(Minghui.org) Thank you, Master, for giving me a second chance in life. Not only did Master help me reduce the huge karma that I had accumulated over my many lifetimes and give me a healthy body, but he also helped me to understand the purpose of life, which is to assimilate to Falun Dafa and fulfill my vows. 

Business Prospering, Diagnosed with Incurable Cancer

My career was on the rise, and my restaurant business prospered by the time I was 40 years old. However, I was diagnosed with intestinal cancer and told I had only five more years to live. The pain was so bad, I thought about death, but my child was still young, and I forced myself to keep on living.

Emigrating to Japan and Finding Dafa

Four years after we moved to Japan, when I had one more year to live according to the doctor’s diagnosis, I was lucky to be introduced to Falun Dafa. The first time I did the exercises, I could already feel the power of Dafa. Within two weeks, I felt the turning of the Falun, and my body recovered very quickly. I was able to eat and do housework. After that, I was determined to cultivate.

A Near-Death Incident

A month later, I started having symptoms like a fever, a cough, an ache in my legs, and so on. My body ached, and I felt as though I was having a relapse. My heartbeat was faster than normal, I had insomnia, and my face was covered with blisters. I coughed non-stop. The pain was excruciating, and being dead seemed preferable to living.

Although the symptoms seemed quite serious this time, I knew that Master was cleansing my body. However, I still felt that it was very difficult because I could not eat or sleep. I just listened to Master’s lectures. Since I had chosen to take this cultivation path, I had to be firm in my belief in Master and Dafa. I was certain that Master would decide everything.

My family members were very scared and wanted to take me to the hospital, but I just persisted in my belief that Master was taking care of me. I consoled my family members and told them that my body was being cleansed.

I felt like this for 20 days. I had no energy, and sometimes even lost consciousness. I once felt as if my soul had left my body. I seemed to have come to an endless swamp. I stood there but I could not move an inch. Monsters, skulls, and all sorts of weird things were all around me and rushing towards me at alarming speeds. I was frightened. I did not dare to blink, nor was I able to move. In my mind, I thought that these were all the beings I owed debts to in my previous lives, and they were here to collect the debts.

Master said,

“But if you take up spiritual practice, they won’t stand for it. They will think, “You’re trying to do spiritual practice and leave here, but once you have higher energy I won’t be able to get you anymore, I won’t be able to touch you.” So they won’t go for it, and will try to block your practice and do anything and everything to get in your way. They will plague you in all kinds of ways, and may even try to kill you.” (The Third Talk,Zhuan Falun)

Master’s Fa came into my mind, and I was confident again. I thought that since I was already a cultivator, there is nothing that Dafa cannot do. We had not started to send forth righteous thoughts yet, so I just shouted with all my might for Falun Dafa to take action against those evil things. As I shouted, the weird beings disappeared. Everything went back to normal.

Gaining a New Lease on Life

Then, I saw someone standing in front of me. He took me through a door and a huge stage appeared before me. Below the stage were neat rows of big boxes. The person pointed at a black box and told me to go lie inside it. Looking closer, the box seemed more like a coffin. One of them was empty, and I obediently lay down. I felt very comfortable and all the pain disappeared. The person left and I closed my eyes. In about three minutes, I opened my eyes and felt that this was not where I should be, that I still needed to fulfill my mission. I got out of the coffin.

Suddenly, I heard sounds like torrents and echoes from afar. I did not understand the words, but the sound seemed to come from a majestic “big mountain.” I saw many small ghosts below who were very busy and I understood that that majestic “big mountain” was actually the King of Hell. He was so large I could not see his face or understand what he said.

As I was immersed in the scene, “whoosh,” I suddenly fell from the sky. My main consciousness had returned. I returned to my mortal body with all sorts of pain and hardship. Once again, I experienced that heart-rending pain. It hurt so much that I kept crying. I had no energy, so I kept my eyes closed. Then I heard the Dafa exercise music. I asked my daughter, “Has someone taken my recorder?” She said, “No, Mother, the fever must have made you imagine things. No one touched it. Are you alright?” Saying that, she put the recorder in front of me.

I struggled with all my might to open my eyes. I seemed to have seen Master who was saying, “Get up, get up, it is time to do the exercises.”After that, I really heard Master’s voice. With every ounce of energy I had left, I struggled to stand up. Once I turned on the recorder, I heard Master’s instructions accompanied by the music, so I did the exercises. The pain gradually disappeared!

After two hours, I finally finished doing the exercises that were supposed to take only an hour. I was sweating. I felt that my body was gaining strength. I touched my body and it actually no longer ached. It was really comfortable. I had such gratitude for what Master had done. No words can describe my feelings at that time. Benevolent great Master gave me a new lease on life.

Master said:

“...at the time of death they had no sense of fear, and to the contrary, they had a feeling of liberation and a sense of excitement. Some described being suddenly freed from the bonds of their bodies and enjoying the incredible experience of floating about freely, and seeing their own bodies below while doing so. And some described seeing otherworldly beings in other dimensions, while some told of traveling to otherworldly places. In all cases they described how at the moment of death they became free of pain and experienced a sense of joy over the freedom they suddenly felt. This suggests that the human body is an instrument of suffering, only we don’t realize it since we were all born into the world the same way.” (The Ninth Talk, Zhuan Falun)

Yes, I felt that very light and painless feeling. It was so wonderful and so comfortable. I also learned the solemness of cultivation.

Master also said,

“My spiritual bodies are all-powerful and all-knowing, and know even your thoughts. But they will not look after you if you aren’t someone who practices. For those of you who do practice, however, help will be provided straight through to the finish.” (The Fourth Talk, Zhuan Falun)

I thus became even more steadfast in my belief in Master and Dafa. All that pain and hardship that I was suffering was actually repaying the countless debts I owed from my previous lifetimes. Without Master, I would not have been able to extend my lifespan, much less escape from the hardships of reincarnation.

Through this near-death experience, I experienced I have really been saved by Master from Hell. Master gave me a Falun and cleansed my body. Who knows how much pain and hardship Master had to go through to help me get rid of my karma! How can I not be grateful? There is no way that I can repay Master’s benevolence, but I can cultivate diligently.

Strengthening My Righteous Thoughts

I used to go to the Akihabara tourist attraction to clarify the truth every Saturday and Sunday. Once, I was in the middle of eliminating karma and coughing badly. I realized that this was persecution and I definitely could not let the old forces interfere with my saving sentient beings. Master does not acknowledge the old forces, so I must also reject them. After being clear in my understanding of the Fa principles, I was determined to clarify the truth the next weekend.

When the weekend arrived, I loaded the newspapers in my bicycle basket to head out. As I walked out of the lift and lobby entrance and got on my bicycle, it turned 180 degrees and I fell off. Before I could react, I landed on the floor. I thought, “Old forces, you are so ruthless. You do not want to let me save people and clarify the truth. I am the great Buddha’s disciple, so I must go, and you cannot interfere.” After that, I recited the formula for sending forth righteous thoughts

I pushed the bicycle out of the lobby entrance. When I climbed onto the bicycle I felt that one of my legs was numb, which was followed by excruciating pain. What should I do? I thought that I definitely could not allow the old forces’ arrangements to interfere with me. I begged Master for help. I thought, “I am a Dafa practitioner of the Fa-rectification period. As long as I am still alive, I must do what Master wants us to do.”

On the surface, it looked as though I was walking the bicycle. In actuality, the bike was my walking stick. My leg hurt more and more and I was sweating. I finally reached the site around one p.m. As my leg hurt so much, I stayed for a while and then went home.

The next day was a Monday and I had to be on duty at the embassy. What should I do? Go, I must go. After my family members left the house, I left, too. However, my leg really hurt. By the time I reached the embassy, it was already five p.m. and the other practitioners had all left long ago, so I walked home. By the time I reached home, it was after 8 p.m. The next day, I asked myself, “Do I still go?” Go, I must still go! As I walked very slowly, by the time I reached there, I was still late and I did not meet any practitioners. Everyone had already gone home again. The policeman on duty in front of the embassy seemed to feel sad for me, too. He looked at me and shook his head.

I limped my way there every day and limped back home. Every step was so difficult and so painful. I thought to myself, “Old forces, you want me to collapse? Who do you think I am?! I am the Lord Buddha’s disciple. Why would I be scared by this pain? I have Master, and I only do what Master wants us to do.”

By Thursday I finally met up with the other practitioners. However, it was already the time for the last session of sending forth righteous thoughts. I recited the formula to send forth righteous thoughts quietly in my heart and at that moment, I felt a pair of big hands rub my painful leg lightly. I clearly heard the sounds that were produced by the bone in my leg and in five minutes, that pair of big hands disappeared and my leg no longer hurt! Not only did it not hurt, but I also did not feel tired anymore. That leg felt so free and relaxed, as though it could not feel any gravity. I cried. I knew that Master had treated my leg for me!

Master said,

“...When disciples have ample righteous thoughtsMaster has the power to turn back the tide”(“The Master-Disciple Bond,” Hong Yin II)

I placed my palms together in the heshi gesture and said, “Thank you, Master.”

The other practitioners looked at me as I cried my heart out—they did not know what had happened. I told them what I had experienced over the past few days. I also told them that my leg had truly recovered. I was thankful to Master for his benevolent protection, so I cried. They did not quite believe it, so I said, “See.” And I raised my leg and walked forward with big steps. They all witnessed the power of Dafa and Master’s compassion. Everyone felt happy and encouraged.

Every bit of my maturing in my cultivation is all due to Master’s benevolence and great sacrifice. No words can describe my gratitude to Master. I can only make use of my new lease on life that Dafa has bestowed upon me to prove to everyone in the world a universal law that will not change over time: Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good! Falun Dafa is good!

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