(Minghui.org) During my first-year of high school physics, I became familiar with the formula for the force of attraction between electrons and protons. 

My physics teacher said the formula for the force of interaction between the electric charges was identical in mathematical terms with the formula of the force of gravity. Physicists could not explain the phenomenon, and referred to the two formulas collectively as the inverse-square law. [a law stating that the intensity of an effect such as illumination or gravitational force changes in inverse proportion to the square of the distance from the source.]

I found it very surprising. How could the mathematical relationship between the forces acting on two completely different types of matter in terms of physical properties and sizes be identical? What’s behind the similarity?

I pondered over it for a long time and could not figure it out until one day, it suddenly occurred to me that the relationship between the earth and the moon is similar to that between the nucleus and electron. If the nucleus is the earth at the microscopic level, wouldn’t it explain it then? I suddenly understood.

In this case there should be life on the nucleus. The electron is moving so fast, the beings on the nucleus must be moving fast too, right? At that time, I did not know the concept of different time fields existing in different spaces, I just figured that the speed in the microscopic world must be greatly different from that of the macroscopic world. I shared the idea with a classmate, who had a long discussion with me.

Profoundness of Falun Dafa

More than 10 years later, I was fortunate to read Zhuan Falun and learned that Buddha Shakyamuni had talked about the concept of 3,000 worlds. During the subsequent Fa study, I learned that our Esteemed Master had spoken in even more detail about the structure of the universe and microscopic particles. 

Master said,

“Out of the depths of the cosmic body, the tiniest of particles first appear, with layers upon layers of countless particles following, ranging in size from small to great, reaching all the way to the outer planes that humankind knows—those of atoms, molecules, planets, and galaxies—and beyond, to what is still larger. Particles of varying sizes make up lives of varying sizes as well as the worlds of varying sizes that permeate the cosmic body. Lives at any of the various planes of particles perceive the particles of the next larger plane to be planets in their skies, and this is true at each and every plane. To the lives at each plane of the universe, it seems to go on infinitely.” (Lunyu, Zhuan Falun

I felt that Falun Dafa principles are far beyond all human knowledge discussed by people throughout the world. The more I studied Falun Dafa, the stronger feeling I had about the subject matter. The more I studied the Fa, the more I realized how profound Falun Dafa is, and how insignificant human beings are in the universe.

I gradually discovered that the boundless Falun Dafa principles can explain everything in the human world. This is beyond the reach of any kind of human knowledge. Since I practiced cultivation in Falun Dafa, I was gradually able to have a basic overlook of all kinds of human knowledge. I know it sounds like boasting, but this was my personal experience.

Following the Wrong Path when Doing Technology Development in Japan

A decade ago, I was working in a research institute in Japan and was tasked to develop a new technology that was desperately needed at the time, but no one in the world had ever succeeded in developing it. I did a lot of research and found everyone was following the wrong path. 

To draw an analogy, to get a clean squid, the correct way is to remove the ink pouch before cutting it apart, instead of poking the pouch open and rinsing the squid repeatedly. What researchers were doing was like first poking the ink pouch open and then using all kinds of ways to get the squid clean.

I completely changed the research design and developed a brand new technology. After several improvements, the technology was quickly recognized by colleagues in a number of countries. To date, researcher in this area must use the technique I developed to ensure successful experimentation.

Upon the successful development of the technology, I heard that my Japanese colleagues were discussing in private that in our research field, if I could not solve a technical problem, no one in Japan could. 

Wisdom Required in Research

I did not feel complacent after hearing it, because I knew the success was the result of my wisdom being opened after practicing Dafa, and Master had rearranged my entire life to give me the wisdom. I knew I could not take credit for it.

Once, there was a collaboration project between the groups of biology research and chemistry research. During the experimental design stage, colleagues from the chemistry group proposed the sampling frequency to be once every few days. 

I strongly objected, and proposed the interval to be once every few hours, because the reaction process in the cell is much faster, completely different from the concept of time of the macroscopic objects seen by the human eye. Because my predictions on experimental results were often accurate, everyone finally agreed with me.

When the experiment result became available, we found it was exactly as I predicted. The head of the chemistry group repeatedly said, “Surprising. Surprising that it turned out to be this way.” 

Because of the correct sampling timing, we discovered an important phenomenon within a very narrow time window. Some colleague said our new discovery almost overturned the textbooks. The phenomenon would not have been discovered at all had the sampling been done in days.

Opportunities to Clarify the Truth and Sending Righteous Thoughts

Because of my practicing Falun Dafa, I looked younger than those of my age. Some new colleagues thought I was in my 30s, although I was approaching 50. This gave me good opportunities to clarify the truth about Dafa. One day at a dinner party, a few colleagues whom I had little interaction with asked me, “Why do you look so young? Do you have any tricks besides not drinking?” 

Over the years, they found out that I neither smoke nor drink. I took out my phone and showed them the Falun Dafa website. I told them I had been practicing Falun Dafa, which kept me young and healthy. They all wanted to check out the website when they got home.

An elderly colleague wanted to find a way to slow down his aging. He knew I was almost 50 years old, but besides looking younger, I was still very quick during the thought process. So he was interested in me, and wanted to know what I was doing to stay young. I lent him the Japanese version of Falun Gong and told him I was following what was said in the book, such as doing the exercises, and my interaction with others. 

It took him a few months to finish reading the book. Although he decided not to practice, he understood why I behaved as I did, such as being respectful and kind to others regardless of their rank, working diligently, and hardly ever competing with others for fame and personal gain [I am sorry to say that I did not practice well enough and did compete with others for fame in the past].

I sometimes wonder, what is the purpose of Master giving me so much wisdom? Is it simply for me to have a job and maintain a normal life in human society? Later, after I became more involved in truth-clarification projects, I gradually realized the wisdom was meant to be used to clarify the truth, and save sentient beings.

Two years ago, Falun Dafa practitioners from Japan, Korea, and Taiwan held an international seminar exposing the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) crime of organ harvesting from living practitioners. Before the seminar, a fellow practitioner called me to tell me about it and wanted my help in sending forth righteous thoughts. 

I said, “A week ago, when I was sending forth righteous thoughts, a thought popped into my mind that I should help you with righteous thoughts, and I have been doing it for a week.” The practitioner was pleasantly surprised. 

To let more people know about the seminar, I teamed up with a fellow practitioner to deliver materials to local legislators.

We drove around and delivered the seminar-related materials to each Legislative Affairs Bureau and Mayor’s office. Usually, because the staff was busy, they would accept the information out of courtesy, but I rarely had the opportunity to communicate with them in depth. 

One morning, we delivered the materials to a city council bureau. After I handed over my business card, the person looked it over for a bit longer. I wondered if he suspected we were scammers.

He asked, somewhat hesitantly, “How come you have two PhD’s?” It dawned on me. It is not easy to get one doctorate degree in today’s society, of course one would become suspicious seeing two doctorates on the business card. 

I explained that the first doctorate was obtained in China after three years of study and research followed by a defense of the dissertation. The second one was a dissertation doctorate obtained in Japan while working, by compiling a series of papers I had published, submitting them to a university, and getting it passed after a review. He understood and smiled. 

It drew us close and we started to chat casually about everyday topics. 

The Hong Kong anti-extradition bill movement was going on at the time. I said, “Look, there were so many foreign journalists in Hong Kong, and the Hong Kong police still dared to treat the young students with that kind of cruelty. You can imagine what the CCP police can do in China without the presence of foreign journalists.” He nodded repeatedly, “True. I saw it on TV, it was unbelievable.” 

We spoke about organ harvesting from living practitioners. He said it was something he could not bear to even think about. He said he would definitely tell others about it, and send the information to the legislators as soon as possible.

Rescue Effort of Falun Dafa Practitioners

In September this year, to rescue practitioners who were arrested by the CCP police inside China, we started to mail truth-clarification materials to legislators all over Japan. There were more than 40 legislative bodies in the area that I was in charge of, with a total of more than 800 legislators. 

My coordinator wanted every legislator to have the same materials, so I thought, “We can copy the name and address of each of the 800 legislators one by one into the file.” 

While discussing the assignment, a fellow practitioner suggested we find a function in Excel to do it automatically. I tried it and found Excel did not have the function, but Word did. Given the function, the task that would take one practitioner 6 or 7 hours of manual operation, could be completed in 10 minutes without error. 

Then it occurred to me I would run into the same situation if I needed to send mass emails. I searched the Internet and found there was a software that did something similar and was free of charge, so I shared the information with other practitioners who needed the technology.

I would like to remind fellow practitioners that if this type of office automation tools can be fully utilized, it would be like adding wings to a tiger in our truth-clarification.

There were many instances like that, I can’t list them all. In general, oftentimes I had no confidence before doing a task, but since I was needed, I would do it. I had to learn a lot of new things or new technologies to solve problems while doing it. After I learned them, I could use them proficiently and get the tasks done well. The same pattern has repeated many times. 

Finally, I would like to encourage fellow practitioners with Master’s article, 

“The principles of Falun Dafa can provide guidance for anyone’s cultivation practice, including for one’s religious beliefs. This is the principle of the universe, the true Fa that has never been taught. People in the past were not allowed to know this universe’s principle (the Buddha Fa). It transcends all academic theories and moral principles of human society from ancient times to this day. What was taught by religions and what people experienced in the past were only superficialities and shallow phenomena. Its broad and immense, profound inner meaning can only manifest itself to, and be experienced and understood by, practitioners who are at different levels of true cultivation. Only then can one truly see what the Fa is.” (“Broad and Immense,” Essentials for Further Advancement)