(Minghui.org) Many non-Chinese practitioners recently joined the RTC platform’s training session. Although Chinese is not their native language, they have been clarifying the truth and encouraging Chinese people to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its youth organizations. They have done a very good job, and I am very touched by them.

Some of them learned Chinese pinyin pronunciation so they could read the scripts over the phone.

I was in the training room one day when a practitioner made a call and began to read the transcript. He was very serious about it. Even though he spoke with an accent and could not pronounce some of the words clearly, his desire to save people in China warmed my heart.

I sent forth righteous thoughts while listening to the conversation. The person in China said he was a member of the CCP, so the practitioner asked if he could use an alias “Fuhai” to quit the Party.

The man did not understand what the practitioner said, but he did not hang up either. I could hear the man talking to someone next to him. The practitioner continued to talk, but the person eventually hung up.

The practitioner did not give up. He called back and continued to clarify the truth. The man did not respond for a while and said he could not understand, and he hung up again.

The practitioner then asked if I could call the person back. I was really moved by his determination and pure heart, so I immediately made the call.

I said to the man, “A non-Chinese person just called you. His Chinese pronunciation was not so good, but his intentions were good. He wanted to know if you were willing to use the alias ‘Fuhai’ to quit the CCP.”

The man agreed, and I spent nine minutes telling him about Falun Dafa. I also suggested he remember, “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” I said many people feel blessed after saying this.

The practitioner thanked me after I finished the call. I tearfully told him that I should be the one thanking him. There are many heartwarming stories like this in the RTC training room.

Chinese practitioners grew up speaking the language. We might take it for granted and think that it’s an easy thing to do. I asked myself if I cherished the opportunity given to me. Compared to the non-Chinese speakers, have I tried my best to use my ability to speak Chinese to save the people in China? The answer is “No!” Can I use my time more efficiently to clarify the truth? The answer is “Yes!”

I work from home during the pandemic. Normally I have to start working at 9:00 a.m., but that is the best time to call China. So it would be hard to make RTC calls. But when I decided to use my time more efficiently, Master helped me, and my work schedule changed. The office clerk would call me when they needed me to work. Now, I can make RTC phone calls some mornings and still take care of work at a later time.

Thank you, Master, for watching over me!