(Minghui.org) Several practitioners I know have either been persecuted or lost their lives due to the old forces taking advantage of their loophole in cultivation: harboring resentment. I would like to share a few examples to bring attention to this attachment.

Jin (alias) has been practicing Falun Dafa for nearly 20 years. Every practitioner thought she was doing well in cultivation as she had a good temper, was filial (respectful) to her in-laws and got along fine with her family. 

Yet, she suddenly suffered severe symptoms of an illness two years ago. She was hospitalized for a long time, needed dialysis and required emergency treatment several times. She recently passed away due to a brain hemorrhage.

The practitioners couldn’t understand why Jin suddenly passed away. I was closer to her and realized she harbored strong resentment. On the surface, she was forbearing, dutiful, and respectful while balancing family life. But she held resentment in her heart. 

When a practitioner once pointed out this attachment to her, Jin cried and kept quiet. 

I recently heard from another practitioner that Jin appeared in a dream and said that she was doing well and no longer suffered. Her only regret was not handling many things well in the past.

Another practitioner, Shu (alias), also cultivated diligently. After she was released from a forced labor camp, she found out that her husband—who does not practice Dafa—had an affair. She couldn’t forgive him, and they eventually divorced. 

Yet, she couldn't let go of the resentment towards her ex-husband. She would get upset every time she thought about his affair. Over time, she suffered from symptoms of an illness. She eventually passed away while still holding onto resentment. 

Meili (alias) lost her job due to the persecution and her husband divorced her. Her son also later passed away due to an illness. She then left her hometown and lived a difficult life alone in our city for more than 10 years. 

The practitioners who knew her well shared that she couldn’t eliminate two conflicting attachments: her sentiment and resentment towards her ex-husband.

Meili has been continuously persecuted over the years. She has been detained, tortured, imprisoned at a forced labor camp, and sentenced to prison. She has spent most of her time in prison. 

She was recently beaten by Chinese Communist Party officials and taken back to her hometown. We hope that she can seriously reflect on her cultivation state, rectify herself, and walk the righteous path of cultivation.

Chen (alias) is an elderly practitioner who was repeatedly detained and persecuted several years ago. He has also suffered from symptoms of an illness and wasn’t in a good cultivation state. Although he looked within, he couldn’t get rid of his resentment. Over time, the resentment became even harder to eliminate. 

Chen once stayed with a relative who criticized him sarcastically for several hours. He kept quiet and didn’t argue with his relative but became filled with resentment for years afterward.

There are many other examples of practitioners who’ve paid a painful price for not eliminating resentment. This attachment isn’t worth holding onto as it can lead to hatred. 

Hatred is the manifestation of demon nature. The specter of communism is composed of hatred and other corrupt substances. Practitioners are on a divine path, so we shouldn’t harbor any hatred. 

In addition, there are other attachments hidden behind resentment, such as competitiveness, jealousy, unfairness, and saving face, which are characteristics of the communist specter and what practitioners need to eliminate. The old forces use the excuse of holding onto resentment to persecute practitioners.

Practitioners cultivate the Buddha Fa. The nature of Buddha is compassion. I sincerely hope that practitioners can pay attention to this issue and completely eliminate resentment.