(Minghui.org) I received little education when I was young and knew nothing about computers, so I relied on other Falun Dafa practitioners to provide me with truth-clarifying materials for the past 20 years. Although there are capable practitioners in our area, they weren’t able to help me.

I always felt that encrypting a computer, compiling and printing information about Dafa, sending articles to the Minghui website via email, and so on were all very technical and beyond me. Being computer illiterate, it never occurred to me to think about those things.

Changing Notions

However, in 2019, due to the following reasons, I was forced to change my notions and begin to do this type of work.

Uncooperative Fellow Practitioner

I was not satisfied with the materials provided from practitioners at our Fa-study group. Sometimes content was missing, and some of the materials were too large and hard to carry and distribute. I discussed this with the practitioner who made them, but she was not very responsive.

Lockdown Brings Problems

Villages, towns and cities were forced into lockdowns due to the coronavirus, making it harder for us to get the materials. I live quite far from where I get the materials, and when the bus was suspended and the neighborhood locked down, I couldn’t get them.

Arrest, Passing Away and Other Problems

Some computer-savvy practitioners were arrested, and some passed away due to sickness karma. There was only one practitioner who printed the materials. I sought help from other Fa-study groups, asking whoever was willing to teach me how to use a computer, but no one replied. As a result, I was forced to learn on my own.

Becoming Computer Savvy

I had a cell phone and could access Google. I searched for and found some video lessons. I started from the basics but still found it difficult. I got my computer, followed along with the video, and punched the computer keys.

Gradually, I could understand a little. I talked to an out-of-town practitioner to learn more. He gave me a document to read. I was stunned when I opened it. It was like a foreign language, and I couldn’t make sense of it.

It occurred to me that I had Freegate software to bypass the CCP’s censorship. I used it and found Tiandixing.org, which had similar lessons with detailed illustrations. I practiced repeatedly. Sometimes I got stuck and couldn’t move forward no matter what I did.

I spent the whole week punching computer keys and doing nothing other than eating and sleeping. With Master’s help and the wisdom granted to me, I finally learned a lot more about computers after struggling for a week.

This year, fellow practitioners developed a “toolbox” to help people learn more on how to use a computer. With my newfound knowledge, it was easy to install the software and connect the printer to the computer, but I still didn’t know how to download and copy materials. After repeated attempts, I figured it out.

Now I can choose articles from the Minghui website and download materials that are suitable for our area. When I come across articles with incomplete information, I would find one or two supplementary articles and combine them.

It is wonderful to be able to produce truth-clarifying materials by myself. Having eliminated the psychological barrier of not wanting to learn how to use a computer, I learned many other online operations, making me even more capable in helping Master rectify the Fa.

I deeply regret having not learned how to use a computer sooner. Just because I felt it was impossible to learn the skill, I was unable to do many important things that I needed to do, and the effectiveness of saving people was impacted.

Now, during this pandemic, we can’t always rely on other practitioners to provide us with informational materials. So I sincerely urge those like me, who relied on others for help, to learn how to use a computer as soon as possible. Do not be blocked by age or the thought of being “unable to do it.”

Not everyone needs to become computer-savvy, but one must learn how to get onto the Minghui website, search for desired articles, Dafa books, Dafa music, or truth-clarifying materials, and publish declarations of those who want to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its youth organizations.

As long as one truly wants to learn, one will be able to learn it.