(Minghui.org) Presently, time is very precious, and in order to achieve as much as I can, I try to sleep as little as possible. However, I have the notion that I must sleep for at least four hours a day and that I must sleep from 11 p.m. to 3 a.m. So I usually sleep an hour before sending forth righteous thoughts at midnight and go to sleep again after.

Master said:

“Actually, you are afraid that you don’t get enough rest. Have you ever thought of the fact that practicing cultivation is the best form of rest? You can obtain the kind of rest that can’t be obtained through sleeping. Nobody would say: “The exercises are making me so tired that I can’t do anything today.” One would only say: “The exercises are making my whole body relaxed and at ease. I don’t feel sleepy after a sleepless night. I feel full of energy. It doesn’t seem to bother me at all after a day’s work.” Isn’t this the case?” (Lecture at the First Conference in North America)

This paragraph of Fa helped me to realize that I will have more time if I do the exercises instead of sleeping after I send righteous thoughts at midnight. So I tried to go to sleep at 9:30 p.m. and then do the five sets of exercises instead of sleeping after sending righteous thoughts for 30 minutes at midnight. After doing this for two days, I didn't feel sleepy. However, I sometimes felt mentally uncomfortable due to lack of sleep. So I still thought of sleeping a little bit. This was because the notion was not yet eliminated. After finishing the exercises on the third day, I wanted to take a nap like usual. Then I remembered hearing that a fellow practitioner was doing the sitting meditation twice a day.

So I decided to believe what Master told us and eliminate my notion. I did the fifth exercise again. During the sitting exercise, I heard someone kindly tell me that my name is Wang Chun Ran and then patiently taught me to say Wang~Chun~Ran in a long voice while writing it. I realized that Master was encouraging me; I was full of confidence and happiness.

After breakfast, I sent forth righteous thoughts for 30 minutes at 6 a.m. I began to fall asleep and dream near the end. In my dream, I felt it was difficult to walk and I was too weak to lift my feet at every step. Finally, I arrived at a place and wanted to take things from the cabinet. But I was not tall enough to reach it and thus had to step on something, which was an empty cardboard box. I wondered, how could it support my weight? I was anxious and woke up. I regretted that I fell asleep. After getting up from sending righteous thoughts, I unconsciously went and laid on the bed. Then I thought I might fall asleep this way; it had happened before. I suddenly realized that Master was enlightening me in the dream; showing me that I was not determined. So I quickly got up and studied the Fa. Later, I denied and eliminated it when the illusion of feeling mentally tired appeared.

In fact, a practitioner can get everything from Dafa as long as you dare to cultivate. If you are determined to cultivate Dafa, you will get the best. We should get rid of self, break our notions, change our habits, and assimilate to the Fa in the process of cultivation. If you have good inborn enlightenment quality, you will get over things in one step. If you have poor inborn quality, you will experience more hardship and Master will worry about you more. I came to realize that Master is compassionately protecting us at every step in our cultivation.