(Minghui.org) The article “My Shallow Understanding Regarding Barriers” was very well written and enlightened me. I would like to share my understanding with fellow practitioners.

The practitioner wrote in the article, “Barriers prevent Dafa disciples from assisting Master to save sentient beings. Barriers are factors that interfere with Dafa disciples, keeping them from forming a whole body, and are usually a manifestation of the old forces.

“Believe in Master, believe in Dafa. When we listen to Master and follow the Fa, all barriers can be dissolved by the Fa.”

Experiencing Problems: Making Mistakes

A few years ago, there was always a gap between fellow practitioners and myself. This was due to my not being diligent in my Fa study.

The printer always had problems when making truth clarification brochures, and I had to frequently ask a practitioner with technical expertise to fix the printer.

However, most of time he could not find any problem with the printer, and asked me to look inwards. I knew I had not gotten rid of the competitive mentality.

Problems With Forming One Body

When communicating with fellow practitioners, I was always so dominant and opinionated that the other party couldn’t accept my words, and hence it formed a division that interfered with practitioners forming a whole body.

I regretted this afterwards, but still couldn’t help it at critical moments. I kept making this mistake like it was a chronic illness.

I understood that the old forces took advantage of my loopholes, but I just couldn’t maintain my xinxing. I was very anxious to get rid of my demon nature.

Given suggestions by fellow practitioners, I started memorizing the Fa, such as Zhuan Falun, ((Hong Yin}} and other Fa lectures. In the past few years, we have gradually eliminated the divisions between us and formed one body.

The printer also works normally now, and I haven’t asked the practitioner with technical expertise for help for a number of years.

Paying Attention to Cultivating Compassion

Regarding “forbearance”, practitioners in our area are doing very well. A few months ago, I visited a practitioner who was persecuted so severely and became disabled.

She told me, “No long ago, another practitioner came to visit me. I found that she was lying, so I scolded her and made her cry.

“Actually, she cultivates very well. She came to visit me again, and I regretted what I said, as I shouldn't have treated her that way. I haven’t cultivated my compassion, and I should pay attention to this.”

Last week, a disabled practitioner Xiao Ming drove to visit and share with me. I felt surprised and guilty as well.

On “July 20th” three years ago, he came to share with me too. Since it was a so-called sensitive day, and he couldn’t enter my home due to physical inconvenience, we shared outside my home.

I was not happy that day and said something inappropriate to him, and I actually drove him away. After he left, I knew I was wrong when taking a good look at the Fa and planned to find a chance to apologize to him.

However, Xiao Ming didn’t feel that there was a gap between us, and he took the initiative to visit me again. I was very touched and admired him for his compassion; I apologized to him.

Xiao Ming told me sincerely, “We are fellow practitioners and I don’t hate you at all.” He encouraged me to get rid of the attachment of being opinionated. Then, I would improve in my cultivation. I thanked him sincerely.

Many practitioners whom I have hurt are very tolerant. and they also encouraged me just as Xiao Ming did. I feel ashamed.

I will work hard to catch up with everyone and get rid of my competitive mentality.

We will “Compare in studying, compare in cultivating” (“Solid Cultivation,” Hong Yin), and reach the Fa standard at this level as soon as possible.