(Minghui.org) It was just before Chinese New Year many years ago, when the persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) was at its height. Many practitioners had been arrested for their belief and many truth-clarification materials production sites were destroyed by the CCP. Police officers and CCP officials monitored practitioners frequently. Practitioners needed to cooperate with each other, expose the persecution and rescue other practitioners.

A fellow practitioner once came to see me, carrying a large bag of truth-clarifying flyers with the news that practitioners in our city were going to work together to post Dafa information that night. People in the city needed to see the truth of Falun Dafa. We needed to stop the persecution of practitioners and the detained practitioners needed to be released. 

We asked Master to strengthen our righteous thoughts and protect us on our endeavor. I could feel energy flowing through my body and joy in my heart.

It was still early in the day and many people were out walking the streets. The other practitioner said, “We could do this faster if there were fewer people on the streets.”

Almost instantly we felt a strong wind come up and the sky got dark. A heavy snow began to fall and the people on the streets went home. The practitioner I was with said, “Master must have arranged this for us, we must work quickly.”

We went out, and I held the bucket of paste while the other practitioner had the bag of flyers. Our hands were soon cold. 

We realized that we didn't have any tools with us and the paste could freeze and become useless soon. We had to use our hands to put the paste on the back of the flyers. I put on the paste and the other practitioner posted flyers on the walls. 

My cold hands began to hurt. I had to put them under my arms to warm them. We did our best to keep the bucket close to our bodies to keep it from freezing. We posted the flyers at the major intersections of the streets and alleys for the entire night until we used up all the materials. We also saw other practitioners posting in the streets.

The night turned into morning. The weather warmed and people came out again. They saw the truth-clarifying flyers everywhere and started to talk with each other about them.

The other practitioner and I were grateful to Master for everything he did for Dafa disciples. We were also happy for people to have a chance to understand the truth and be saved. We encouraged each other to always follow Master to advance diligently, save more people and live up to Master’s salvation.