(Minghui.org) In 2008, using the upcoming Beijing Olympics as an excuse to ramp up the persecution, the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) arrested many local Falun Dafa practitioners. For a period of time our region lived in terror. However, under Master’s compassionate arrangement, we cooperated to target a main responsible person. After we exposed his crimes of persecuting practitioners he abruptly resigned. This shocked the CCP and slowed down the persecution. During this process, there were many “coincidences” that encouraged us and helped us.

“Accidental” Events Help Us Find the Lead Perpetrator

One day, a few practitioners came to my father’s house to discuss some unrelated matters. One practitioner who I never met before said, “I once called a director of an office using the public phone. I exposed his persecution of Dafa practitioners and warned him to stop committing these crimes. He was very scared—not at all like he behaved when he persecuted practitioners. He was in a panic and said that he was being forced to do it. This gave me a lot of inspiration. The evil people dare to commit crimes unscrupulously because they think there will be no consequences. Once they know that they will be held responsible, they are frightened.”

We all realized that it was imperative to expose the people responsible for persecuting Falun Dafa practitioners in our region. We should find their information and expose their crimes to deter them from committing more crimes.

A few days later, another practitioner said, “The most viscous person who persecutes us is Domestic Security Division leader Ma. The recent large-scale persecution operations were led by him. We should expose his crimes as he’s the local leader for persecuting practitioners in this area.” We all agreed.

I said, “To expose him, it would be best to get a photo of him and put it in a flyer. The effect will better.” The others agreed and said that we should try to find more information about Ma.

A few days later, a practitioner sent us Ma’s police car number . These CCP people all use police cars as their private cars. I memorized the number.

At that time, we all felt that it was “accidental” that we got his vehicle number—in the past we always wanted to find more information about him but we were never successful. We later realized that once we wanted to expose his crimes, Master opened a door for us. It seemed accidental, but in reality it was the power of Falun Dafa.

Many “Coincidences” and a Miracle
“Coincidentally,” two days later on my way home from work, I saw a police car with this number driving in the opposite direction. I was surprised. Was this a coincidence? I quickly turned my motorcycle around and followed it. However because the road was crowded, the car quickly disappeared.

The following month, I “coincidentally” saw the car two more times, but both times it drove too fast for me to catch up. A few days later, another practitioner told me that Ma lived in the Urban Garden Community (alias). I said I would go there that night to look for his car.

At 8 p.m., I rode my motorcycle and looked for the Urban Garden Community. It was some distance from my home. I got to a tall white arched door, and I felt that I was pretty close. I later learned that the Urban Garden Community was right behind this high arched door. Ma in fact didn’t live there—he actually lived in the Urban Garden II Community.

I asked a gentleman where the Urban Garden Community was. Instead of telling me that it was behind the arched door, he said, “Go past that intersection and go another hundred yards and you are there.”

That happened to be precisely where Urban Garden II Community was and where Ma lived! What a coincidence again!

After I entered the Urban Garden II Community, I found that it was a high-end residential complex with many guard posts. Multiple teams of mobile security guards patrolled back and forth.

I rode my motorcycle and went through every path in between buildings, but I didn’t see that police car. After circling around a few paths, I found that there were too many security guards and there were also security cameras. If I kept driving around like this, it would look too obvious and suspicious. So I stopped, calmed myself down, and thought about what to do.

I realized that I was at one end of this community. Further ahead, there was an entrance door more than a yard wide. Just then, a young man approached with a bicycle. A thought came to my mind, “If he enters that door, I will follow him, and maybe there will be some accidental discovery.” Sure enough, the young man rode through the door.

I followed him and saw there were many more buildings on the other side. After going another dozen yards, I suddenly saw the police car with Ma’s plate number.

I was very excited, but I immediately warned myself that I must stay calm, because there were security cameras everywhere. I parked the motorcycle and sat down in a shaded area in a small pavilion, while observing the surrounding buildings and the community environment.

It was a summer night and it was already after 9 p.m. The security guards were walking around and some looked at me from time to time. I deliberately wore shorts, a sleeveless shirt, and slippers, so it would seem that I was a resident. When they saw how I was dressed and how relaxed I looked they simply walked on.

After I sat there for a while, I thought, “Since there are cars here, there must be another gate.” So I got back on my motorcycle and leisurely drove in the other direction, and sure enough, there was a gate in front of me. After driving through the gate, I headed home.

The next morning, four practitioners and I drove a car to this community, hoping to get more familiar with the surroundings. After we parked, one practitioner said, “We can’t stay in the car. There are too many security guards in this community. If people don’t get out of the car after parking, they will get suspicious.”

Just then a security guard came over and knocked on our car window and asked, “Do you need something?”

That practitioner said, “We are waiting for someone. We will leave soon.” He closed the window and said to us, “Let’s have one person get out and walk around, pretending looking for someone. This way, they won’t look suspicious.”

Just like that, we figured out the situation in the community. After we returned home, practitioners prepared two cars and professional video recorders and cameras.

We estimated that Ma would go to work after 8 a.m. The following morning, one group of practitioners brought the video recorder and drove to the community. They parked near the police car before 8 a.m., preparing to record Ma as he walked to the car. The other group of practitioners parked on the opposite side of the road from the gate to the community and prepared to use a camera to take photos.

Ma indeed came out a little after 8 a.m. but his back was facing practitioners the entire time, and they were not able to record his face. 

We returned on the third day but did not see him. After coming back, everyone sent forth righteous thoughts and asked Master for help. We were determined to not get discouraged.

On the morning of the fourth day, Ma appeared again, but his back was still facing us as he walked toward his car. Practitioners thought, “It would be great if you could turn around.” Ma really looked back at the practitioner’s car for three or four seconds, and that was perfect!

After coming back, one group of practitioners edited the flyer, and the other group confirmed Ma’s address. They found a practitioner who lived near Ma’s community. The practitioners took a walk together the following morning as if they were exercising. They ran into Ma who was walking his dog, and found his building number. Other practitioners found the address of another property he owned, as well as his online business name, his children’s school, and other personal information.

We put all of Ma’s personal information in the flyer along with pictures showing the torture practitioners are subjected to in forced labor camps and prisons. We all thought the flyers were very powerful, and local practitioners were eager to distribute them. Therefore, a large number of these flyers was quickly distributed. The people in Ma’s building, community, and work place all received them. Not only Ma himself, but his family members also felt the pressure. The entire Domestic Security Division knew about it.

A few days later, the family members of a practitioner who was being persecuted went to speak to Ma and demand that he release the practitioner. Ma yelled, “These practitioners described me so badly. Now everyone knows it. I can’t take it anymore! I quit! Don’t come to me again! I don’t want to do this job anymore! I’m about to fall apart!”

We heard that he repeatedly went to his superiors to insist that he resign from the Domestic Security Division. It didn’t take long for Ma to be transferred.

After Ma left, the Domestic Security police were no longer as ruthless. They scaled back the local persecution. Master talked about exposing the local persecution Through this experience, we once again witnessed the amazing power of itcarrying this out.