(Minghui.org) I’ve noticed that some Falun Dafa practitioners look down upon themselves and others. This mindset affects our ability to walk our cultivation path well and the extent to which we can cooperate with each other.

One practitioner said she and her family experienced many difficulties over the years. She wondered if it was because she had too much karma and isn't qualified to be a practitioner.

How We Undermine Our Own Cultivation

We cultivate our main spirit in the midst of all kinds of interference and persecution imposed by the old forces. This is completely different from all previous cultivation ways, in which the assistant spirit practiced. As soon as part of us reaches the standard, Master Li immediately separates it. Our uncultivated side, however, will continue cultivating. This side will definitely manifest all kinds of human attachments and desires. When they're exposed, isn’t it an opportunity to remove them?

Master said,

“Our practice has a focus and truly points out those attachments. By abandoning them, one will make very rapid progress in cultivation.” (Lecture Five, Zhuan Falun)

Sometimes, it feels like we never seem to get rid of certain attachments. But if we look at it like we're pulling out long threads, they are removed bit by bit. Isn’t this cultivation?

Cherishing This Precious Opportunity

We cultivate in a complex, corrupt, and chaotic world in this Dharma-ending period. Anyone who is able to follow Master all the way despite the difficulty is remarkable. Every practitioner has gone through countless hardships.

Master has said that those who died as a result of the persecution will reach Consummation—they are waiting in a special place until Fa-rectification is over. So we must have faith in Master and Dafa! Practitioners who have veered off the path should seize the remaining time to cultivate themselves.

We know that throughout history, every cultivation method required suffering and was not easy. Practitioners needed to have a firm faith, put aside the fear of life and death, and overcome all kinds of tribulations to succeed. During the thousands of years we’ve reincarnated, many of us have cultivated countless times.

The world has never been as corrupt as it is today—things like atheism and communist party culture are poisoning people. Human society has hit a low point, and most people no longer believe in gods.

Because many beings on all levels are corrupt, various forms of interference are interfering with cultivators. Perhaps, in the eyes of many high-level beings, it is almost impossible for practitioners to cultivate and rise above this complicated environment.

The karma here is indeed huge. Human beings constantly create karma. If Master did not come to rectify the Fa, the old cosmos and human beings would have been destroyed long ago.

Higher beings can see that the human world is a large dye vat, with waves upon waves of karma. Any life that comes into this world has to cultivate in the midst of delusion. Our physical eyes create a false appearance, so many people become obsessed with material pursuits and lose their opportunity to gain salvation. Step by step, they are heading towards destruction.

I once had a dream in which I saw the manifestation of karma: The entire world was encased in a sticky black substance.

In such an environment, isn’t it difficult for us to remain diligent? As soon as we relax, our thoughts may sink into the sea of worldly desires.

But it’s because our circumstances are so difficult that our ascension is the quickest. We're cultivating according to Dafa (or great law) of the universe. We are Master's disciples, and he is looking after us.

So don’t look down upon yourself. Even if you save just one person, you are the only hope for him and countless beings in the cosmos.

Practitioners Should Not Look Down Upon One Another

I realized that I, too, have looked down on other practitioners, and some have looked down on me. Sometimes, we can only see others’ shortcomings. We can’t see the side they have cultivated well. So aren’t we confused by their behavior and think, “Why is he or she like this?”

Throughout our countless reincarnations, we don’t know how many grievances we've experienced with one another. Some people become angry even when they think of certain people, but that is not their true nature. When we met in heaven and decided to reincarnate together, did we look down on each other?

In the movie “Coming for You,” two divine beings made a holy bond in heaven and followed the Holy King to earth to save all beings. They were so solemn, understanding, and respectful of each other.

In their prior incarnation, the two were husband and wife, but they couldn’t get along. He often beat her so badly that she ran to her mother’s house. The couple hated each other and wanted a divorce. The husband was so holy in heaven, but in this lifetime he was a thug.

Only Master knows our true selves and the origin of every practitioner. He always looks at our good side and cherishes us so much that he doesn’t want to leave any of us behind. He has also endured enormous hardships to save us.

If we don’t view situations from the perspective of cultivation, we may get trapped in grievances. If practitioners look down on one another, then we can’t form one body. The old forces will then be able to create more gaps between practitioners and persecute us.

After I discovered this problem, I send forth righteous thoughts to reject all thoughts that are critical of other practitioners. When they surface, I remember the movie “Coming for You” and remind myself: When we met in heaven and decided to help Master save sentient beings, did we look down on each other? Absolutely not! Every single practitioner has different strengths and is worthy of my respect.

Editor’s note: This article only represents the author’s understanding in their current cultivation state meant for sharing among practitioners so that we can “Compare with one another in study, in cultivation.” (“Solid Cultivation,” Hong Yin)