(Minghui.org) There have been many articles on the Minghui website about the “Knocking on Doors” and “Zero Out” campaigns of the evil Chinese Communist Party (CCP). One practitioner said, “In my mind, there is no persecution but only sentient beings. My only wish is to have sentient beings be saved!” I fully agree with this viewpoint. The purpose of these campaigns is to interfere with the righteous belief of Dafa practitioners and block us from saving more people. 

These two campaigns by the CCP have hindered many practitioners. Some practitioners immediately hid their Dafa books or sent them to other people’s homes when they heard any negative news. Some practitioners who made truth-clarification materials dared not continue their work. Some dared not go out to clarify the truth anymore, while others cut off their connections with fellow practitioners.

The CCP launched these campaigns just to try to create momentum in sustaining the persecution. At the local level, officials or officers may arrest a few practitioners before sensitive dates, or visit the homes of those “blacklisted” to shock them as a gesture to show that they are doing a good job of “maintaining stability” and to get year-end bonuses. 

Actually, those who visit practitioners’ homes often do a perfunctory job. One police officer told me, “What else can we do? I get paid, and I have to listen to my superiors. We also have to record your situation every month and report it to them.” 

Master Li Hongzhi said in a poem,

“Should you have fear,it will seize upon youIf thoughts are righteous,evil will collapseThe cultivator’s mindis loaded with FaSend righteous thoughts,and rotten demons explodeGods walk the earth,validating the Fa”(“What’s to Fear?” in Hong Yin Volume II)

In fact, the evil is nothing in front of a Dafa practitioner. The seemingly problematic situations are usually caused by a practitioner's attachment of fear.

Since the CCP launched its persecution of Falun Dafa (also called Falun Gong) on July 20, 1999, our family has been listed as a target to monitor. Every time we returned home from a forced labor camp or prison, personnel from the local police station, Judiciary Department, or 610 Office always visited our home. Before all the “sensitive dates,” the police station and residential office always assigned people to come and monitor us. 

Master Li said, 

“Dafa disciples are humankind's only hope for salvation.” (“To the Fa Conference of Europe”) 

Therefore, we should deem those who “visit us” on behalf of the government as people who have predestined relationships with us and who should be saved. First, we should not cooperate with their persecution. Second, we should guide them onto the path of understanding the truth. In the talk, we should take the lead and let them talk less, so they don't create sins for themselves. 

All the police officers who visited my home have heard and understood the truth and withdrawn from the CCP and its affiliates. Two police officers even came to my home on May 13 last year to acknowledge Master’s birthday (also called World Falun Dafa Day). The officers at the local residential office who visited me have changed four times over the years. All of them listened to the truth, and some of them withdrew from the CCP and its affiliates. 

Any officers who came to monitor me on sensitive dates never admitted that they came for surveillance. I also didn’t acknowledge it to them, and I never took it seriously. Sometimes, I even walked over to talk to them. Some of them also quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations. 

One day, a chief in the CCP came to our city. Perhaps they were afraid we would go to Beijing to protest. The police station assigned a vice director to lead a group of officers, along with personnel from the residential office and came to watch me all day. 

There were three to four people on each shift. I took a bag of fruit for them and went downstairs to greet them. They immediately said they just came looking for someone else, then disappeared. After that, the shifts of people all stationed themselves farther away, pretending to sunbathe or play on their cell phones. They also didn’t bother me when I went out. A security person at our residential area once told me that he told the vice director of the police station, who was his friend, that I was a good person, and it was meaningless to watch me. 

Not long ago, an officer called my daughter. He said he was a newly appointed vice director, who will specifically take care of Falun Gong issues and wanted to come to my home the next afternoon. He came on time, together with a few other officers, all in their 30s. As before, I thought it was a good chance to clarify the truth to them. I politely invited them in, let them sit down, and made tea. 

After we greeted each other, I said, “I know why you came. If we hadn’t practiced Falun Gong, you people would hardly ever visit us. But since you have come, it is a predestined relationship. I will treat you as my guests. However, if you want to take photos, let me tell you, you are helping the evil. Furthermore, it is illegal, and this would not be good for you.

“I believe you also know Falun Gong practitioners are all very good people.” They cut in, “Yes, we know all Falun Gong practitioners are very kind.” I continued, “Then why are we endlessly suppressed? You are all intelligent people, you should think about it.”

At that time, an officer asked, “Do you still practice? You can’t practice, as it is ordered by the country.” Before he finished, I interjected, “I practice! How can I stop practicing such a good cultivation way?” I took this opportunity to tell them about the great physical and mental changes in me and my family members after we practiced Falun Gong. I then told him about the persecution I suffered, as well as the truth about the April 25th Incident, and the staged Tiananmen Square Self-Immolation

I said, “Ordered by the country? The country has ordered so many things, then later told us those things were wrong. So many movements like the 'Anti-Rightist' Campaign, the Great Cultural Revolution, etc. were all negated afterward by the same Party. The former Chinese Vice-Chairman Liu Shaoqi was labeled as a 'betrayer, traitor, fink,' but later was redressed and again became 'the great proletarian revolutionist' ...

“When Falun Gong started to spread throughout China, the government and the media all praised it. The wives of the seven standing committee members of the Political Bureau all practiced Falun Gong. After an investigation, the Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress said that Falun Gong was 'fully beneficial to the nation and the people without any harm'. 

“It was Jiang Zemin who slandered Falun Gong by calling it a cult and pushed over 100 million people to the opposite side and cruelly suppressed them. Do you know there is no clause in the law to define Falun Gong as a cult? The three documents issued on July 22, 1999, by the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the Ministry of Public Security, and the Central Committee of the CCP didn’t forbid people to practice Falun Gong, and didn't say Falun Gong is a cult. The Resolution of the National People’s Congress and the Judicial Explanation of the Supreme Court and the Supreme Procuratorate, as well as the Cults List publicized by the Ministry of Public Security in 2005 also didn’t identify Falun Gong as a cult. 

“All these show that those lawmakers didn’t think Falun Gong is a cult at all. It was the former leader Jiang Zemin who personally ordered the crackdown against Falun Gong. But his personal intention doesn’t make it law. This means it is the persecution of Falun Gong that is against the law, and whoever participates in it will have to assume responsibility for doing so.

“I know you want to tell me to only practice at home and not to go out to distribute flyers. Have you thought about why Falun Gong practitioners are so frugal, but not frugal when producing truth-clarification materials, and why they take such risks to distribute them? It is not for themselves; it's for the world's people! It is so people will not be deluded by the CCP's lies and perish along with the CCP!”

I told them I talked with the directors of the 610 Office and the Domestic Security Division: “Both didn't believe Falun Gong is a cult, and that Falun Gong practitioners are all kind people. They said it is impossible to overthrow the CCP by printing some truth-clarification phrases on currency. I told them the CCP will overthrow itself in the end, because heaven is going to eliminate it. Printing truth-clarification statements on paper bills is simply to tell as many people as possible not to perish along with it. 

“Even in ancient times, people could bring a lawsuit to the imperial court before a supreme judge. Falun Gong has been suppressed unreasonably. Why can’t we air our wrongs? Those who make slanderous and fake accusations about Falun Gong are not blocked. Why are we labeled as criminals when we distribute materials to help people understand the truth? I hope you stop echoing your superiors’ words immediately. 

“Have you seen that the pandemic is horrible? It targets the CCP! I hope you can stay away from the CCP and remember that 'Falun Dafa is good; Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.' You will be blessed, and it will endow you and your family with a beautiful future!” 

I talked to them for 90 minutes, leaving little time for them to cut in. Upon leaving, the vice director gave me his phone number, and took the burden off himself by repeatedly saying they were just carrying out their superiors’ orders and bore no ill intentions.