(Minghui.org) My husband passed away when he was young, and I had to raise four children on my own. I didn’t have a permanent job, and my life was very hard. I became hot-tempered and often hit and yelled at my kids. I am now 78.

When I started practicing Falun Dafa in January 1996, I first quit smoking, then stopped hitting and cursing people. I understood that I needed to discipline myself according to the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, cultivate my heart, and become a good person. Master Li purified my body and soul. I’m happy all the time, and my family life is harmonious.

My children exclaimed: “Dafa is really great! Dafa gave us a happy family and a dear mom.”They witnessed my changes and remained very supportive of my cultivation even after the persecution began.

Family Blessed by Dafa

“When one person obtains the Fa, the whole family will benefit.” (“Teaching the Fa in Jinan” in The Law of Zhuan Falun Explained).

I went back to my parents’ home in the second year after I started practicing Falun Dafa and told my friends and family about the wonderfulness of the practice. I then intentionally went back to visit them several times when the persecution started in 1999 and clarified the truth to the locals.

Over 100 people quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations. Among them were my relatives, the police department head, police station head, and police officers who are directly involved in persecuting Dafa practitioners. After I spoke to them, they no longer got involved in the persecution. Some secretly protected practitioners and chose a bright future for themselves.

Others have also received blessings. For example, my sister’s son-in-law, who’s the head of the Bureau of Industry and Commerce, protected Dafa practitioners in his workplace from being persecuted. As a result, his long-term lumbar disc herniation was healed without treatment. My eldest sister’s son was the head of a police station and secretly protected practitioners in his region, and he was promoted to a higher level police director.

My eldest son established a successful construction company. He doesn’t cultivate Dafa but has strong faith in Dafa. He often told his coworkers, schoolmates, and friends about it. Sometimes, he even brought back the name lists of those who wanted to quit the CCP.

He once invited his clients for dinner and asked me to join them. During the dinner, my son talked about how great Dafa is and invited me to talk about how to secure a bright future for themselves by quitting the CCP. By the end of dinner, all of them had quit!

My eldest son had acute hepatitis in 2016. The doctor said the cure rate was extremely slim, and it could easily develop into liver cirrhosis or cancer. My son was under a lot of duress. I told him to keep faith in Master and sincerely recite: “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good!”

He asked for a Dafa amulet and has carried it with him ever since. A year later, he had a check-up and all the results were normal. He’s fully recovered! The doctor said that my son is very lucky. My son told me that he is grateful Master saved him.

Blessed by Listening to Master’s Teachings

I remarried in 1984 and started practicing Dafa in 1996. My husband has seen the changes in me and has been very supportive of my cultivation. After the persecution started, he often accompanied me to distribute truth clarification materials, put up posters, and helped deliver materials to other practitioners. My home has been a group Fa study site, and a materials exchanging site. As practitioners came and went, he treated them with kindness without any complaint.

My husband had glaucoma in his 60s and underwent surgery on both eyes. In 2015, at the age of 86, he lost his sight. He lay on the bed or sofa all day long, as his health deteriorated. He defecated in his pants, on the bed, sofa, and floor. Besides that, his biological clock was reversed. He would fall asleep during the day and was wide awake at night. He often pestered me to do things, making me unable to sleep. I was exhausted!

My children felt sorry for me and talked about taking him to a nursing home. I thought he was old, couldn’t take care of himself, and his mind was not clear. But I also couldn’t imagine which family member would take care of him. I cultivate Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, and Master told us to consider others first. So I decided my husband should not be taken to a nursing home. With that, my children discussed how to arrange time to come back home to help look after him.

In 2016, I saw an article on Minghui.org about a practitioner who played Master’s audio teachings to a sick family member who was not a practitioner, and they soon recovered. From then on, I started playing Master’s teachings every day and helped my husband sit up and listen. At the beginning, he listened to one lecture each day, then gradually he completed two lectures each day. Now he listens for five to six hours a day. The more he listened, the happier and healthier he became. He is 91 years old this year.

My husband had a fever two days before the Chinese New Year in 2021, with a temperature of 39.6°C. I called my daughter-in-law over. She was a professor in a medical college and suggested that he be taken to a hospital. It was during the pandemic, so I asked her to prescribe him some medicine first.

We monitored my husband’s condition for two days. His temperature dropped to 38.6°C, so I insisted that he continue listening to Master’s Fa teachings. He was then able to have porridge for dinner. The next day, his temperature went down to 37.3°C. On the third day, his temperature was back to normal, and his appetite had returned.

During the Chinese New Year, his biological grandson came to visit him and said: “Grandpa, you’re really blessed. Look at you, your face is glowing, you look healthier than my dad!”

He said to me: “Grandma, you have such a wonderful family! Everyone is so caring and happy, and take great care of grandpa. He always says that my two aunts are more filial (devoted) to him than his own daughter.”

I replied: “Your grandpa is blessed by Dafa. If I did not practice cultivation, with my weak body, I could not imagine what state I would be in! If I didn’t cultivate Dafa, my children would all stay away from me due to my bad temper. They probably wouldn’t even take care of me, let alone your grandpa. Your grandpa listens to Master’s teachings every day, and he really is blessed!”