(Minghui.org) I'd like to remind fellow practitioners to refrain from inadvertently talking as if we have mastered the truth of the cosmos – this will not only keep people away from us, but also generate a misunderstanding of or even resistance to Falun Dafa.

Dafa practitioners are able to know, understand, and realize the direction and trend of the universe, not because we are capable of coming to such understandings on our own, but because we have received revelation and guidance from Master.

Talking to people in a humble and sensible way is what makes us approachable. Whether we post comments on social media or talk to people in person, we cannot always draw conclusions and express our opinion in an absolute manner. Such communication style lacks persuasiveness and prevents people from understanding us or agreeing with us.

In scientific research, after a new idea is proposed, it often takes years for people to study and accept it. As cultivators, we know that it always takes a process to establish anything in the world.

In retrospect, Master's teachings were also delivered from shallow to deep, even according to different people's abilities to accept them. We should also follow this approach in the process of clarifying the truth. We should allow people to have a gradual process of understanding.

This is just my perspective, and please kindly point out shortcomings.