(Minghui.org) I am an eighty-eight-year-old Falun Dafa practitioner. Before I began practicing, I suffered from many debilitating chronic diseases, including rheumatoid arthritis, severe psoriasis, congenital kidney disease, insomnia, astigmatism and chronic toothaches. I tried all kinds of medical therapies, traditional remedies and various qigong practices—none of them helped. In 1997, I was fortunate enough to learn about Falun Dafa. Soon after I began practicing, all of my illnesses were gone.

In July 1999, the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) began to persecute Falun Dafa and its practitioners. Faced with unbearable pressure from multiple fronts, I signed a declaration letter against my will, renouncing my status as a Falun Dafa cultivator. As a result, I suffered a relapse of my old illnesses and had hellish nightmares night after night.

Recognizing my mistake, I wrote a solemn statement to retract my earlier declaration and started practicing Falun Dafa again. Now, I seize every opportunity to clarify the facts. I tell everyone I meet about Dafa and I distribute truth-clarification materials. As a result, my family and employers came under intense pressure from the authorities. I was often arrested and illegally detained for up to three to four days each time. My worried family pressured me to limit my activities and closely monitored me. During the CCP virus (coronavirus) epidemic, family members even confiscated my house key, attempting to confine me at home.

Adjusting My Mindset

Forgetting the principles of the Fa, I resorted to the CCP culture approach to counter any resistance I met. During the epidemic, I argued with my family using words and actions not befitting a Dafa practitioner. Gradually, illness symptoms began manifesting on my body. My entire body leaned to the right. My shoulders retracted inwards while my mind started to feel confused and unclear. Two swollen lumps, as big as egg yolks, appeared on my neck while my stomach became swollen and painful. I was unable to stand up straight, my skin started peeling badly, discharge oozed from my ears, while my finger and toe joints became swollen, bent and deformed.

After I repeatedly begged them, my family finally agreed to let fellow practitioners visit. These sharing sessions with fellow practitioners broadened my view and helped me to gain a clearer understanding of Master's requirements. I started regretting my selfish thoughts and actions. By failing to be considerate of others, I failed to uphold the principles of the Fa. As a result, not only did I fail to convince my family of the goodness of Dafa, my actions caused my family to continually disrespect Dafa. After a couple of Fa study and sharing sessions with fellow practitioners, I managed to correct my mindset and the grievances in my heart vanished.

What followed was nothing short of a miracle. Master quickly resolved all my illness symptoms. Within three months, my health was restored, and I felt reborn. Each day, I felt some form of improvement, whether my head, body, limbs, bones or even the skin on my face. Throughout the process I saw through my third eye that Master’s Law Bodies were smiling at me. I joyfully bowed to Master in thanks!

To document my recovery, fellow practitioners recorded more than ten videos. Even I felt amazed to see my progress! My body felt wrapped in a field of energy. When the bones in my hands and feet were corrected, I could hear the sounds as they were straightened. The fog in my mind vanished and my thoughts became clear. My hearing and vision were restored to normal. My body was straightened and the two growths on my neck shrank and disappeared. The discharge vanished from my ears while my stomach shrank back to normal. My figure became slim. Even the age spots on my hands vanished and my hands now look youthful.

My family was overjoyed to see my health rapidly recover. They forgave my past actions and started giving thanks to Falun Dafa! I was overjoyed to see their change in mindset. In the past, my family rebuffed me whenever I invited them to practice Falun Dafa. After this incident, they became interested. My daughter learned the first four sets of exercises.

Master had previously resolved my illness. In 2014, I couldn't eat. My abdomen became black and swollen, and I vomited large amounts of blood. My family forced me to visit the hospital. The doctor said, “There are holes all over her stomach and surgery is needed to treat her condition.” I knew these symptoms were all an illusion and told my family, “Visiting the hospital is already a mistake. I will not make it worse by undergoing surgery.” My family acquiesced but demanded that I take the expensive medications.

The medication made my condition worse, so I pretended to take it in front of my family, but I spat it out later. One day, my little grandson told me, “You don’t need to take any more medication. Falun Dafa’s Master told me that he will perform an operation on you in November.” Master’s message, conveyed through my young grandson, bolstered my determination. On November 18, I dreamt that Master performed an operation on my body. Master cut and removed pieces of black substance from my kidney and stomach. He repaired the holes in my organs and replaced one of my kidneys. I quickly thanked Master.

The following day, I awoke to find myself truly recovered. I told my family the truth—that I had not been taking the medication. Deeply deceived by the CCP’s lies, my family ignored this miracle. My recent recovery has now changed their minds.

I sincerely hope that fellow practitioners will learn from my experience, and study and learn the Fa well in order to avoid making mistakes. Clearly understand the goal of cultivation and do not let Master down!