(Minghui.org) A fellow practitioner came to my home often in the last year and told me how hard she’s been working. She would say, for example, that she distributed truth-clarification materials, walked all night, and was exhausted. I eventually asked myself, “Why does she always tell me she’s been working hard? Isn’t that her responsibility? What’s the point of reporting her hard work to me?”

Another practitioner came to my home two days ago. She also talked about her hard work. She said she hasn’t had a freshly cooked breakfast in recent years. Instead, she ate food leftover from the previous day. She often studied one lecture of Zhuan Falun before she went out in the morning. Sometimes she read one-and-a-half lectures. One day she didn’t have time to eat any breakfast before going out to clarify the truth. She was very tired when she returned home. So on and so forth. She had told me about it once before. And here she was saying it again.

I thought she was reporting her hard work again. Then she continued to tell me more. One day she clarified the truth to 22 people and was very happy. Then her leg got caught in the elevator door, and was swollen for several days. But it didn’t stop her from going out to clarify the truth.

As I was listening, I changed my opinion. I realized that I should learn from these fellow practitioners. They put so much effort into saving people and worked so hard. Compared to them, I didn’t put in enough effort.

I was no longer annoyed by what I perceived to be their complaints or showing-off. I felt more and more ashamed of myself for not putting in as much effort as they did. How could I still call myself a Dafa practitioner?

Thank you, Master for giving me a hint through fellow practitioners’ mouths. I joined my hands in Heshi, and burst into tears.