(Minghui.org) In the Dharma Ending era, people in this degenerate society blindly follow what is deemed as popular, but little do they know that these trends can bring human society to destruction. 

Few people nowadays understand the profound connotations of gender distinction upheld by traditional beliefs, such as responsibilities for family and society, and maintaining social moral standards. Many people of the opposite sex do not understand the need to keep a proper physical distance, and the sense of etiquette when conversing with one another. Men, pretending to be women, are twisted and flirty, while women pretending to be men, swear with foul language. 

The waves of karma are rolling in human society, and people talk and act just like those in the demon world. Modern people can care less about the traditional way to handle issues among husbands and wives, and consequently, the divorce rate is high. Young people are inclined to curse, be sarcastic, ignorant and indifferent. 

In China's traditional culture, the phrase "ethics between men and women,” to a large extent, speaks of a measure between men and women, i.e. how to get along with people of the opposite sex, including relatives, friends, and coworkers, as well as how to get along between the older and younger generations of the opposite sex. 

Since ancient times, cultivators have upheld high standards regarding relationships between men and women. Here are my personal views on how Falun Dafa cultivators should handle the relationships with fellow cultivators of the opposite sex. 

Dafa Disciples Should Uphold High Moral Standards

Fa-rectification era Dafa cultivators also live in this degenerated society, but we strive to return to the land of the divine—starting from being a good person, and then constantly purify ourselves on the road of cultivation. Our genuine beliefs and pure heart positively influence people around us. On the other hand, however, if cultivators go down with the trends in human society, the situation can be very dangerous.

If a cultivator only wants to get blessings from Dafa and pursues fame and fortune in the human world, these thoughts will bring more karma and interference to his cultivation. 

Dafa cultivation is a serious matter, and the expectations for us are high. We must live up to the standard of Fa-rectification-era Dafa disciples in order to carry out our mission well.

Every Thought Needs to Be Righteous

Two cultivators of the opposite sex, if not a married couple, should not be together alone. Men and women should keep a distance. In one-on-one situations, cultivators of the same sex communicate with each other more naturally, because there is no gender taboo. If one is obsessed with individual or small group communication with fellow practitioners of the opposite sex, regardless of age, there may be some problems in the thought itself that should not be ignored. One’s human desires may also affect others and cause karma.

Cultivating in Dafa depends on oneself. One should study the Fa more if there is no one around to talk to. One can read fellow practitioners' experience sharing articles. True cultivators should be able to bear loneliness. Only ordinary people, with great attachments and desires, become passive and helpless when alone and cannot do things well just by themselves.

Self-control Reflects a Person's Morality and Enlightenment Quality

Dafa cultivators constantly cleanse evil interference in our environment and correct all that is impure, regardless of where we are. 

Traditional Chinese principles teach people not to watch indecent scenes, not to indulge in indecent chat, not to hear indecent talk, and not to get involved in indecent behaviors. 

Cultivators Should Eliminate Lust

The realm of cultivators is high, and the place of cultivation is also the purest. Therefore, we should all cherish our environment.

Cultivators should eliminate lust. We should not bring twisted and demonic behaviors to the cultivation site, otherwise it will have a destructive effect among ourselves, and the consequences would be impossible to remedy. 

Doing the three things well is the most important matter for all Dafa cultivators, and that should be our primary focus when working with one another on Dafa projects. We have an important mission, for which we have waited thousands of years. We should not let the opportunity slip by and fail to fulfill our vows that we made with Master.

Please point out anything that is inappropriate in this understanding.