(Minghui.org) I am 73 years old. I started to practice Falun Dafa at the end of November 1999. Although I haven't always traveled my cultivation path smoothly, I have been firm in my belief thanks to Master’s protection and Dafa’s guidance. Thank you, Master, for your boundless compassion and salvation!

Saving People During the Pandemic

The CCP virus (coronavirus) spread in my city this year even though it was not as bad as in other cities. It created obstacles for local practitioners to save sentient beings during the lockdown period. The practitioners in my Fa-study group continued distributing truth-clarification materials, clarifying the truth to people face to face and persuading them to withdraw from the CCP and its affiliated organizations so that more people could be saved. 

Local practitioners learned from the Minghui website that the CCP virus spread throughout China. We realized that we were at a crucial time in which we were racing against the old forces to save sentient beings and that this was a serious test for practitioners who had to treat it seriously and rationally. 

When the CCP virus intensified, people didn’t know how to handle it and didn’t have a way to avoid it. People were more open to receiving information about Falun Dafa and quitting their memberships in the CCP and its affiliated organizations. We knew we needed to cultivate ourselves well and keep up with the Fa requirements so we could save more sentient beings. 

Due to the strict lockdown, practitioners did what they should do according to their circumstances. We shared with each other when picking up the truth-clarification materials. 

I studied the Fa for five hours and sent forth righteous thoughts four times every day. I got up at 3 a.m. and did the exercises. Afterwards, I went out to distribute materials and clarified the truth to people when the guards at the gate were off duty. 

There were not many people on the streets. But the ones I clarified the truth to all agreed to withdraw from the CCP. I normally helped several people or over ten people at the most withdraw from the CCP every day. Sometimes I stayed out for a longer time and the guards were back on duty. I would buy some vegetables so the guards would assume I was out shopping. They just checked my temperature or registered me and let me go inside. It all depended on a practitioner's cultivation state whether or not they could continue going out during the lockdown period. 

During the lockdown period, I usually went to the market, the city center or the squares to give out fliers and talked to people face to face about withdrawing from the CCP. On average I helped 40 to 70 people withdraw from the CCP each week. 

During the lockdown period, I normally clarified the truth to people from the property management companies who got passes to various residential areas, the guards on duty and people going shopping. They were more willing to listen and accept the truth than before and more people were willing to withdraw from the CCP. 

I had seven days off during the Chinese New Year. On Chinese New Year’s Eve, I helped over ten people withdraw from the CCP. In the seven days nearly 60 people agreed to quit the CCP. After I went back to work, I had more opportunities to approach people, so I clarified the truth to them. 

Do Everyday Job Well and Save More People

I still work in a property management company even though I'm old enough to retire. I have tried to resign several times. My boss always refused my resignation and persuaded me to stay. I presented my resignation letter to the general manager in August this year. He read Zhuan Falun before and withdrew from the CCP. 

“You are quite healthy and do the work very well,” he said. “You have expertise and valuable experience. Please continue helping me. Old age is not a problem for you. You are able to work no matter how old you are.”

The deputy CFO also said, “Don’t you often tell us that one should be considerate of other people? Our company employs over 1000 people and many of them are their family's sole financial support. We will cause a social problem if we don’t do well. You cannot leave. Where can we find people like you if you leave?”

For practicing Falun Dafa, I was detained, sent to the forced labor camp and the brainwashing center. I was illegally detained for more than 5 years. I was released 8 years ago and looked for job for quite a while. No organization dared to hire me when they learned that I was imprisoned for practicing Falun Dafa. I went to the 610 Office and the community center for a job. The community center Party secretary introduced me to this property management company. 

The board director of the company was a capable lady in her forties. Her husband was a deputy captain of a police team in charge of traffic. They were not against Falun Dafa and had withdrawn from the CCP. They didn’t say anything bad about Falun Dafa or about me in the past 8 years. The company was one of the top 100 property management companies in 2018.

Our local board director was promoted to be the provincial board director. The department I was in charge of got an “Excellence” award every year. I was awarded “Excellent Worker” for 8 years. 

In the first three months I was so busy with the work at the company that I didn’t have time to do the three things. So I resigned. Three months later the board director asked me to come back and provided me with three offers.

Either I could be the project manager with a salary of 3500 yuan per month or deputy general manager with a salary of 5000 yuan each month. On top of that I would be given some shares and benefits each month. 

I refused her offers because they were full time positions and I was required to work overtime—I would not have time to do the three things. 

She asked me under what conditions would I be able to come back to work. I said three conditions.

First, I should only report to the head boss and there would be no managers between the head boss and I. Second, I would finish the tasks in time and guarantee the quality. I would not abide by the company policies. Third, I would not be confined to the 8 working hours every day. The criteria to judge my work would be the results. Fourth, the boss decided my salary. If I was not qualified or not in line with her requirements, I didn’t need to be paid and would voluntarily leave the company. 

After serious consideration, the board director accepted my conditions and have carried them out without a written agreement up to the present. 

The board director also asked me to purchase materials for several projects in the past 8 years. I used my own motor tricycle to purchase materials and repaired the tools and machinery for free. The general manager praised me publicly and said that the quotes I got were genuine prices while the quotes other people got were padded prices. The sales representatives often asked me how much they should invoice me. I always asked them to invoice me the real price. Some of them asked why. I told them that I practice Falun Dafa and our Master taught us to be good people, so I would not cheat. I took the opportunity to clarify the truth to them and persuade them to withdraw from the CCP. Most of them agreed to quit the CCP. 

One company boss didn’t believe what I said. He badmouthed Falun Dafa and didn’t accept the payment by cash notes on which I put the messages of Dafa. He thought that I would not purchase materials from him any more. But I went to him as usual. Later on he came to me to learn about Falun Dafa. He agreed to withdraw from the CCP after I clarified the truth to him. 

I realized his initial behavior was to help me improve my xinxing

Now, 90% of his employees have withdrawn from the CCP and know Falun Dafa is good and that practitioners are good people. They call me “Falun Dafa” when they see me. 

My business area was large—covering 125 miles. I distributed the booklets of Nine Commentaries on the CommunistParty and The Ultimate Goal of Communism and some other truth-clarification materials within the area. Some people withdrew from the CCP. I wrote a 10-page letter to a hospital. Most of the employees changed their attitude towards Falun Dafa. Only two accountants didn’t believe. The other employees withdrew from the CCP. 

I was involved in 11 projects scattered across tens of miles. The Security Department, Cleaning Department, Engineering Department, Greening Department, and the Customer Department changed employees constantly. I clarified the truth to them one after another, so a lot of people learned the truth. 

There were 11 people in the head office. Nine of them withdrew from the CCP. There were over 40 managers there, and 90% withdrew from the CCP. 

In order to fully utilize my time, I clarified the truth to people waiting for the bus, on the bus, while walking, at my work, having meals and going shopping. Most of the taxi drivers supported Falun Dafa and agreed to withdraw from the CCP. 

The local practitioners shared and realized that the current situation was arranged by Master for us to improve and for those who were worthy of being saved to be saved. This is an opportunity for practitioners to accumulate greater mighty virtue. Master treasures practitioners. Thank you, Master, for your boundless compassion. As practitioners we have no reason not to cultivate diligently or miss the opportunity to let go of our human mindsets and attachments. 

Let’s do the three things well, and improve our xinxing and levels quickly so as to meet the requirements of Fa-rectification period Dafa disciples and be worthy of Master’s salvation.