(Minghui.org) I want to share my recent experience of calling people in China to clarify the truth on the RTC platform.

I called high-ranking Chinese Communist Party (CCP) officials of the central government in Beijing. I realized that compassionate Master does not want to give up on these people and that he has given them another chance to be saved.

I thought about how to clarify the truth to them with my heart because my usual approach may not work. These officials have lots of resources to access all kinds of information. I assumed they knew more about the CCP’s corruption than I did. How could I save them and help them make the right choice?

I wanted to open the topic from their interests. Most Chinese people believe in Fengshui and good fortune, so I decided to start with astrology.

I recently watched a video about a famous astrologer who predicted the historic events that human beings would face. I wanted to use this topic to help them to make the right choice.

I started the conversation with, “We Chinese have always believed in astrology. According to astrology, the year of Geng Zi (2020) is one of disaster, and the last lunar month will be the most dangerous. The pandemic may become a worldwide catastrophe. Many people are quitting the Party to distance themselves from it. They don't want to be held accountable for its crimes. When you joined the CCP, you vowed to give your life for it. Why should we give our lives for it? Can I give you a good nickname and help you quit the CCP? I want you to survive and stay safe.” If the person agreed, I told them about Falun Dafa. The first day I phoned, four people quit the CCP. The next day, two quit.

The answer rate was quite high. Most people were polite. Some of them listened to me for one to five minutes. One listened for 13 minutes. Most people thanked me. Some wrote down how to circumvent the Internet firewall. Some said they would pass the information to their family members.

I realized there are good people among the high-ranking CCP officials. No matter who they are, Master gives them a chance to be saved.

My experience is to focus on the other person's positive side. We should think from other people’s perspectives. People are all different, so we should use different ways to clarify the truth. Sometimes we want the other party to listen, so we do not care about their feelings and continue to talk. We should be considerate of other people and try to understand their questions. I think what can save a person is untying the knot in his heart, not how much or how well we talk. In fact, sometimes one sentence can open the knot that prevents people from accepting the truth.

At the same time, since these people are high-ranking officials, they are very cautious about their personal information. In this case, I do not mention their personal information to make them feel safe.

I hope my experience can be helpful and hope we can save more people in the limited time left.