(Minghui.org) The Chinese police and residential committee staff members have been harassing Falun Dafa practitioners in the past few months amidst the “zero-out” campaign, which is a coordinated effort aimed at forcing every practitioner on the government's blacklist to renounce their faith. 

Many practitioners firmly resisted the harassment and clarified the facts about Falun Dafa to the officers who harassed them. Below are two stories.

Ms. Wang Xiuyan Refuses to Take Police Survey

Ms. Wang Xiuyan is a practitioner in Weifang City, Shandong Province. On November 25, 2020, several people from the local community came to her husband and told him that they would fabricate documents claiming that Ms. Wang had renounced her faith so that she would not be arrested, but Ms. Wang must keep silent when someone from above comes to verify it. 

Five days later, Ms. Wang went to the community director and said that lying was not good for them. She clarified the facts about Falun Dafa and urged the officials not to follow the government’s persecution policy.

Another three days later, Ms. Wang's husband received several phone calls from the residential committee and justice bureau and was ordered to meet with them in the evening. 

At 9 p.m., they went to Ms. Wang's subdivision and met with her husband at the entrance. Then they demanded to talk to Ms. Wang and take her photo. Ms. Wang refused to let them go to her home, so she went out. 

A justice bureau clerk asked Ms. Wang to fill out a survey on her satisfaction with law enforcement and sign it. Ms. Wang asked, “Is the survey for every resident?” He said yes and emphasized that Falun Gong was not mentioned in the survey. He kept explaining and asking Ms. Wang to sign it.

“You can't do this. This is not right,” Ms. Wang said.

“Why? You know the real reason why we are here,” another official responded.

“You tell me why. You keep harassing me and don’t allow me to live a normal life,” Ms. Wang said. 

Both of the officials remained silent. Ms. Wang maintained that she wouldn’t take the survey. As she was talking with those two officials, one staff member of the residential committee took her photo. 

Before they left, Ms. Wang said to them, “I really hope you are well. You are still very young and have a long way to go. Don’t follow the communist regime in doing evil.” One official told her, “We will try not to come again. You can practice at home, but don't do it in public.”

Ms. Ma Guiping: “Falun Dafa Has Tremendous Effects in Eliminating Diseases”

Ms. Ma Guiping is from Baoding City, Hebei Province. Since July 2020, the authorities have been harassing her.

Four government officials came to Ms. Ma’s home again on the afternoon of November 26, 2020. Ms. Ma thought it was a good chance to tell them how wonderful Falun Dafa is.

One woman from the city government asked Ms. Ma, “Do you still practice (Falun Dafa)?”

“I used to have kidney stones. The pain was too bad to describe. Only those who have experienced it understand. Later, I was introduced to Falun Dafa by a friend who said that it could help me get rid of them. After I began practicing, my kidney stones went away and I never have them again,” Ms. Ma said to her.

“So you have benefited,” the woman smiled.

Another person from the county government said, “Simply by reading the book and doing the exercises, the disease was cured?”

“Yes, Falun Dafa has tremendous effects in eliminating diseases.”

Seeing that they were unable to persuade her, the officials left.