire building was sealed off and isolated. My sister-in-law was concerned about the safety of the people. She couldn’t sleep well and was often agitated.

I called her, and it was obvious to me that she was scared. I asked her to repeat, “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good,” to strengthen her righteous thoughts, and she would be safe from the virus. She agreed and asked me to come visit her soon.

The next day, I brought Master Li’s lecture recordings and a few relevant truth-clarification materials to her. I said, “Falun Dafa is a Buddha Fa cultivation practice. With Dafa cultivation, one will be safe from the plague.”

She knew that I had practiced Dafa for 20 years and had not taken any medications during that time, so she believed me. I had given her a copy of the book Zhuan Falun – the main teachings of Falun Dafa, ten years ago. She never read the book and eventually returned it. Now she seemed anxious to read it.

I went back to visit her ten days later. She said, “I really enjoyed listening to Master’s Fa teachings. I have been listening to them every day. I no longer feel scared.” She also said she read the other Dafa information I gave her. She asked me if there was anything else. I said, “For sure. There are new materials coming out every few days.” So she asked me to bring them to her on my next visit.

She began to change after listening to Master’s lectures. She said that she used to occasionally take something from work and then sell it for cash, which created a lot of karma. And she sometimes went to the supermarket and took something without paying for it, which also caused her to lose virtue. She understood from the teachings that committing bad deeds creates karma.

After leaving the grocery store recently, she realized that she was not charged enough, so she returned to make up the difference. She said, “Though I struggled with it in my mind, ultimately, I did the right thing.”

My sister-in-law told me that she had a conversation with a neighbor about how she often lost her temper. She told me that it would be great if she could hold herself to the standard of “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance” at all times.

After she began listening to the lectures, she could see her shortcomings, but she still had a hard time changing her temper. I said, “Cultivation is a process. Recognizing your problems and working on correcting them is key.”

She called a few days later and asked me to show her the exercises. On my way out that morning the lady who became our new security guard stopped me. Previously, I was always able to get out without a problem. I understood that this was the old forces interfering, and I must not give up. So I waited.

Another person wanted to go out, but the security guard stopped her as well. Then they both got into an intense argument. The security guard called the police.

I knew no one was being allowed to go in and out, but still did not want to give up. I tried to think of what to do. Police officers left after an hour. I called my husband, and asked him to do me a favor. A few days prior, when I accompanied him to go back to work, the security guard said to him, “I know you.” My husband told me that person was his old colleague.

The security guard went to take a call from who I believe was my husband. She then came to me and whispered, “When there is nobody around, I’ll let you out.” Actually, she was someone who had a predestined relationship with me. When she first came here, I gave her a copy of a truth-clarification brochure.

I arrived at my sister-in-law’s home with a copy of Zhuan Falun and showed her how to do the exercises. She later told me that as soon as she started doing the exercises, she felt her body getting warm, and she became relaxed.

When she began Fa-study, she said her whole body felt as if it was being electrified and full of energy. She persisted in doing the exercises and Fa-study. Sometimes, she had to help her grandson with his homework until 10:30 p.m., but she still studied the Fa and did the exercises after that.

I was happy for her. She was truly someone with a predestined relationship with Dafa. She was fortunate enough to begin cultivation amidst the onset of the CCP virus.

Neighbors Looking for the Truth

My neighbor’s husband is a teacher, and his wife and I got along well. Whenever I had a chance, I clarified the facts to them. They were not against what I told them, but neither did they fully accept what I said.

I ran into this neighbor outside after the lockdown of Wuhan. She said to me hastily, “What should we do? This is horrible! Someone fell down in the street and no one came to help them!” She was worried and unable to sleep at night.

I said, “Repeat, ‘Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.’ Those words can strengthen your righteous thoughts. The calamity came to eliminate bad people, it has nothing to do with good people. If you still feel insecure, come with me to my home for more information.”

She cheerfully responded, “Sure!” I then gave her a brochure and an amulet with “Falun Dafa is good!” printed on it.

I ran into her again a couple of weeks later, and asked, “How have you been?” She said, “After talking to you and taking your advice, my mood has improved. I am sleeping through the night.” I told her, “I have some new brochures, do you want to come pick some up?” She followed me to my back entrance, and she was happy to share the information with her family.

One rainy day in early April 2020, I heard someone knocking on my door, and saw she was bringing me vegetables. We chatted, and I realized she was anxious to learn more about Dafa. So I went to her home and brought her Master’s Fa-lecture recording.

I said to both her and her husband, “Falun Dafa is a Buddha law cultivation practice. Nowadays, the whole world has no cure for the plague. This can help people escape from the calamity. Please cherish it. You can keep it if you want to listen, but if you choose not to, please return it to me.” They thanked me repeatedly.

Overcoming Our Notions To Reach More People

After our district was locked down on February 16, 2020, I studied the Fa and did the exercises with my husband at home. During the lockdown period, he gained faith and became more diligent.

Every day, besides doing Fa-study and the exercises, he also watched NTDTV programs. He also took the initiative to do more household chores, thereby freeing up my time to do more things to validate Dafa.

He had come across a poem Master wrote,

“Rotten demons will have been exterminated,Dark minions, melted into pus and blood.For the things human beings have done,Deadly epidemics will inevitably be meted out.”(“When the Fa Rectifies the Human World,” Hong Yin II, translation version A)

He told me the current pandemic was already mentioned in the Fa. He also talked to my brother-in-law on the phone to help him become more aware.

Sometimes at night, I’d go out to check on which households had lights, so I could determine who was home to receive information the next day. My husband never complained about my going out early or coming home late. He was very supportive.

During the most severe period of the pandemic, walking the streets was not allowed. Two coordinator practitioners and I drove together. We shared with each other about the projects we worked on. With Master’s empowerment and practitioners' encouragement, I made breakthroughs on my own notions. I managed to go in and out of residential districts without any interference. We were forming one body.

No matter how the Communist Party blocked the roads and our communities, as long as other practitioners lived there, Master arranged for us to get in. One time, I went to look for a senior practitioner. As soon as I came into her residential area and found her house, I knocked on her door, but no one answered.

As I began to leave, I saw her neighbor about to open his door leading to the backyard. There was a low wall separating the two homes. So I quickly walked up to him and said, “Hello! Could you please let me in? The person I came to see is next door and might not have heard me knocking. I would like to try and reach them from the back.”

I called to this practitioner. Her daughter-in-law popped her head out from the second floor, asking, “What’s up?” I asked her to open the front door for me. Then I thanked the person who had let me in. I entered the house and gave her Master’s new article “Stay Rational,” Minghui Weekly, and the pandemic-related truth-clarification materials.

One day, I thought we should go to another district to deliver new articles to other practitioners. On our way to there, I saw someone scooting under the board that was blocking the neighborhood. So we decided to park the car by the curb and do the same. We then found the coordinator of this district and asked her to take us to find practitioners there.

I went to residential area “A” first. Most of the old entrances were blocked with only one small entrance left. Card scanning was required to get in. The coordinator practitioner tried with his card but with no luck. While we wondered how to get in, the door suddenly opened up by itself. We walked right in. There were a few security guards, but none of them seemed to see us. When we headed out, again, no one bothered us.

When we saw a man coming out of the entrance, we offered him copies of the materials, and he willingly took them.

When we arrived at residential area “B,” it was the same. The security guards were there, but no one questioned us, even though the entrance was tightly controlled. I came to truly feel what Master said,

“Cultivation depends on one’s own efforts, while the transformation of gong is done by one’s master.” (Lecture One, Zhuan Falun)

During this process, I came to realize that we needed to calm our minds, have ample righteous thoughts, and be more tolerant. In this way, we would do well in validating Dafa, saving people, and cooperating with other practitioners. Let us work well with one another, realize our vows, and assist Master in rectifying the Fa.