(Minghui.org) With the spread of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) virus around the world, many people feel terrified and helpless. As Dafa disciples, we cannot be impacted or slowed down by the pandemic and must continue to clarify the truth about Falun Dafa and save sentient beings. In fact, the time to save sentient beings is becoming more and more limited and so too are the opportunities to reach them.

Eagerly Waiting to Be Saved

As I was walking into a supermarket, I noticed a woman standing alone. I said to her quietly, “I'll tell you the secret to survive the current plague.” She looked surprised: “Is there a secret to surviving it?” When I nodded, she took my hand, dragged me to a secluded place, and said, “Please. Tell me how to save my life!”

I began, “First, remember that Falun Dafa is good and Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good. This is the highest truth that saves the world, and only this Dafa can save people now. Second, quitting the CCP and its affiliated organizations can keep you safe. Don't associate with the wicked CCP because heaven wants to eliminate it. Following only heaven's will can keep you safe.”

She asked, “How can I quit?” I said I could help her quit and told her to recite the two auspicious phrases “Falun Dafa is good” and “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” She nodded repeatedly and let out a sigh of joy. Then I told her to tell her family and those she was in contact with about these life-saving secrets so they could all be saved. She promised and invited me to her house. I politely declined.

Another day, as I was walking by the gate of a nearby community, an elderly couple walked out. I greeted the woman and said: “Let me show you a book!” Before she could speak, the man broke in and asked, “What book?” The woman said, “He loves to read.” I said, “You'll have a good book this time, and you can be saved if you understand it!” So I gave him a booklet titled Understand.

He asked me what else I had and I gave him a copy of a booklet titled The Stone with the Hidden Characters in Guizhou and several leaflets. I told him to pass them on after he read them. He nodded while holding everything like a treasure.

The woman asked what I was doing and I said, “Saving people!” Then I told them in detail about the secret to preserving their lives, and they made the three withdrawals (withdrawing from the CCP, the Youth League, and/or the Young Pioneers).

The man was a Party member and the woman was a Youth League member. The man smiled and the woman grabbed my hand and said, “Why are you so good? You should stay home during this pandemic, but you still come out to save people. You have a good heart. How can I thank you?”

“Don't thank me. All Falun Gong practitioners are good people. They are taught by Dafa's Master Li Hongzhi. Thank him!” She held my hand and wouldn't let it go as she thanked me again. I said, “There are still many people who have not been saved. If you tell this truth to people you know, we can save more people. Now you have something to do!” The couple thanked me again as they walked away. All sentient beings are eagerly looking forward to being saved. We really need to step up our pace of saving people!

People Are Willing to Quit after Understanding the Truth

As the community opened after being closed due to the pandemic, visitors started to come to the local park. I occasionally went there to clarify the facts.

On my way there, I met a man in his 50s and gave him a Dafa brochure. He said he knew about Falun Dafa and that his cousin was a soldier who practiced Falun Dafa.

In 2000, his cousin went to Beijing and was arrested. His cousin's elder brother was the local police chief, so his cousin was released after he returned from Beijing. I learned that his cousin was still practicing Falun Dafa and inquired, “He didn't tell you about quitting the Party?”

“He did. But I don't believe that.” “It's a pity,” I replied. “Your cousin is such a good person, why don't you listen to him? Would he lie to you?” He said, “Actually, Falun Dafa is his personal belief, and no one should interfere. But I don't participate in politics!”

It turned out that he regarded the “three withdrawals” as participating in politics. I explained, “This is not about participating in politics. Dafa's Master Li specifically said, ‘A cultivator does not need to mind the affairs of the human world, let alone get involved in political struggles.’ (“Cultivation Practice is Not Political” in Essentials for Further Advancement)

“We are a cultivation practice of the Buddha School. Because Falun Dafa is so amazing, all my health problems, including heart disease, rheumatism, severe neurasthenia, and breast hyperplasia went away less than four months after I began practicing. After seeing that, many people joined me to practice Falun Dafa.”

I also told him about the CCP's history of killing people, and I especially told him about their harvesting organs from imprisoned Falun Dafa practitioners while they're still alive, which is an evil that has never occurred on this planet before.

I continued: “The CCP couldn't find fault with Falun Dafa, so it staged the 'Tiananmen Self-immolation' hoax to deceive people all over China and provoke people to hate practitioners. Because I went out to clarify the truth to people and told them how to save themselves, I was arrested three times, detained twice, and sentenced to five years in prison. Because the CCP has done such horrific things, heaven is going to eliminate it.”

I also mentioned the discovery of the hidden Chinese characters “Chinese Communist Party Will Be Eliminated” on the stone in Guizhou Province. In addressing his comment about getting political, I said, “The CCP has basically kidnapped everyone in China by bringing them into the Party as a CCP member, a Youth League member, or a Young Pioneer.

“A person must swear an oath to the Party when he or she joins its organizations. The Buddha Fa is compassionate, and Master Li asks us to save people as soon as possible. So one must quit the CCP and not associate with it to gain a safe future. This is why it is necessary to quit its organizations. This is by no means participating in politics but telling people how to save themselves.”

After he understood, he agreed to use a pseudonym to withdraw from the CCP. I handed him an amulet and told him how reciting the auspicious phrases and quitting the CCP was the secret to life. I also gave him a copy of software that would allow him to circumvent the Internet firewall and suggested that he see what's going on outside of China.

Afterward, he acted as if he had just awakened from a deep sleep. We walked up to the gate of a community, and he said that was where he lived. Before I left, I said, “Tell everyone around you what you know. Let them all be saved.” He nodded, “Thank you.” I said, “Thank Dafa's Master. You will understand all of this in the future!” I was really relieved to see that a life was truly saved.

The Truth Can Remove the Toxins Instilled by the CCP

While walking on an overpass, I said to a man passing by, “Excuse me. I’d like to show you a good book.” He didn't say a word, just stopped and looked around. I said, “The CCP's persecution has had a terrible impact on people’s hearts. You are scared just to hear about it.” He asked, “Where did you retire from?” Having heard this from others before, I replied, “You mean to say that I spend the CCP's money, but I'm against the CCP. Right?”

“Isn't it the case?” he asked. “Of course not,” I replied. “I earned my money by doing my job. Where does the CCP get its money? The CCP does not do farming or labor. Doesn't that money belong to us? Think about it. Isn’t that true?”

He moved his mouth but he didn’t make a sound. I continued, “How many senior government officials have deposits in foreign banks? Where does their money come from? Isn’t it all from the people? Isn’t that a problem with the CCP’s system?

“Those countries without a Communist Party system: Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, the United States, etc., don't they live better than we do in China? Do you have even a little freedom or any human rights? If you want to say something, you have to look to see if there is anyone next to you.

“The CCP has never done anything good. From the Cultural Revolution to the June 4th student massacre to the persecution of Falun Gong and the crime of harvesting organs from practitioners, it has killed countless numbers of our people! Even in the current pandemic, the CCP dares to lie and conceal the truth, leading to its global spread. Its hands are stained with blood!

“Heaven is going to weed out the CCP. Dafa's Master is compassionate and wants to save sentient beings. That's why I am telling you how to save yourself: quit the CCP to gain a safe future.” He smiled and agreed to quit. I then gave him software that could help him to circumvent the Internet firewall.

As I was talking, a woman behind me screamed, “What are you doing?” I looked back and saw a woman in her 30s on a motorcycle. She seemed angry, with her eyes wide open. The man said she was his daughter. I calmly said to her, “The plague is spreading. I'm telling your father the secret to saving one's life.” Her expression turned from anger to surprise: “The secret to saving one's life? Is there one?” I replied, “Yes, for sure!” After I told her the facts, she agreed to withdraw from the Youth League.

By clarifying the truth to people, I’ve realized it is very important to try to identify the knot in the person's heart and focus on that. That way, not only will the person be truly saved, but he or she will also be able to relay the truth to their family and friends. For example, after a colleague understood the truth, he hurried back to his hometown during winter vacation and returned with a list of 17 people who made the three withdrawals.

My journey of clarifying the truth has been a lot like a monk wandering around in society. I have met all kinds of people. Although it is difficult and tiring, I am happy because I have the greatest Master, and I am doing the most righteous thing in the universe!