(Minghui.org) 2020 has been an extraordinary year. Guided by Master Li Hongzhi's teachings, practitioners went through a year of great changes while assisting Master in Fa rectification, saving sentient beings, and cultivating solidly. Practitioners in Melbourne express their gratitude and send New Year greetings to Master. They thank Master for giving them the best, will strive to do better in the New Year. and will not let Master down.

Falun Dafa practitioners in Melbourne wish Master Happy New Year.

Elderly Practitioner Feels Extremely Blessed

Ms. Wu, 84, has been practicing Falun Dafa for eight years. She said she never dreamed she would obtain the Fa at such an old age and she is deeply grateful for Master’s compassionate salvation.

“I began to practice Dafa in Melbourne in June 2012. I went to the U.S. four times to attend the international Fa conferences and listen to Master lecture. This is the greatest blessing in my life. Not only did Master purify my body, I also understood many profound principles.

“After I began practicing, I no longer needed medicine because I’m in great health. I can hear and see just fine, I walk swiftly, and my mind is agile. I have a great memory as well. My son and daughter-in-law say that I have not aged. My grandson said my memory is better than his.”

Besides doing the exercises at a practice site on the weekends, Ms. Wu usually does the sitting meditation for an hour and a half and the four standing exercises for an hour and a half every morning. After that, she reads the teachings and sends righteous thoughts. At night, after studying the Fa with other practitioners on the Internet, she uses two phones to call China to clarify the truth. She also goes to the library once a week to hand out information and collect signatures on the petition to stop the persecution in China. She can easily climb up and down the steep library steps. She said with pride, “The other practitioners say I walk briskly and that I don’t look like someone in my 80s.”

Ms. Wu said she has had many amazing experiences in the eight years she has practiced and shared one of them. After practicing for one month, she could only do the sitting meditation with one leg crossed. She asked Master for help and she could then sit with both legs crossed. She resolved not to put down her legs before the exercise music stopped. She did it for an hour. She said, “When the pain became unbearable, I recited Master’s words: ‘When it’s difficult to endure, you can endure it. When it’s impossible to do, you can do it.’ I can now do the sitting meditation for an hour and a half every day and my legs don’t hurt at all. I can also get up easily at the end without any pain.

“I thank Master for giving me so much. I must practice cultivation solidly and save more people.”

Ms. Wu (right), who is 84 this year, and Trang (left), a student from Vietnam who has been practicing for a few months, wish Master Li Happy New Year.

University Student's Depression Gone after Practicing Falun Dafa

Trang is an undergraduate from Vietnam and is studying interactive media at Melbourne University. Although she's only practiced Falun Dafa for two months, she said it seems like a lifetime because she feels reborn.

Trang said she suffered from severe depression and other health problems. She had acne on her face for over a decade, severe hay fever, migraine headaches, deteriorating eyesight caused by a car accident, and so on. She said, “I felt I was a very unlucky person. Sometimes, I could not even move my limbs to get out of bed. I felt as if I’d lost my ability to think. Without any warning, I would lapse into a state of depression and I could not do anything for a week.

“As my depression worsened, I stepped up my fitness regime. I did martial arts and yoga diligently, hoping they would make me more positive and help me get rid of my depression. However, my condition deteriorated instead.

“I did not tell anyone about my depression. Three months ago, I told a friend who practices Falun Dafa about it. She immediately gave me the book Zhuan Falun and told me she was sure this would help me.” Trang began to read the book. She kept crying while she read even though she did not understand what she was reading. For several days, she couldn’t sleep at night because she kept seeing a dazzling light. Whether she opened or shut her eyes, the room was filled with a bright light. She did not feel tired the next morning even though she hadn’t slept.

She finally understood what Master’s teachings were about after reading Zhuan Falun the second time. She began to do the exercises and read Master’s teachings every day. After that, she went through a complete transformation, from her body to her temperament. “I apologized to those I’d hurt in the past. Now, I can talk to my parents calmly. I apologized to them for things I did wrong in the past. I became more patient and tranquil. I can listen to what people say instead of interrupting and arguing with them. I stopped being jealous of others. Consequently, conflicts with family members disappeared and the environment at home has become very harmonious,” she said.

“I no longer feel empty inside because I finally found the answer to the purpose of life. Amazing things happened one after another. I know we shouldn’t seek to cure illness in practicing Dafa, so right from the beginning, I didn’t think about my illness. But wonderful things happened afterward.

“My face was covered in acne for more than a decade. I took many medications but nothing worked. Now my acne is all gone. The wrinkles on my face have vanished, too. My face has become bright because my heart is filled with joy now. I no longer have depression and allergies. My hay fever was very bad in the past, but now it is much lighter. My eyes are no longer swollen, red, or itchy.”

She said, “I may have been practicing for only two months, but the physical transformation I went through after my moral values improved is astonishing. I feel as if I have gone through a long journey. Words cannot describe my inner excitement. I am very grateful to Master for the opportunity to cultivate. I will be diligent and walk on the path back to my origin steadfastly.”

Practitioners of Different Ethnic Groups Express Their Gratitude to Master

Rebel Jom is in charge of a practice site in the city. She wishes Master Li Happy New Year.

Rebel and her husband Henry Jom look after a practice site in the city. When the CCP virus broke out this year, even when restrictions were the tightest, they did not stop doing the exercises at the practice site on weekends.

Rebel said, “Since I obtained the Fa, I have enjoyed better health, more energy, and, importantly, I have learned to be less selfish and to think of others first. At this historic time when the world’s morals are rapidly declining, I am grateful to be guided by the universe’s true Fa.

“I’d like to offer my immense gratitude to Master Li for his sacrifices and I hope more people can benefit from the Great Way. I’d like to wish Master a very Happy New Year!”

Henry said, “I thank Master from the bottom of my heart for teaching us the true principles of the universe—Zhen, Shan, Ren [Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance]—and for guiding us along a righteous path at a time when society’s morals are declining. By applying the Fa in all areas of my life, I have experienced both positive and lasting benefits to my mental and physical state. I want to wish Master a Happy New Year!”

Heidi, a young Vietnamese practitioner, and her family wish Master Happy New Year.

Heidi, a young Vietnamese practitioner, thanked Master and said, “I’m overjoyed and honored to be a Dafa practitioner. Thanks to Master’s protection and his blessings, I recently gave birth to my first child, a daughter. Everything went smoothly in my pregnancy, delivery, and recovery. As a new mother, I’ve endured many hardships in the past few months. I regard these as opportunities to improve in cultivation. On behalf of my entire family, I would like to send my greetings to our benevolent Master on the occasion of the New Year. Thank you, Master, for showing me the true cultivation way.”

Practitioners at Truth Clarification Sites Thank Master for His Grace

Three practitioners from the truth-clarification site in Melbourne’s Chinatown sent heartfelt messages to Master on the occasion of the New Year. Li Yin said, “I wish Master Happy New Year and thank him for his compassionate salvation. Practitioners have continued to go to Chinatown to tell people about the beauty of Falun Dafa despite the CCP virus.”

Practitioners from truth-clarification sites in Chinatown, the library, and Melbourne City Square, as well as practice sites in the city, wish Master Happy New Year.

Hao, a young practitioner, said, “After the Chinese Communist Party began to suppress Falun Dafa in China, my family members were persecuted repeatedly and endured many hardships. However, the greatest thing that happened to me is that I began to practice Falun Dafa when I was 10. Over the past 22 years, the teachings have offered guidance when I was faced with different choices, temptations, and especially when I experienced challenges. My soul is cleansed by Master’s virtuous teachings. The environment around me has changed for the better because of the elevation of my moral character. Friends and family members care for one another, and co-workers get along well. I thank Master for teaching me to follow the principles of Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance in everyday life. People around me have also felt the beauty of Dafa. Thank you, Master. Happy New Year!”

Wang Jiajing said, “Thank you, Master, and I wish you a Happy New Year! In the years since I have been practicing Dafa, you’ve protected me in many dangerous situations. I have many attachments to overcome. Master, you are always beside me, taking care of me and encouraging me to do the three things. You also helped fulfill a wish I had for a long time, that is, my grandsons became practitioners when they came to visit me in Australia. Thank you, Master! I will not let you down in my cultivation from now on. I will be more diligent and save more people.”

Xiong Qi and Yang Chunsen, practitioners from the truth-clarification site at the state library, said, “Thank you, Master, for always protecting us. We know that only by cultivating solidly are we able to do the three things well and save more people. We wish revered Master a Happy New Year!”

Zhuo Ya, a practitioner from the truth-clarification site at Melbourne City Square, said, “I suffered from the after-effects of an injury before I took up Falun Dafa. For three years, I was not able to eat normally. I had to sip liquid nutrition through a straw. I relied on painkillers for temporary relief. I kept losing weight and got weaker and weaker. On top of that, I was tortured by an illness that no medicine could treat. I thought I would rather die than live like that. I began to practice Falun Dafa at the end of 1994 and immediately experienced how extraordinary the practice is. In just three months, my body recovered completely and my health had never been better. Thank you, Master, for your compassionate salvation. I cherish this opportunity to cultivate. I am determined to do well on the final leg of my cultivation path, assisting Master in Fa-rectification and saving sentient beings.”