(Minghui.org) Greetings, Revered Master! Greetings, fellow practitioners!

I began practicing Falun Dafa in 2007 and I am grateful for Master Li’s (Dafa’s founder) immense mercy. I began practicing because of my poor health. I lived with my elderly in-laws, and I had to cook three meals every day and help look after the store. My husband is an obedient son and places them first. I have an introverted personality, so I always remained silent when I was wronged. As time went by, my health suffered. I tried all kinds of hospitals and prescriptions and even went to temples, but my health did not improve.

One day, my cousin told me about Falun Dafa and gave me a CD, but I put the CD next to the player and left it there for a year and a half.

In the meantime, my health got worse and worse, and I felt that my life was coming to an end. One day, I noticed the CD so I played it. After watching it, I immediately rushed downstairs and told my husband, “I want to practice Falun Dafa!” My husband said, “Okay, I will accompany you to practice.” In this way, my husband and I embarked on the path of cultivation together, and my life was reborn in Dafa.

Memorizing and Assimilating to the Fa

Master said,

“Embracing Zhen Shan Ren within the heartOne cultivates self, benefits others

Not letting Dafa depart from the heartOnce years have passed, surely humans you’ll surpass”(“Perfect and Clear,” Hong Yin)

While I read this I thought, in order to “not let Dafa depart from the heart,” shouldn’t I memorize the Fa?

Soon after I began practicing, I had a conflict with my husband and in-laws and I wept. When I read the Fa, I noticed that some lines were pulsating. I thought my eyes were blurry, but after I wiped away my tears and read, the lines were still pulsating. It was the following passage,

“For example, if a bottle filled with dirty things is sealed tightly and thrown into water, it will sink all the way to the bottom. You pour out some of its dirty contents. The more you empty the bottle, the higher it will float in the water. If it is emptied entirely, it will float completely to the top.” (Lecture One, Zhuan Falun)

I immediately understood that Master was giving me a hint to let go of my resentment against my mother-in-law. I thought I should memorize these lines of the Fa, and surprisingly, I memorized them very quickly. Seeing that it didn’t seem difficult, I kept memorizing. In this way, I started to memorize the Fa, sentence by sentence, paragraph by paragraph. Within six months, I finished memorizing Zhuan Falun for the first time.

When I memorized the section “Practicing Only One Cultivation Way,” I dreamed that my mother-in-law asked me to prepare rice cakes to invite certain gods to our home so we could worship them. When I refused, she and my sister-in-law cursed me and forced me to do it. I wept and said, “I practice Falun Dafa, I don’t want those things.” As soon as I said that I woke up.

When I recited the words of “Whether it is a Buddha, a Tao, an immortal, or a demon, they should not move your heart.” (Lecture Six, Zhuan Falun) I reminded myself that I must be firm in my righteous thoughts and practice Dafa to the end, and no one can interfere.

Soon after I was tested in my dream where four immortals asked me to choose one of them as my master, I firmly replied, “I already have a master, and my master’s name is Li Hongzhi.” As soon as I said that, all four of them instantly disappeared.

During the memorization process, I sometimes felt as if my head could not fit anymore, and my head ached like it was about to split open, but I persevered. The pain soon disappeared, and the memorization sped up. I think it was because Master helped to purify my mind and expand my capacity.

Then I memorized Zhuan Falun for the second and third time ... I’ve now memorized it twenty times. I have been memorizing for so long, how come I always forget the first lecture after memorizing the second lecture? I have to memorize it all! I changed the way I memorize. After memorizing one lecture I recite it at least three to five times. Before memorizing the next lecture, I reviewed the previous lecture, and so on.

It took more than three months to memorize all nine lectures of Zhuan Falun. When I could recite the entire book without reading, the feeling was indescribable! That night I dreamed of beautiful fireworks, and I was very excited. With the Fa in my heart, I can quickly realize and correct myself when I encounter problems.

After I realized how good it was to memorize the Fa, I went on to memorize Hong Yin and Master’s other lectures. In the process, I had headaches and eliminated karma. Because I had to suffer a lot to memorize the Fa, I was afraid that I would forget it again due to the attachment to comfort—so I recite the Fa every day and dare not slack off.

Memorizing the Fa helped me to stay alert and correct myself when conflicts suddenly arise. I used to be timid. Now I am courageous and I can clarify the truth to people. All of this comes from the magnificent power of Dafa. Thank you, Master!

My Cultivation Trip to New York

My long wish of working in New York was fulfilled this July. The two-month experience was very precious and I felt like I was being pushed forward with great force. When I encountered xinxing tests, I initially forgot that I am a practitioner and felt aggrieved and angry, but I soon remembered what Master said.

Master said,

“Some people are always stressing that they’re right, but even if you are right, even if you’re not wrong, so what? Have you improved on the basis of the Fa?” (“Fa Teaching Given in Manhattan,” Collected Fa Teachings, Vol. X)

There were other hints that served as timely stick warnings. After a conflict with other practitioners, I recited “What is Forbearance (Ren)” and “True Cultivation” from Essentials for Further Advancement every day to remind myself. There were also many touching moments while working there.

After I returned to Taiwan and stayed in a hotel due to quarantine, I couldn’t sleep or study the Fa well. At first, I thought it was jet lag. Then while sending righteous thoughts one morning I realized I can’t admit it, as Dafa disciples shouldn’t have jet lag. So I started to read the Fa immediately after sending righteous thoughts, and continued from 6 a.m. until 1 a.m. the next morning. I only stopped to do the exercises and eat. I finished reading all nine lectures of Zhuan Falun, my voice was hoarse from reading, but I was very relaxed as if my body shed a shell and I fell asleep.

When I woke up, Master’s words appeared in my mind, “...what one feels accounts for nothing. One cannot cultivate based on how one feels.” (Lecture Four, Zhuan Falun)

I was shocked, why did this paragraph of the Fa appear? After thinking carefully I realized I often use feelings to judge people, thinking that this person should be this way or that something should be a certain way. I forgot that everyone has his or her own temperament and character, so how can they behave the way I want? I was ashamed of myself after this realization. I knew I should pay more attention to looking from the Fa’s perspective in the future.

Overcoming Technical Hurdles

I’ve participated in several truth clarification projects on the Internet and participated in website editing. I feel brave because I didn’t know anything about computers, and I learned everything from scratch. Fellow practitioners had said that I am computer illiterate with no knowledge and can’t understand anything. In the process of learning, I shed many tears and kept wanting to give up, but I endured.

After persevering for three years, I learned many basic techniques including making working with pictures for articles. I know more deeply that as long as I have the heart to do it, Master will open up my wisdom, and I will do better and better.

Due to the virus outbreak last year, I couldn’t go to the truth-clarification site. I joined the project of using cell phones to tell people the truth. At first, I only knew how to dial and answer the phone. After I attended the training course, I grasped the technique quickly and was even assigned to be a tech assistant. I had to learn more to help other practitioners, and in the process, it seemed that when I thought of something, a practitioner with that expertise would come to guide me—then I could teach more practitioners. It was all so amazing!

When some of the Internet and cell phone truth-clarifying tools were blocked, I was able to use them as other tools and guide other practitioners to do the same. This was due to the selfless contribution, assistance, and encouragement of many practitioners behind the scenes that enabled us to make good use of so many tools to save people. Thank you, fellow practitioners!

Rectifying My Incorrect State

I use social media to clarify the facts to people in China. I spent a lot of time figuring out how to do it well and was soon able to successfully persuade many to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organization. I felt a sense of accomplishment. Gradually I had less time for Fa study. I thought about clarifying the truth all the time, even when I slept. I also stared at the computer all day, and my eyes hurt like a thousand needles piercing. I couldn’t sleep since as soon as I tried to close my eyes it hurt so much that I was in tears.

So I decided to get up and practice the exercises. I did not expect to be able to close my eyes and sleep after doing the second exercise for one hour. So every night I’d do the second exercise for one hour before going to bed, and three days later my eyes returned to normal.

I knew that setting aside Fa study due to truth-clarification is an incorrect state, but I couldn’t calm down when I read, which made me feel distressed. I also experienced physical abnormalities including rapid weight loss and not being able to taste food. I had thoughts of quitting, and I felt trapped in this situation. I used to recite the Fa all the time, but now my mind was occupied with thoughts of how I could talk to people about the persecution truth and help them quit the CCP.

Coincidentally a fellow practitioner and my daughter invited me to study the Fa together, so the amount of Fa study increased. By exchanging cultivation experiences with fellow practitioners, my situation gradually improved and I finally got out of the predicament.

Thank you fellow practitioners for your assistance! Cultivation is serious. Only by encouraging ourselves at all times, taking the Fa as teacher, and not falling into the form of work only and neglecting personal cultivation, will we not fall behind on the path of cultivation.

People Who Know the Truth

A woman in China quit the CCP organizations, and then also helped her husband and brother to withdraw. One day, she suddenly asked me for help, saying that her village had been demolished. She sent me many photos and audio files, hoping that I would send this information out. I was nervous as I had never done this before, so I contacted a fellow practitioner who is a reporter at NTDTV. To my surprise, the report was broadcast on the evening news that day, and on the Epoch Times website. The reporter also contacted her to do a follow-up story. I was very impressed by how quickly our media practitioners handled this incident. The woman was very grateful to us.

When my social media account was blocked, I asked for help from a righteous netizen who understood the truth about Dafa. With the help of him and his colleagues, the block was lifted. I was very touched and told him, “It’s not easy for you to be so righteous and there must be a reason why we are connected from thousands of miles away, you are here for the Dafa.” He said that he originally had no concept of faith at all, but after meeting me online, he felt that it is good to have faith. Since it’s not easy to find Falun Dafa practitioners in China, he decided to join Christianity. I said, “You know I practice Falun Dafa. I can teach you the exercises!” He said, “Sure!” With that, I passed the recordings of Master’s teachings to him. So far, many of my web friends are practicing Falun Dafa, and I am so happy for them to see their joy in attaining the Fa and their gratitude to Master.


Through the Internet, the truth can be spread to all corners of the world so that people can understand the wonderfulness of Dafa. But truth-clarification through a computer or a phone is sometimes hard, so we have to adjust our mindset. As we keep improving our xinxing, we will gain naturally without pursuit, and in the process, Master will arrange those who are destined to come.

After being tempered by clarifying the truth on the Internet, I realize that studying the Fa and cultivating one’s mind is what’s most important. Without Dafa as the foundation, one would feel empty, panicky, and not solid. Only by studying the Fa and doing the exercises steadily can one face all kinds of tests with wisdom. During that period of physical and mental hardships, I had a dream. I forgot the contents upon waking up, only the poem “One Thought” kept reverberating in my mind. I’d like to conclude and encourage everyone with this poem:

Secular and sacred, one creek apartForward or back: two different realmsEnter the temple in the woodsOne step and you’ve reached heaven(“One Thought,” Hong Yin III)

Thank you Master! Thank you fellow practitioners!

(Presented at the 2021 Falun Dafa Experience Conference in Taiwan)