(Minghui.org) My son was only seven years old when my husband was involved in a work-related accident and died. At that time I had been practicing Falun Dafa for three years. Guided by Master’s teachings, I was able to not let my grief overcome me, and I calmly made arrangements for my husband’s funeral.

My husband’s mother and family members went to his workplace demanding compensation for his death. I did not participate because I did not feel it was right to make things harder for his company. My mother-in-law took the biggest share of the compensation because she was afraid that I’d remarry. His family members talked about me and gave me unfriendly looks.

A Filial Daughter-in-law

Instead of letting their behavior bother me, I felt sympathy for my in-laws. When the holidays came I treated them the same way I always had while my husband was alive. I bought them gifts for Chinese New Year, made them special dumplings, and celebrated with them. I also took them out to dinner. Even though I was busy when it was my father-in-law’s birthday one year, I managed to do something nice for him. Whenever I phoned my mother-in-law we spoke for an hour. I treated all my husband’s family members the same way I did before he passed away.

I reminded myself that I was a practitioner so I needed to place others’ needs first and be compassionate and altruistic. One year my mother-in-law had acute pneumonia. Since I knew she was fastidious, I bought her new blankets, bedsheets, and towels to use in the hospital. Another patient who was in the same room said that I only did all these things because I wanted her money. The lady said many awful things about me. Perhaps my mother-in-law explained the situation, because the woman’s attitude later changed completely. Every morning I prepared breakfast for my mother-in-law and brought it to the hospital by 7 a.m., since she didn’t want to eat the hospital food. In order to make sure her breakfast was ready on time, I woke up at 4 a.m.

I own a clothing store so I had to go to work right after I delivered my mother-in-law’s breakfast. The price of spinach had gone up to eight yuan per pound that winter but I bought it regardless to make dumplings for her. I also tidied up her apartment and prepared special food when I heard that she was about to be discharged from the hospital. When my father-in-law was hospitalized, I also took care of him and visited him.

My mother-in-law and her side of the family were all very touched. When we attended any celebrations, marriages, or family gatherings, my mother-in-law always praised me and introduced me as “her senior daughter-in-law.” She knew that I was so filial and compassionate because I practiced Falun Dafa. As a result, she had a positive opinion of Falun Dafa. After she learned that her neighbor was a practitioner, she said, “Falun Dafa practitioners are good people! Look at her husband! He used to be very sickly, but after seeing his wife’s positive changes, he also began practicing and all his illnesses disappeared.”

Many practitioners were harassed in 2015 after they filed lawsuits against Jiang Zemin, the instigator of the brutal persecution of Falun Dafa. When police officers came looking for her neighbors, my mother-in-law opened her door and said, “You can stop knocking on their door. No one is home.” I know this was her way of protecting Falun Dafa practitioners.

Raising My Son To be an Upright Man

When my husband passed away, I was left with the burden of earning enough money to support my child. Right after my husband died my son ran a fever and began vomiting. He was diagnosed with meningitis. I thought about Falun Dafa, and out of desperation I said, “I will play Master’s audio lectures for you. How does that sound?” My son quickly agreed and I played Master’s audio lectures for him. His meningitis amazingly disappeared after he listened to the fourth lecture. I asked what happened. My son replied, “I just felt something rotating above my head and before I knew it, I felt better!” Master saved my son and we are forever grateful to Master!

I guided my son according to traditional moral values. We recited and memorized Master’s Hong Yin, and I taught him about mankind’s true values.

When I found out that he had stolen some money from me to go to the arcade I told him calmly, “My child, if you really need money, just tell me directly. Do not lie and steal from me. Think about it, wouldn’t you be upset if I lied to you? No one will trust you in the future!” From then on, my son never stole money or lied to me.

Unfortunately in the big dye vat of today’s society, my son became rebellious and refused to listen to me. He stopped focusing on his schoolwork and began dating girls. I became anxious and did not know what to do. At one point, I wanted to give up. I reflected on myself and looked inward. I knew that in order to properly discipline my child, I needed to do better first. I needed to change myself in order for these problems to be resolved.

I no longer demanded that my son do well—instead, I cared for him from the bottom of my heart. I tolerated his shortcomings and became gentle and calm while correcting and guiding him. I began seeing changes in him and he became more obedient. His grades also improved and he was accepted to the university he chose.

At his graduation dinner I made a speech and said, “My child, you should be grateful to the people who helped you and repay their kindness. When someone mistreats you, you should be grateful because they pointed out your shortcomings.” I told our friends and family, “It was Dafa and the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance that guided me in raising my son. Thank you, Dafa! Thank you, Master!”

Before he left for college, I said to him, “Remember to be filial and call your grandparents often.”

My son got a stable job after he graduated. I often remind him to be hardworking and tolerant of his colleagues. He listened to my advice and was promoted multiple times. When he was awarded 3000 yuan, he purchased my in-laws a brand new air conditioner.

Twenty years have passed since my husband passed away. I managed to support my son, be filial to my in-laws, and raise my son to become a successful man. Perhaps to some people, my life has been very tough. However, my heart was always filled with happiness and blessings. I’m always able to help out those in need. I also look younger than my actual age. Master and Dafa have given me a new life, and with my faith in Dafa, I was able to overcome my tribulations and walk to a bright future! I want to earnestly say, “Thank you, Master! Thank you, Dafa!”