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Cultivating Firmly - Japanese Practitioners’ Sharing After Reading Online China Fahui Articles

Nov. 26, 2021 |   By Minghui correspondent Zheng Yuyan

(Minghui.org) The 18th China online Fahui started on October 9 and was successfully completed on October 21 with the articles being published on the Minghui website. 

Practitioners in China shared how they cultivated firmly in Falun Dafa and assisted Master Li (Dafa’s founder) in saving sentient beings in a harsh environment. Their words were simple and honest, yet showed their firm belief in Master and the Fa and their wisdom and compassion at their elevated cultivation realm. They validated the dignity of Falun Dafa. Each and every article was touching and encouraged practitioners overseas to cultivate diligently. 

The following is the sharing from some Japanese practitioners after they read the online articles. 

Moved to Tears By Practitioners’ Magnificent Feat

Li Yun said, “Minghui has provided practitioners in China and overseas a platform where we compare with each other and cultivate as one body. I read the sharing articles of the online Fahui attentively every year. Although we don’t know each other, I feel like we were in the same conference hall when I read the respective article. I was very touched when they told us that they do things with righteous thoughts and actions, and save sentient beings at any time despite such a harsh persecution environment. 

In the article “Clarifying the Facts and Saving People by Filing Lawsuits”, the author was deprived of her working right, her salary, and her bonus. She sued her company twice, appealed twice and took them to trial twice. During the process, she came across mountains of difficulties, was ridiculed, and experienced threatening and tremendous pressure. She cried when she was at her limit of forbearance. She said: “I was crying while doing the exercises at home. I said to Master in my heart: Why is it so difficult. At that moment a voice coming from above said, ‘you should know that you are saving sentient beings.’”

Li Yun said, “It woke me up when I was reading this sentence. It reinforced my intention of clarifying the truth to those who participate in the persecution. I will share it with my family members and let go of worry and selfishness. I should do it from the point of benefiting other people.”

Letting Go of Oneself and Saving Sentient Beings

Li Yun said that her family member was arrested by the police in China during the China online Fahui. In the beginning, she only focused on rescuing her and was wondering when she would be released. But nothing happened. She found her thoughts were very selfish one week later. She didn’t focus on saving those people in the legal department. So, she started to write letters to urge them to be good. 

The author of one article said, “I know many overseas practitioners also made phone calls, and sent letters to her company to clarify the truth. The upper-level leaders scolded the company leaders because they received many letters.”

Li Yun understood that the rescue efforts by overseas practitioners shocked the evil, and were powerful. She shared this article with local practitioners and asked them to send letters to China. Although her family member is still detained, the practitioner’s article gave her confidence. She would take action, but without pursuit. She wanted to save those sentient beings. She was thankful for the efforts made by practitioners in China. 

Admiring Practitioners Staying Diligent

Chu Jie is a Japanese teacher. She started practicing Falun Dafa in 2001. She was moved by the author of the article “The Years Flow By: Sixteen Years of Persistently Saving People.” Although living in a bad environment, the author tried hard to clarify the truth to the same people repeatedly so they would be free of the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) indoctrination and be saved. Chu Jie was very touched by their actions. 

The author wrote, “When the pandemic eased, the businesses reopened. I went to the shopping malls I used to go to and gave every shop owner the QR code (a machine-readable optical label that contains information about the item to which it is attached.) QR codes often contain data for a locator, identifier, or tracker that points to a website or application code that allows the authorities to read information about the persecution, and help them quit the CCP. I reminded them that they should tell their family members and friends the true situation and I asked them to remember, “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good” during the pandemic so that they could stay safe.”

She also said, “After people quit the CCP, they can easily forget the truth about Falun Dafa because they are surrounded by Party propaganda. I visited each shop owner two or three times to remind them that “Falun Dafa is good.” 

Chu Jie said, “When people are in a bad environment, they will get polluted. Even though one had already withdrawn from the CCP and its youth organizations, he might be polluted by the wicked environment. One shop owner had quit the CCP, the author visited her a second time and a third time.” She said that it was very hard for people to not be polluted in a harsh environment. The practitioners in China are not polluted by the CCP’s wicked environment. They clarify the truth and assist Master Li.

Catching Up --- Not Missing the Opportunity

Mr. Cheng Xiao shared his understanding after reading the article “The Years Flow By: Sixteen Years of Persistently Saving People

The author said, “I’ve helped about 10 people quit the CCP every day. On a good day the number was over 30. So far I have helped over 10,000 people quit the CCP.”

“This number is great,” said Cheng Xiao. “The author did save people almost every day. How admirable she is! How did she do so well? It is the result of solid Fa study.”

The author also wrote: “I paid a lot of attention to Fa study and sending righteous thoughts. I wake up at 3 a.m. every day to do the exercises. Every week I hold group Fa study in my home. After we read the teachings, we do the exercises and send righteous thoughts at midnight. Some practitioners commented that it felt as if it was before the persecution.” 

Cheng Xiao said, “She did it every day. Remarkable! Compared with this practitioner, I lag far behind. Now I must catch up. Otherwise, I will miss the opportunity.”

In the article “Saving People While Seeking to Get My Suspended Pension Benefits Reinstated”, the author decided to get her pension back to resist the financial persecution. She visited the local police station, her former work unit – the forced labor camp -- the 610 Office, the Finance Bureau, the Court, and the Petition Bureau many times and clarified the truth to the people there. She faced persecutors who were directly involved in the persecution. She came across many hardships but she dissolved them with righteous thoughts. She demonstrated righteous thoughts and righteous actions as a practitioner. 

Cheng Xiao said, “It was impossible to have done it if the author didn’t have absolute belief in the Fa and compassion towards sentient beings. I respect her very much.”

Immense Hardships Could Not Shake the Determination in Cultivation

Sumino felt that every sharing article moved her heart. Every article was a miniature of a precious and magnificent cultivation history. She felt the boundless wisdom and compassion of Falun Dafa. Her enlightenment was that only by cultivating herself well could she save more sentient beings, and that as long as her mind was on the Fa, nothing could hinder her on her cultivation path. 

The author of the article “Remaining Peaceful and Steadfast – Falun Dafa Practitioner is Admired by Managers and Colleagues” was a trainer in his company. He lectured and trained employees. During the break of the lectures, he chatted with the employees and clarified the facts to them. He studied Solidworks (R&D mechanical design software) in his spare time. He was gradually regarded as an expert in design and processing in his company. People in the processing factory admired the drawings he designed. He said: ‘I used the opportunity to clarify the truth to them, and help them to quit the CCP. I thought, “If I do well, it will help eliminate the poisonous factors in their minds that entered due to the indoctrination by the CCP. They may tell their families and friends that Falun Dafa is good’.”

Because of his outstanding performance, he was rated as a “model worker.” His unit reported him as No. 1 to the company’s higher-level leaders. The company leaders were worried and afraid of making a “political mistake,” so they canceled his model worker status. He took it lightly. He focused on clarifying the truth to people and saving sentient beings. The article said: “Different levels of management, one group after another, came to talk to me. I enjoyed a cordial relationship with most of them, but they didn’t understand why Falun Dafa was being persecuted... I took every dialogue as an opportunity for clarifying the truth and saving sentient beings.”

He took good care of his family members. Both his colleagues and neighbors praised him as a “model husband.” His wife and child constantly vented their anger at him but he never fought or talked back. 

He wrote, “I often felt pity for my wife because she could not seem to control her temper. She didn’t want to listen or believe in anything. Perhaps this situation happened because I hadn’t done well in my cultivation. However, we have to try to save everyone regardless of who they are.

Sumino said, “No matter how difficult or heart-wrenching the situation was, he could handle it calmly whether at home, in his company, or in society during the past 20 plus years. His calmness came from cultivating in Falun Dafa, and he validated the Fa. He could clarify the truth better because he reached that realm.”

The article “Persisting in Rescuing Detained Practitioners and Saving Sentient Beings” described the process and the author’s enlightenment of rescuing the practitioners and how he went through legal processes to save sentient beings. Sumino said, “I was very touched by his heart that was on the Fa, and his determination to rescue the practitioners and save sentient beings.”

The author wrote, “Still, it was a task that seemed nearly impossible for me to accomplish. I thought to myself, “I am not good at talking with others. If I want to rescue practitioners, I have to clarify the truth to detained practitioners’ family members–who are scared and helpless–and persuade them to join the rescue effort. I have to communicate with lawyers and other practitioners to reach a consensus. I even have to face the perpetrators. Nonetheless, I still decided to try my best to rescue detained practitioners.”

So he started to listen to Minghui Radio, focusing on the series of rescuing detained practitioners with legal tools. He had no legal background, so he listened to the series again and again. When coming across difficulties and conflicts, he studied the Fa more, looked within, and tried his best to get rid of resentment, jealousy, and fear. Finally he overcame all the hindrances and let people know the truth about Falun Dafa and the practitioner was acquitted. 

Sumino said, “It was unimaginable for an everyday person to have to go through all of this. But, a cultivator was able to achieve it as long as he was in line with the Fa. My enlightenment is that if a practitioner let go of his attachments in order to save sentient beings, his cultivation would become more sacred and greater. No matter how hard the tribulation was, as long as we didn’t forget that we were Dafa practitioners or our responsibilities and looked within, then, no hardship would hinder us on our cultivation path.”

Eighty-Six Year Old Practitioner Validating the Fa

The author of the article “Cultivating Solidly as an Older Practitioner” was 86 years old. He started practicing Falun Dafa in 1997. He was still quick in response. And had clear and logical thinking. He felt nimble and agile, light and healthy. He went out to distribute the truth-clarification materials at night when he was in his 70s. When he was in his early 80s, he went to a place over 10 miles away on an electric bicycle. He went there to take down a plastic display board that slandered Dafa. He took it down, rolled it up and tied it with a rope and took it home. He burned the board after he arrived home. 

Three years ago, with the help of fellow practitioners, a truth-clarification materials production site was set up in his home. He said: “Young practitioners taught me how to use a computer, printer, and I also learned how to reprint the pages that were not printed out properly. Younger practitioners encouraged me, saying I was very smart and quick at learning, and that I was even smarter than the young people! I know in my heart that it’s because Master granted me wisdom.”

Xue Fei said, “It is not easy to learn from the very beginning, especially for an elderly person in his 80s. He didn’t have the notion of being old. I must learn from him for his courage and determination in starting from the very beginning.”

Xue Fei read articles “Making Truth-clarification Phone Calls”, “The Years Flow By: Sixteen Years of Persistently Saving People” and “Cultivating Diligently with Perseverance”. She said: “A few practitioners talked about perseverance. Some practitioners made phone calls to China for years. Some stepped out to clarify the truth for over 10 years. Although the practitioners went through tribulations and hardships, they persevered in clarifying the truth and saving sentient beings. Their sharing told us that we must have the heart for cultivating Dafa as when we just started cultivating, to be diligent, and to keep saving sentient beings.”