(Minghui.org) As soon as Master’s new scripture “Wake Up” was published, fellow practitioners and I had a discussion, and I become much clearer on this matter.

Master said, “while others have adamantly refused to get vaccinated.” (“Wake Up”) My understanding is that Master was not talking about the right or wrong of the vaccination itself, but about on what basis we practitioners view this issue.

People’s Reaction to Vaccination

I have a relative who is a healthcare worker and knows very well the source and the spread of the pandemic. He also told us that the massive vaccination was like doing a big experiment on the general public.

But now, getting the vaccine has become a political task. In order to keep his job, my relative received the vaccine and had many adverse reactions, which people around him all knew about. Still, some of them got vaccinated when his residential community was using intimidation and incentives in its push to get the vaccination task done.

When the person in charge of my apartment building talked to me about the vaccine, he said something interesting: “You are not going abroad or going out of town. Why would you get the vaccine?”

I could see from his expression that he was clear on what the vaccine was all about. I got another call from a staffer at my residential community, urging me to get the vaccine. I calmly told the person about the side effects my relative suffered after getting the shot. I said that I understood he was just doing his job, but getting vaccinated should be voluntary. He didn’t say another word and immediately ended the call.

I noticed that during that period of time, ambulances were parked at the vaccination sites. Whenever people had bad reactions, they were taken directly to the hospital, yet the doctors kept saying that it wasn’t caused by the vaccination.

In fact, many people around us went from hesitation to gradually seeing the side effects of the vaccine and seeing clearly the irresponsibility of the authorities. Now in our local area, there are many unvaccinated residents, and people do not feel that there is anything wrong with that.

Cultivator’s Reaction to Vaccination

When the vaccine became available and the government was pushing for the public to get it, some practitioners were afraid that the vaccine could be poisonous and they refused to get it. There were also some practitioners who felt that it was pointless to get it, since cultivators’ bodies were purified and had the energy to kill the virus.

I feel that nothing is absolute. We should let go of our concerns for loss and gain in our personal cultivation, but place saving people as our first and foremost priority. We should go for whatever decision would best help save people.

For instance, I heard some western countries required vaccine passports in certain places. Without the passport, a practitioner cannot go out to save people. In that case, are we willing to get vaccinated for the sake of saving people? In China, most people still support the vaccine. When we refuse to get it, some people may not understand us. We also have to think about their feelings and whether our refusal to get the vaccine would affect them being saved in the future.

On the other hand, I was able to use my relative’s example to explain to people the potential harm of the vaccine and thus avoided being pressured again to get the shot.

So my understanding is that whether or not to get the vaccine depends on what environment a cultivator is in and whether it helps save people.

There is no role model in cultivation and we shouldn’t look to anyone as examples to follow. Only when we follow Master’s Fa teachings and truly believe in Master and Dafa, can we walk the last leg of the journey well.

This is my understanding at my level, and please kindly point out shortcomings.

Editor’s note: This article only represents the author’s understanding in their current cultivation state meant for sharing among practitioners so that we can “Compare with one another in study, in cultivation.” (“Solid Cultivation,” Hong Yin)