(Minghui.org) Many Falun Dafa practitioners in China shared their cultivation stories at the recent 18th China Fahui. Vivid, sincere and simple, these stories have inspired many practitioners outside of China, including the three Taiwan practitioners featured in this report.

Excellent Reference and Impetus

Chao-Jen from Yunlin County deeply appreciates the sacredness and importance of the China Fahui. “Every article was wonderful and deeply moving.” He said, “I was deeply touched, and I re-discovered a pure heart for cultivation.” He mentioned that the article “Persevering in Clarifying the Truth and Walking Steadily on My Cultivation Path” was specifically impressive. “The practitioner was fearless with righteousness thoughts when telling people about Falun Dafa, even when facing the members of Political and Legal Affairs Committee (PLAC) and 610 Office.”

The author of this article also paid special attention to reaching out to her relatives, even distant relatives. Chao-Jen felt lagging behind in this aspect. He said, “One of my relatives, the president of a large enterprise, passed away recently. When reading this article, I was shocked to realize my attachment of fear. I only gave this relative a brochure about Falun Dafa, without explaining things in depth. I should have done things more wholeheartedly like this author.”

He continued, “No matter how high the officials’ positions were, the author tried various ways to tell them the facts face to face. While having my relative’s phone number and address, I did not have the courage to talk to or visit him. The gap is huge.”

Chao-Jen thus realized that he has the responsibility and mission of sincerely explaining the facts behind the persecution of Falun Dafa to both relatives and others.

Letting Go of Ego

Another article “Looking Within to Eliminate Attachments During Conflicts” also impressed Chao-Jen, on the aspect of cultivating compassion. He talked about his own experience, “Once I laughed after a practitioner’s sharing in a group study session. Another practitioner told me afterward that my laugh was not kind, but I did not think too much about it. This article reminds me to recall my contemptuous attitude to the practitioner who pointed out my shortcoming, and my unkind expression while laughing. I should not have looked down on other practitioners.”

He realized that true compassion is not to speak righteously and consciously about Fa principles, but to speak kindly to others with an unselfish heart. He said, “My actions were mixed with the attachments of competitiveness, jealousy, and ego.”

The author mentioned that her conflicts with fellow practitioners were related to her attachments of showing-off, validating oneself, and the feeling of superiority. Chao-Jen echoed, “I found all these attachments within myself. To protect myself, I tried to show my good side to others and cover up my bad side. Some of my good deeds were not necessarily out of my sincerity for others’ benefits, but for my reputation. Pursuit of reputation is selfish.”

This article deeply touched Chao-Jen, prompting him to start to put aside his ego. Besides understanding the feelings of other practitioners during their tribulation, he realized the evil interference was still exploiting our loopholes and damaging the whole body of practitioners. He started to think about how to help fellow practitioners and achieve improvement for practitioners as a whole.

Miracles from Firmly Believing in Master and Dafa

The article “85-year-old Woman Learns to Set Up Secure Computer System on Her Own” also struck Chao-Jen. He had once assembled a computer, and the process from assembly to installation was quite tedious. The system installation was even more difficult for people without any computer knowledge. For the author of the article, a practitioner in her 80s, to learn system installation, her firm belief in Dafa and Master, and her righteousness were truly remarkable.

Chao-Jen said, “I used my old age as an excuse for not being able to participate in many activities. It was the most shocking to me that the author did not think of her age, but only wanted to save people. Her eagerness to save people is admirable. She strove forward when facing difficulties. With no concern of age limitation, the miracle happened via her faith in Master and Dafa. I was shocked by my gap from her.”

“It was difficult and trying for practitioners in China to access the Minghui website. Practitioners outside of China should cherish the environment we have.” He said, “They do not have a comfortable environment to study the Fa and do the exercises together. And yet, they have to tell people the facts of Dafa under the harsh environment. This is really remarkable and we overseas practitioners should learn from them and be more diligent.”

Cultivating Solidly

Hui-Ling, who had just returned from the United States, was impressed with the high quality of the 18th China Fahui articles. She said, “These articles deeply resonate in people’s hearts. Practitioners’ understanding of the Fa is very touching to me. With faith in Master and Dafa, they clarify the facts to people, validate Dafa, and solidly cultivate themselves.”

She was deeply touched while reading the article “Distributing Truth-clarification Materials in Remote Mountainous Areas.” In fact, she couldn’t help but shed tears. She said that the author went deep into the mountains to great lengths to save people without complaints. Hui-Ling has a similar background so the author’s truth-clarification efforts touched her. She felt that she was there with the author, following her to distribute materials together.

“That reminded me to think of people in my community, who haven’t learned the truth about Dafa yet,” Hui-ling said, “Although I had the idea of distributing materials in my community before traveling to the U.S., I did not have time to do it. This article helped me remove my fears. I am a Dafa disciple, and I should save people and fulfill my mission.”

Correcting Shortcoming and No Longer Slacking off

Hui-Ling also liked the article “Remaining Peaceful and Steadfast – Falun Dafa Practitioner is Admired by Managers and Colleagues.” This author was able to treat everyone with the standard of a Dafa practitioner, including his wife and son who created difficulties and conflicts for him. With the wisdom bestowed by Master, he was good at this technical job and was valued and respected by the company leadership. Even though his wife and son always laughed at or ignored him at home, he always held up his character.

Hui-Ling said that this practitioner was able to follow Master's teachings and solidly put them into practice. He corrected his behaviors and thoughts based on the teachings and guidelines of Dafa. That is the most difficult part for her.

She said, “We often understand the requirements from Dafa, but we generated many attachments when encountering tests and were unable to remain calm, let alone meeting Dafa standards. That is my big gap in cultivation.”

“In several articles, these practitioners all showed the same action: they had no fear at all when telling people about Dafa, full of righteousness and in a dignified manner. They all did really well in both at work and at home,” she continued, “These China Fahui articles are a great boost to my own cultivation, through which I discovered the gaps and shortcomings in my cultivation. I will try to correct them quickly, and urge myself not to slack off. Thank you, Master, and thank you, fellow practitioners.”

Attentive to Cultivating Character and Changing Mindsets

Li Pai-Hui, 56, is a retired elementary school teacher. She has a habit of reading the sharing articles on the Minghui website, and she also enjoys listening to Minghui Radio. 

She said of the articles of the 18th China Fahui, “Each article is like a pearl, precious, sincere and guileless. They showcase the process of practitioners’ solid cultivation without embellished words. They touched me deeply and made me cry. These practitioners looked inward and reached deep and subtle levels, which helped me a lot to improve my character.”

“They put their subtle cultivation processes into concrete words. I gained insights every time when reading sharing articles by practitioners in China,” Li continued, “These articles inspired me to change my thinking from different perspectives. I feel that I grasped their key points – pay attention to improving character and changing one’s mindset.”

“The articles in this China Fahui show that many practitioners in China did a solid job in clarifying the truth and saving people,” Li concluded, “In this free and relaxed cultivation environment in Taiwan, it is hard to imagine what it is like in China’s severe persecution environment. The practitioners there are still able to cultivate diligently, set strict requirements for themselves in accordance with the Fa, show their respect for Master and Dafa, and put their hearts into the important mission of saving people. They inspire me to do better.”