(Minghui.org) I am a new practitioner who obtained the Fa in October 2018. I feel really fortunate to be practicing Falun Dafa.

Obtaining the Fa  

Even when I was a child I wondered why I’d been born. A voice in my heart kept telling me that I was here to help people but what was that all about?

As I got older, I was interested in things science could not explain such as other dimensions and reincarnation. I also believed in Gods and Buddhas but I never followed any religious belief. About 20 years ago, I had a very special dream. Three rows of monks appeared in front of me. They slowly turned and stood with their backs to me. I noticed they were looking at a huge Buddha and a magnificent and sacred feeling enveloped me. I placed my palms together and joined them. At that moment, I woke up. That sacred feeling lingered for a few days. I was not yet 20 years old and did not know what the dream meant.

As I grew up, there seemed to be an unknown force that “did not allow” me to do bad things. Whenever I did something bad, I immediately experienced retribution. I found cigarette smoke distasteful and alcohol made me feel dizzy. Since I did not drink or smoke, my classmates thought I was a very “righteous” person. After entering the world of work, I came into contact with many bad things and my moral standards started to go down the drain. Although I still did not smoke or drink, I started to swear and tell dirty jokes.

After working for more than two years, my soul felt empty. I began reading all sorts of books about spirituality, but they were all superficial. I later married and had children. Influenced by the modern notion that females should be treated the same as men, I felt that not working anymore would keep me from developing my talents. This caused a barrier between my mother-in-law and me.

I still had to go to work, look after my child all night, and do housework every day. I felt drained both physically and mentally.

I tried going to church with my husband’s family and was baptized, but I was not able to find spiritual comfort there. I just felt that it was not what I was looking for. I once again began reading all sorts of books about spirituality.

When I visited my mother, she told me that she’d been practicing Falun Dafa for five months and now no longer needed to take medication for her rheumatoid arthritis! I thought that this practice must be powerful. My mother showed me a copy of Zhuan Falun.

I had already been baptized, so I did not really take her words to heart. I even said some disrespectful words about Master in order to please my husband. Mother opened Zhuan Falun and showed me Master’s photo. When I saw that Master looked very solemn, my true self immediately knew I should not have said that.

At that time, I also took Chinese remedies. The stress of family and work made me feel so weak every afternoon that I had difficulty breathing. When my period came, I was so dizzy that I vomited. Even when I lay down, I still felt dizzy. Although the medication helped a little, I still felt very weak and depressed. In my heart, a voice told me to take a look at Falun Dafa.

When my mother said that she wanted to teach me the first exercise, I thought there would be no harm in trying. Afterwards, my body felt much more comfortable. Mother gave me Zhuan Falun and The Great Way of Spiritual Perfection. I felt what Master said was very good. The questions about life I’d had since I was a child were answered. I finally found what I was searching for!

One night I experienced what Master mentioned in Zhuan Falun:

“When energy came to them, some individuals would suddenly feel unbearably hot as they slept one night, and would have to peel off their blankets. ” (The Third Talk, Zhuan Falun)

I really felt unbearably hot that night. I knew that I had obtained the Fa.

As I continued to practice, my ailments disappeared. Not only did I not need to take medication, but I was also able to complete all my work and household chores. I was no longer depressed. I felt light and full of energy—like a teenager.

Following the Path That Master Arranged

Six months after I began practicing, I understood that my mission as a Dafa disciple is to save sentient beings. However, due to my Christian husband and parents-in-law disagreeing and my two young children I had to look after, I could not participate in many of the local activities.

One day when I attended a small group Fa study, another practitioner Wen, mentioned using mobile phones to clarify the truth. My eyes lit up. I could participate in this project in my spare time. I didn’t have to tell my family and I could continue doing my job and housework. I asked Wen to teach me how to clarify the truth using a mobile phone.

However, things aren’t always that easy. I did exactly what Wen taught me to install the proper software on my phone. But when I registered an account, it was terminated. To resolve this, I had to let Wen take my mobile phone to practitioner Jin to fix it. Due to many problems, such as delivering the phone and the settings for the phone, it was a few weeks before I was finally able to get my phone back. However, by the end of the week, my account was terminated again.

I had just begun practicing, so I did not know that this was interference. I only felt bad about all the hard work that the other practitioners put in to help me participate in this project. I did not want to trouble them again. I told the two practitioners that I would not do it anymore. They kept encouraging me, telling me that it was no trouble. If I really wanted to do this project, they would definitely support me. Their encouragement strengthened my righteous thoughts, and I also sought Master’s help. After I calmed down, I started all over again.

After a month, the second round of setting up the mobile phone was finally completed. This time, Jin only asked me to manage the group. With the lesson learned from before, I focused on the way I carried out the procedures and I tried to learn the details. After exchanging cultivation experiences with more practitioners, I realized that this was not just about techniques. Our own cultivation states are also very critical.

Gradually, I learned how to look within, get rid of my attachments, and improve my xinxing. For example, if someone in the group used vulgar language to scold people or when Chinese Communist Party supporters came into the group and created a disturbance, I would take this as a test to see if I had the desire to compete with others.

I learned to remain compassionate and kind. I removed people who were there to create havoc without letting them affect me so that the people in the group could have a clean space to learn the truth. When there were large-scale account terminations and group terminations, I maintained righteous thoughts. I quickly opened a new account so that people could have an environment to learn about the truth.

About five months after I joined the project, I’d acquired a certain level of technical skills. New practitioners joined the project. The coordinating practitioner gave me the task of training the newcomers. I was not able to train the newcomers in person because things at home were still difficult. Maybe because I had the wish to help other practitioners, Master often helped me find time to give online training to fellow practitioners.

One practitioner could only attend online training at night on certain days and those were the times when my husband and children were at home. My cultivation state was still not yet stable. I could only beg Master in my heart for his help to let me successfully complete the appointment with that practitioner to do online training. My children suddenly said that they wanted to go to their grandma’s house and spend the night. My husband then said that he had a last-minute appointment so he left the house. Suddenly, I was the only one in the house. I thanked Master and I completed the online training session with that practitioner.

This training task helped me to work on my patience. I was able to follow the principles at my level of understanding and I also helped many practitioners join this project. I think the person who benefited the most is me. In the process I exchanged cultivation experiences with other practitioners and reflected on myself when I heard about their experiences. We learned from each other and kept improving.

Master has arranged everything for us as long as we have the heart to save people. I suddenly wanted to learn how to produce recordings of truth-clarifying materials so that people in the groups could “listen” to the truth. I followed the steps the other practitioners showed me, but I just could not make a recording. I was not willing to give up just like that. Master saw that I had the heart to save people so I suddenly understood what to do, and I managed to make recordings.

Due to the pandemic, many projects were temporarily halted. Local practitioners started to focus more attention on mobile phones and other online projects. Things at home were still not great, and I seldom interacted with the local practitioners. The assistant practitioner asked me to teach everyone how to participate in this project. However, due to the limitations placed on me by my family, it was very hard for me to help. He contacted other practitioners to help.

When I was added to a group that was talking about communication software, I discovered that the assistant had made arrangements with practitioners in other districts. I was just an on-looker. However, I discovered that our local practitioners were not familiar with this project and the technical skills that were required. I wanted to help start this project as soon as possible, so I agreed to be the coordinator for this project.

Whatever we face is not a coincidence. Looking back at the process from when I obtained the Fa until now when I accepted the appointment to become a coordinator of the project, I asked Master why my home environment was so limited. Why couldn’t I be free to do things to validate the Fa just like other practitioners? Instead, I can only clarify the truth online. I thought it might be meant to help prepare me to become the project coordinator for this district. During the process, I also went through a few xinxing tests and tests for the entire group to improve in our cultivation state as a whole.

After my capacity enlarged, my cultivation level improved, and my techniques matured, my cultivation environment changed. I was able to coordinate this project in our district well.


I’m really thankful to benevolent Master for saving me from sinking deeper and deeper and for letting me obtain this Dafa. Due to Master’s endless compassion, I was able to catch the “last train” to become a Dafa practitioner. When I first started practicing, I recalled the dream I’d had years ago about the many monks and one Buddha. Maybe Master had already found his disciple and had just waited for the time to be ripe for me to start my cultivation! All of Master’s arrangements are the most perfect.

Throughout these three years of cultivation, I gradually improved under Master’s orderly arrangements. I know that I still have many attachments that I need to eliminate. There is not much time left, so I must put in more effort to do the three things well, look within myself and get rid of my attachments.

Thank you, Master! Thank you, fellow practitioners!

These are my cultivation experiences based on my cultivation level. Kindly let me know if there is any room for improvement.

(Presented at the 2021 Taiwan Falun Dafa Cultivation Experience Sharing Conference)