(Minghui.org) Inside Jiazhou Prison in Leshan City, Sichuan Province, a man who refused to renounce his faith in Falun Gong was recently hospitalized after being starved and forced to work for extended hours. 

Mr. Deng Weiyong from Chengdu City, the capital city of Sichuan, collapsed on the morning of September 1, 2021, while he was made to stand still for hours. After a month in the hospital, he returned to the prison incontinent and mentally incoherent.

After the Chinese communist regime began to persecute Falun Gong, a spiritual and meditation practice, in 1999, Shawan Prison was merged with Wumaping Forced Labor Camp to form the Jiazhou Prison, which has since become a notorious facility for torturing Falun Gong practitioners sentenced for their faith. 

The prison is known to the outside world as “Chenma Group Company,” but inside the facility the torture of practitioners is bloody and heinous.

Inmates were instigated by the guards to torture the practitioners into giving up their practice. They forced the practitioners to stand still for long hours, shocked them with electric batons, beat them, and gave them only a few seconds to finish a meal. While abusing the practitioners, the guards made them work and made big profits from their free labor. None of the practitioners were allowed to talk to one another. 

The prison forced all inmates to take two doses of the covid-19 vaccine in July 2021. After taking the second shot on July 22, Mr. Deng had adverse reactions: he vomited and felt weak and dizzy. He had diarrhea and broke out in a cold sweat. Instead of offering medical help and letting him rest, the guards intensified his workload. He had to assemble endless electronic parts that he could never finish. Upon returning to the cell, he was forced to stand still inside a small designated circle until bed time at 10 p.m. 

Mr. Deng often passed out during the standing torture and was sent to the prison clinic. Nevertheless the guards continued to make him work in the shop without breaks. Guard Zhang Yin (badge number 285586956) confiscated all the food Mr. Deng purchased, claiming a sick person shouldn’t eat too much. 

Mr. Deng was starved to the point that he had to get up every night to drink tap water to be able to fall asleep. By August 17, he was so ill and weak that he even got lost trying to find the bathroom. Only then did the guards return the food to him.

The physical abuse continued regardless of his deteriorating health. From August 30 to September 1, he fell unconscious during the standing torture in the mornings. He was rushed to the hospital on September 1 and stayed there for a month. Those who saw him in the hospital said he was mentally incoherent and often lost control of his bowels. It’s reported that the prison had agreed to release him on medical parole, but it’s yet to be confirmed.

Mr. Deng and his wife Ms. Li Xiuying were arrested at home on May 5, 2018 for their faith in Falun Gong. The police first held the couple in Xinjin Brainwashing Center and later transferred them to Pi County Detention Center.

The police used the Falun Gong books and the computers confiscated from the couple’s home as evidence against them and forwarded their case to the procuratorate. The couple stood trial at Jinjiang District Court in Chengdu City on December 26, 2019, and the judge gave Mr. Deng four years in prison and Ms. Li two and a half. 

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