(Minghui.org) My mom is a Falun Dafa practitioner. Under her influence, both my sister and I started to practice. Now, my two sons are little practitioners as well. I would like to share a few stories of Dafa’s positive effects on our family.

Health Benefits

When I was very young, my mom suffered a strange illness. Doctors could not diagnose it, so they did not know how to treat her. She had discomfort all over her body to the point that she could not walk. An aunt introduced my mom to Falun Dafa and a week after starting the practice, she completely recovered and was walking normally!

One time, I saw that mom was going to another practitioner’s home for group Fa-study, so I asked her to read the Fa to me. When my great uncle, who is also a practitioner, heard I wanted mom to read the Fa to me, he recommended that I give Falun Dafa a try. That was how I became a little practitioner.

Growing up, I got sick often. After learning Dafa, my health improved so much that I no longer needed to go to the hospital. During the few times I did not feel well, however, I knew Master Li Hongzhi (the founder) was cleansing my body.

One time while I was doing the exercises with mom, I saw a circular thing spinning around the room. Mom told me it was a Falun (Buddhist law wheel). I want to thank Master for letting me see such a beautiful sight.

I once rode in the back of my mom's motorcycle. We collided with a pedicab. The situation was just like that described in Zhuan Falun. We were not scared or injured and knew Master was protecting us.

Straying Away from My Path

In my teenage years, I didn’t understand how precious cultivation is. My Fa-study and doing the exercises started slacking. It got worse after I left home for school. The only time I did any Fa-study and exercises in those years was when I went home for breaks. As a result, my xinxing did not improve much.

After starting work, my thoughts and actions were selfish. Personal gain became my priority. Sometimes I was worse than an ordinary person!

Fortunately, Master Li did not give up on me, and I found my way back to cultivation. My husband was against me practicing initially, but changed his opinion after seeing the positive changes in me.

The Story of My Eldest Son

My eldest son was born with muscular dystrophy. Doctors said he would walk late and, if his condition got worse, he may not be able to walk at all. I was dumbfounded and didn’t know what to do. How could something like this happen to me?

Other practitioners said to me: “It will be alright, we have Master!” When I was pregnant, practitioners were calling my unborn child “little Dafa disciple.” It became clear to me that I have Dafa and compassionate Master, so the child would be fine.

I then understood my mission: Master placed the child in my family for a reason. He wanted me to return to cultivation. Fighting among ordinary people would only bring me more karma and hardship.

I became a full-time mom. My son and I studied the Fa together every day. He met every milestone and was walking by 11 months. We followed the path laid out by Master, and my son grew up healthy.

After he turned one, I showed my son how to do the gesture of heshi (to show respect), conjoining the hands, and sitting in the lotus position. One time, we were listening to young practitioners’ experience sharing on the Minghui website, and my son did heshi to pay his respect to the speaker. He was not talking yet, but understood everything!

My son often played next to me when I read the Fa. He gestured for me to turn to the page that has the picture of the Falun, which always made him smile. We were showered under Master’s compassion. What a wonderful feeling!

When I was pregnant with my second child, we were in the middle of the Wuhan virus pandemic. I could not go for prenatal checkups. So when I had discomfort, I relied on asking Master for support.

My father-in-law came to help after I gave birth. One day, he took my older son out to the market, and they brought home a Falun Dafa pamphlet. “This is so precious, you must read it,” I said to my son. While looking at the pamphlet with him, I told him more about the persecution.

My husband knows Dafa is good, and that Master is protecting our family. He has read some pamphlets and always carries a Falun Dafa amulet with him.

I want to thank Master again for his compassionate salvation.