(Minghui.org) The Minghui Publishing Center is launching a new website in early 2022. The new website will have Minghui books, magazines, eBooks, digital periodicals, and other materials available for subscription. 

A major book published in English by the Center is Minghui Report: The 20-Year Persecution of Falun Gong in China. Given its exhaustive content and high quality design and printing, it is already considered a classic and plays an important and powerful role in exposing the Chinese Communist Party’s persecution of Falun Dafa. There is an urgent need for more practitioners to join in the efforts to promote the book, so that the collective efforts of Minghui volunteers over the years that made the book possible can be well utilized to expose the persecution and save more people. 

Tiandi Cangsheng (Sentient Beings Between Heaven and Earth), a periodical in Chinese published by Minghui, has updated its size to A4 (similar to letter size) several months ago. Starting from the 209th issue in early December 2021, the periodical also began to offer a print version to Chinese readers in the U.S., while the digital version continues to be free for readers in mainland China. Currently a 40-page bimonthly publication, it will soon become a 68-page quarterly periodical as early as February 2022. 

In addition, Qicai Qiao (Seven-Color Bridge), a children’s book series, is also in the works. 

The publishing center hopes that practitioners in various countries can help bring Minghui periodicals and books to the public. We especially need talent in traditional drawing, compiling, marketing, and publishing. Please contact the Minghui Editor if you have such ability and interest. 

After reading the trial issue of Tiandi Cangsheng in November, practitioners outside China have given the following positive feedback:

“Well done! It covers broad topics from tradition culture and advice on the pandemic, to history, and cultivation stories. Well organized.”

“I have learned a lot from it and I have shared the links with several practitioners I know.”

“The stories are short, but very meaningful and interesting. It is educational and enlightening, while showing the power of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance in daily life.”

“This material is well presented. To avoid waste caused by mass distribution, I only give it to those who will likely cherish it...”

According Minghui Publishing Center editors, Minghui has been providing a vast variety of materials for practitioners in mainland China since the persecution started in July 1999. Due to safety concerns, most materials are either pocket sized or flyer sized for practitioners to distribute. After 22 years, many changes have occurred in China including people’s knowledge, viewpoints, living conditions, and lifestyle. 

To accommodate people’s varied social status, educational background, and general understanding, Minghui has striven to come up with periodicals that better cater to the needs of a diverse readership. Each periodical has its own unique features and style to engage various readers. We hope that such efforts will not only improve the periodicals, but also engage more people so as to help them understand the diversity of the Falun Dafa practitioners community. The goal is to promote mutual understanding and encourage more people to include Falun Dafa publications in their daily life. We hope practitioners can support this effort through their talents and helping to get the word out about these resources.