(Minghui.org) Master Li Hongzhi (Falun Dafa’s founder) came to save us at the final moments of the universe’s demise and gave us the great historical mission of assisting him in saving sentient beings. This is our glory, and I cherish the opportunity that Master has given us to help save people.

When the Pandemic First Hit

Other practitioners and I have been distributing truth-clarification materials and clarifying the truth face to face in our area for over a decade. After the outbreak of Covid-19 in early 2020, I especially felt the urgency to speed up the pace of saving people.

Master said,

“If he is able to let go of life and death, he is a god; if he isn’t able to let go of life and death, he is human.” (Teachings at the Conference in Australia)

“...Dafa disciples are the sole hope for people’s salvation” (“The Only Hope,” Hong Yin III)

I can still recall vividly the first day when our community went into lockdown. People were very anxious and looking for salvation. I thought: I can’t stay home and only think about how to protect myself. I must go out to save people as usual.

That morning, I put on a coat and mask and went to the gate of our residential community. There were more security guards there than usual. They took the temperatures of whoever came in and went out, and no one was allowed to go through the gate without a mask.

After I left, I first went to a nearby pharmacy and clarified the truth to two employees. I started by asking if there were any masks available. They told me there weren’t, so I asked if they knew why the situation had gotten so serious. “It’s caused by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP),” I said. “When the virus first started to spread, those in power kept lying to us and so we missed the best quarantine period. Now it’s spread throughout the whole country.”

They both stopped what they were doing and came over to listen to me. I elaborated on why they should quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations. I also told them that if they sincerely recited “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good,” they would be able to stay safe during the pandemic. They were very grateful for the information and both quit the CCP’s Young Pioneers. Since that day, they have greeted me every time I pass by the store.

I left the pharmacy and saw very few people out and about. I went to talk with a man selling pears on the side of the road. I said, “It’s such a cold day and you’re still out!”

He said, “I have to make a living and can’t do it if I stay home!”

“Life is so hard for people like us,” I replied. “It’s so hard to make money, especially with those urban management people bothering us.”

He agreed, “Yeah, they steal our goods.”

Since there were no other customers and he wasn’t busy, I told him in detail about the CCP’s wickedness, the beauty of Dafa, and the truth about the persecution of Falun Dafa. I also told him how I’d benefited both physically and mentally over the past 25 years from practicing Dafa. When I told him my age, he said, “Ma’am, you don’t look like someone in her 70s at all.”

He mentioned his back problem, so I replied, “I used to have back problems and was limping. When it was bad, someone had to carry me up and down the stairs. Those problems all disappeared soon after I began to practice Dafa. If you sincerely recite ‘Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good,’ miracles can happen.”

He said he would and suggested that he might practice Falun Dafa in the future. He agreed to quit the Young Pioneers.

He wasn’t wearing a mask, so I gave him one. He repeatedly thanked me and put it on. A vendor next to him commented on how nice I was.

That person said that nowadays masks were so hard to come by and not available to buy anywhere. I smiled and said, “Our Master taught us to be considerate of others.” It was very cold but I didn’t feel it at all, because I was surrounded by powerful and warm energy.

When I got back to the gate of my community, I said to one of the security guards, “Thank you for all your hard work! Take care and protect yourself!”

He thanked me. Then several other guards came over, so I said to them, “This man-made disaster has caused more damage than nature, but people are being kept in the dark. The virus started to spread in December, but they deceived us and also said that there was no human-to-human transmission. When they couldn’t cover it up anymore, they said that it was limited transmission from person to person. Now, they finally admit that it spreads quite freely, but it’s too late. Doctor Li told the truth to the public, and he was interrogated by the police on New Year’s Eve. In China, doctors are respected, but just look how he was treated! Just imagine how they treat ordinary people, like us.”

One of the guards commented, “The government never tells the truth.”

I continued, “You’re so right! The CCP has killed over 80 million Chinese while concocting all kinds of lies. Over 300 million people have now quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations. It’s about time for heaven to destroy the Party. Everyone should remember ‘Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.’ When catastrophes abound, you will be safe.”

As I was leaving, a security guard quietly said to me, “I will quit.”

I said to him, “You will be safe. The virus won’t touch you.” He repeatedly thanked me. Over the next few days, I helped other security guards quit the CCP.

I had bought some masks before the lockdown, which came in handy when clarifying the truth. When I learned that a supermarket cashier needed some masks, my daughter and I gave the cashier truth-clarification materials and masks. She was very moved and quit the Youth League and Young Pioneers. I told her to have her father read the materials and she agreed. Her father was a retired police officer.

I drove with my daughter to see her long-time friend who lived far away and took some truth-clarification materials with us. In the past, when I asked my daughter to give her friend information about Dafa, she always told me that her friend wouldn’t believe it because both her parents were atheists. This time, my daughter asked me to go with her and said, “Mom, she’s so scared of getting the virus that she can’t sleep at night. You must help her.”

When we met her friend, we talked on the sidewalk for nearly half an hour, because everywhere was closed. She said to me, “You’re in much better shape than my mother. You have not taken any medicine for over 20 years, but my mother has to take medicine year-round. Your hair is so dark, and I’ve already got gray hairs. It is so much better when one has faith.”

I said to her, “Only Dafa can save people. Gods and Buddhas exist, whether people believe it or not. I didn’t believe in anything before, but after I started practicing Falun Dafa, I was able to break free from the shackles of atheism.” I told her to often recite “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good,” to stay safe during the pandemic.

We talked for a long time despite the cold wind, and she quit the Youth League and Young Pioneers. She said that she would give the materials to her parents to read. I could see that she was happy from the bottom of her heart. After a few days, my daughter told me that she was no longer so scared of the virus because she now had a life-saving amulet.

Be Considerate of Others

Ten years ago, with Master’s help and fellow practitioners’ selfless support, I learned to use a computer and printer and established a material production site in my home. I am now the only one in the area making truth-clarification materials and have been delivering them to fellow practitioners.

A practitioner in her 70s has difficulty going up and downstairs. Around the Chinese New Year, I went to her home five times to deliver materials, but she wasn’t there. The next time I was about to go see her, the communities were all closed. My daughter told me not to go because it was very cold and she was never there. But I thought, “I’m a Dafa disciple, and I am doing the most upright thing. I must try to see her.” I asked Master to help me.

I arrived at her community gate at around 7 p.m. and just walked in, as if the guard never saw me. When I got to her door on the sixth floor, I knocked, but no one answered. I knew that her husband had hearing issues, so I knocked again loudly. Finally I heard her say, “Someone’s at the door.”

I was very happy that I’d finally caught her at home. But then her husband seemed to say, “What are you talking about?” It sounded like they were arguing, so I hesitated to knock again.

I knew from the past that her husband didn’t want practitioners to visit her, but he was okay with me coming over, because I’d talked to him about Dafa many times before the persecution started. If they were arguing I shouldn’t cause trouble for them, so I left while reciting “On Dafa.”

When I went there the seventh time, they finally let me in and I learned that they’d visited another city during the Chinese New Year. She joked and said to me, “He wasn’t angry that day. He’s just deaf. Next time, just knock really hard.” We all laughed.

We Can Only Have a One-Body When We Cultivate Based on the Fa

My heart was always heavy when I looked back on the Fa-study group that I was part of but that didn’t exist anymore. Some of the practitioners were persecuted to death, some were illegally sentenced, some were affected with severe sickness karma, and some stopped practicing Dafa. For a period of time, I no longer had any practitioners to study the Fa with. One practitioner said to me, “You no longer have a one-body.”

“I have Master, the Fa, and Minghui,” I replied, “so I do have a one-body. Today is not like when the persecution first began and we didn’t know what to do. Now I am more mature and I know what to do.”

Master said, “With Master and the Way by my side, what is there to fear?” (Lecture Given at the Conference in Sydney)

Master’s Fa gave me the courage to move forward. In addition to studying the Fa every day, I also read Minghui’s sharing articles. When I saw practitioners who were persecuted and needed urgent help, I took the initiative to send forth righteous thoughts and asked the practitioners I knew to send forth righteous thoughts together. Sometimes we did it at home, and if it was local, sometimes we went to where the practitioners were being held to send forth righteous thoughts, regardless of the weather.

Cultivation is serious, and there are no role models. When the pandemic was severe, all the shops were closed, but I happened to have a small laminator that I’d bought before. Minghui provided us with different exquisite materials. I made amulets, tri-fold fliers, and cards with information on how to circumvent the Internet firewall, among other things. I then distributed them to people on the street.

Our compassionate Master arranged for a senior practitioner to come to my home to study the Fa and distribute materials with me. We got in touch in late February 2020 and arranged a place to meet. She rode a bicycle and I took the bus. We shared on how to save more people based on the Fa, and we encouraged each other to solidly cultivate and save more people. I brought her some new amulets I’d made during the pandemic and she brought me dozens of amulets that were made in the past.

Meeting Predestined People

Although there were very few pedestrians, Master arranged for me to meet predestined people. On my way to meet the senior practitioner and back, I helped four people quit the CCP and gave them the amulets and Dafa materials.

There was a lady in her 50s at the bus stop. I talked to her while we waited for the bus, and she wanted to quit the Youth League and Young Pioneers. I made up a name and asked her if it was okay to withdraw with that pseudonym. She exclaimed, “My goodness, that’s my real name! How did you know?”

I said, “I’ve been practicing Falun Dafa for more than 20 years. This is the wisdom of Dafa.”

Another time, a man in his 60s was in a hurry to catch a bus that was about to leave. The driver shut the door just as he got there. He knocked on the door, but the driver ignored him and drove away. He was out of breath and walked back to the bench. We chatted, and I pointed out that the chaos in today’s society was all caused by the CCP and how the Party has killed so many people throughout its time in power. I told him about Dafa, and he agreed to quit the Party. I said, “You didn’t catch the bus because you are such a kind person and Dafa’s Master wanted you to see me. You will have a bright future.”

I also told him to frequently recite “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” He was very happy and repeatedly thanked me.

Working Hard to Clarify the Truth

I met a couple as I was waiting for the bus. The lady was about 60 and was elegantly dressed. I smiled and said to her, “I knew at a glance that you are someone who really enjoys life.”

She smiled and questioned, “How did you know?”

“From how you dress,” I replied.

She sat in the seat in front of me when we got on the bus and continued to talk. I said that, with the virus, the most important thing now was to stay safe. She agreed. I told her about how the CCP has deceived us for decades and killed more than 80 million people in its political movements. I also talked about the self-immolation incident on Tiananmen Square that was staged to incite people to hate Falun Dafa practitioners.

She whispered, “The CCP is so evil.” I told her that more than 300 million Chinese have quit the Party. She also agreed to quit.

They were about to get off the bus when I thought, “I haven’t clarified the truth to her husband yet.” So I got off with them. I spoke a little with him and he said, “I am a CCP member. I can’t quit.”

I said, “We don’t have enough time, and I haven’t made it clear enough. Maybe you will have a chance to quit another time.” I took out the Minghui Special Edition on the pandemic from my bag, gave it to the lady, and asked them to read it.

She said, “I don’t want it. I’m too afraid.”

“This talks about the pandemic and it is very clear,” I replied. “Take a look and it will keep you safe.” I then showed it to her.

Her husband was moved by the positive energy of the cover page and hurriedly said to her, “What are you afraid of? Take it. We will go home and read it.” As she was about to take it from me, her husband grabbed it and began reading it. When they left, he repeatedly thanked me.

I stood at the bus stop and watched the couple walk away reading the special edition. I thought: Didn’t I used to be just like that lady? I was too scared to take the materials that talked about the truth. This is because Chinese people have been poisoned by the CCP’s lies and propaganda for decades.

My compassion and energy field are still not strong enough. Chinese people urgently need to understand the truth, but I haven’t played my part well enough. To truly save these people and help them understand the truth, and not just superficially, we really have to work harder.