(Minghui.org) I recently noticed that when some practitioners submitted their articles for publication, they sent their articles to both the Minghui and the PureInsight websites. Some of the articles ended up being published on both websites at the same time. In my opinion, this behavior should stop because it is not being responsible for sentient beings and not respecting oneself and the Minghui website. Additionally, it does not even conform to everyday society’s publication ethics of no multiple or concurrent submissions.

The Minghui website’s article submission guidelines clearly state that submitting one article to multiple places is prohibited due to copyright issue. Besides, each website’s editors might make edits to the article. So the same article would have different final versions once published on different websites, which is an issue.

I did the same thing in the past, in order to increase the chance of getting published. I once submitted an article to both Minghui and PureInsight. The editor at PureInsight published it as is. However, the Minghui editors made extensive changes to my article, which significantly improved the readability.

In my case, the two published articles with the same title had significant differences in content. If everyday people read these two articles, what would they think? Would it discredit both websites? I felt really bad and decided to never do multiple submissions again.

The goal of submitting sharing articles is to help save sentient beings. The editors serve as the gatekeepers to vet the submissions and publish high-quality articles, which also helps with our own cultivation.