(Minghui.org) More than a dozen people broke into my house during an afternoon in November 2020. They were from the neighborhood committee, police station, comprehensive management office, and state security division. I asked the person from the neighborhood committee why so many people came. She said they came to ransack my home because I refused to sign a document to give up practicing Falun Dafa.

Among them, a young female officer was very active. She looked everywhere and searched every spot. She tore off the decorative Chinese characters for “fortune” from the wall one by one, and she asked others to help. The others didn't help; they only stood by, watching her.

A few hours later, they found Dafa books and equipment and supplies used to produce truth-clarification materials. The female officer said, “This is the first time we searched your home and found so many things.” She looked at the punching machine and asked me curiously, “How is this used?” A young officer said teasingly, “You've become a ‘scientist.’”

A tall male officer from the state security division asked me, while holding a recorder in one hand and pointing with the other hand at the stuff they found, “These were found in your bedroom. Are they yours?” I said calmly, “Yes.” He suddenly repeated viciously and loudly, “Are they yours? Are they? Are they?” Looking at the equipment and supplies I thought to myself, “These are all the property of Dafa; of course they are mine!” The door of my house was wide open, and many people were watching and listening from outside. I took a deep breath and said with a force, “Yes!” The male officer was dumbfounded, looked at me blankly, and was speechless. The female officer was standing next to me, and she was also in a daze.

After a while, they came back to their senses. The tall male officer asked feebly, “Well, did you say that possession of these things does not violate any law?” I answered, “It does not.” He lowered his head and said in a low voice, “Okay, it does not. It does not.”

He held the recorder and asked if I had anything else to say. I said, “It is legal to practice Falun Dafa. I am a Dafa practitioner, and it is my mission to save sentient beings. These equipment and supplies are for saving sentient beings. Please stop persecuting Falun Dafa and leave a way out for yourself and your family. You don't want to regret it later.” When I finished, he asked other people to take away what they found.

Master Protects Persecuted Practitioners

While walking down the stairs to leave my house, the female officer started to say, “I did something bad. Oh, I did something bad.” The officers were going to take me to the police station. On my way out, I said to my husband, “Don’t worry about me, Master will take care of me.” He nodded and replied, “Yes! You will be fine.”

The next morning at the police station, three officers took me to a hospital for a physical examination. That night, they tried to collect my fingerprints, and I refused to cooperate. Three officers grabbed me, held my fingers by force, and collected my fingerprints. Even though I was not able to overpower them physically, I told Master in my heart that I would not cooperate with the evil's requirements.

After that, they took me to the local detention center. When I got there, the detention center doctor refused to accept me because my physical condition was not up to their requirements. Early in the morning on the third day, I was released and went home. I knew it was Master who protected me and that I only follow Master.

Looking Inward

After I returned home, I calmed down and looked inward to find what went wrong with my cultivation that caused such a huge hardship. I found some deficiencies in my xinxing. Many of my attachments had become more obvious since last year, including looking down on others, complaining, showing off, laziness, jealousy, greed, looking outward for faults, validating myself, and so on.

Not catching and eliminating my attachments resulted in my being interfered with by these decayed matters–it made me drowsy when I studied the Fa, sent righteous thoughts, and practiced the exercises. I tried to recite the Fa to overcome these problems. The way I recited the Fa was to read one sentence and memorize it with my eyes closed. However, once I closed my eyes, I would be interfered with by the demon of sleepiness and fall asleep. For a period of time, I didn’t make a breakthrough. Neglecting Fa study hindered my xinxing improvement, and the negative substances would dominate. As a result, the evil took advantage of the loopholes and caused irreparable losses.

Falun Dafa, taught by Master, requires our main consciousness to gain gong. Master once said, “...only by studying the Fa well can a Dafa disciple fulfill his or her historic mission.” (“To the Brazil Fa Conference” in The Essentials of Diligent Progress III) I will do what Master says.

Hand-Copying the Fa

Then, I started hand-copying the Fa. Hand-copying the Fa made my thoughts focused and my mind clear. I could clearly understand the principles of the Fa, and my righteous thoughts grew stronger. My main consciousness could truly obtain the Fa.

Now I am in my fifth round of hand-copying the Fa. I will simply follow the path arranged by Master and continue to do the three things well.

I am sending strong righteous thoughts, “Dafa’s Master is rectifying the Fa and correcting everything that is not righteous. All lives should follow Master’s principles of Fa-rectification. Saving lives by Dafa disciples in the world is Master’s arrangement. The evil must unconditionally release Dafa disciples. Dafa disciples only follow Master. No other lives have the right to participate. Whoever interferes will be committing a crime, and will be eliminated and destroyed.”

Master said:

“Only with the Fa’s guidance will you know how to do better, and only with the Fa’s guidance will you manage to avoid going wrong. At the same time, the Fa is molding you into an extraordinary being.” (“To the Fa Conference in Germany,” Team Yellow Translation)

Thank you, Master, for always taking care of me! I will continue to do the three things well and complete my historic mission.