(Minghui.org) I have been practicing Falun Dafa for over 20 years. The following are some of my cultivation experiences, which affirm to me that Master Li (Dafa’s founder) is by my side.

In 2001, my husband and I (both Falun Dafa practitioners) went to a city more than 50 kilometers away in an attempt to avoid being harassed. We didn’t have a place to live, so a friend shared her attic apartment with us.

But there was no electricity and no key to enter the unit door leading to the attic. She had to light candles at night, and since there was no key, my husband and I could not go out together to clarify the truth when my friend was not there.

A Prayer Is Answered

Once, when my husband went out, I sat on the bed, lowered my head, and closed my eyes. I felt the darkness of the room and thought to myself: “Master, if there is electricity, I can study the Fa. How great that would be!”

After a while, I opened my eyes and noticed the light in the living room was on. My gratitude to Master was beyond words!

When my friend returned home and found we had electricity, she was so happy that she danced and said: “I’ve benefited from having you two here, thank you!”

My husband and I said that we should thank Master.

My friend later read Zhuan Falun. Soon afterward, she was given the unit door key and made copies for us. 

Stopping a Thief in His Tracks

My friend knew of a group of local practitioners and arranged for us to meet them. At the time, their truth-clarification material production site was short of funds, so we planned to donate two thousand yuan to help out.

My husband and I took a bus to the production site. The bus was crowded, and we were separated. There was someone in front of me who was about to get off, so I called my husband over. I suddenly saw a man bending over and picking up a one-hundred-yuan bill off the floor. It made me think about whether my husband’s money had been taken?

I called out to my husband to check if the money was still there. He found the money was gone. I immediately stood up and said to the thief, “Take out the money!”

The other passengers on the bus stood motionless; no one dared to say anything. It was like the thief had received an order. He quickly took out the money and returned it to me.

Just then, the bus arrived at a stop. The thief got off in a hurry.

The passengers then came back to life. One of them said: “You’re really capable!” Another said: “You’re amazing, how dare you ask the thief to take out the money!” I thought to myself: That wasn’t because I was so powerful, it’s all due to the compassionate blessing and protection of Master! Thank you Master!

Clarifying the Truth

A Sentient Being's Conscious Side Is Grateful to Master

I was handing out Shen Yun DVDs a few years ago when I came across an elderly man walking slowly down the road. I approached him and said: “Hello, can I give you a DVD of the world’s number one show? This is about traditional Chinese culture. It’s good for you.”

He accepted it, “How can I thank you?” He was very excited and saluted me.

This was not a salute to me, but a salute to our Master. People’s knowing sides are waiting for Master’s salvation!

People Acknowledge Dafa's Goodness

When I was out buying cabbage, the vendor picked six Napa cabbages for me. Another woman also came to buy cabbage and told the vendor, “I’m in a hurry, can you pick two cabbages for me?”

“Here, I have some,” I replied. “You can take two.”

She thanked me and told me that I was nice. I said, “I’m a Falun Dafa practitioner, My Master requires us to be considerate of others.”

She then exclaimed, “Falun Dafa, isn’t it ... (note: CCP’s derogatory word omitted)?”

I replied: “That’s all the CCPs [Chinese Communist Party's] lies and propaganda, which deceived you. Only those who practice Dafa themselves have the right to speak about it.”

Just then, the vendor chimed in: “That’s right! Only people who have practiced Falun Dafa have the right to say what it is. Look at their behavior. Isn’t Falun Dafa good?”

The woman who bought the cabbage agreed, “Yes, yes!” She witnessed the goodness of Dafa.

I am grateful for Master’s compassionate protection, which has enabled me to walk firmly on the path of cultivation to today. I will believe in Master and Dafa more firmly and return with Him to my true home!