(Minghui.org) The U.S. election has attracted the attention of millions of people, including many Falun Dafa practitioners.

Things have come to a head, with the 6th of January having passed and the joint session of the two houses of Congress certifying the election result against President Trump. His supporters from across the country who had gathered in Washington, D.C. to oppose the election fraud were suppressed in all kinds of ways, after rioters dressed as Trump supporters broke into the Capitol and caused damage. One person was even shot in the neck in the process and died shortly after.

Trump and his supporters didn’t receive due sympathy, affirmation or support. On the contrary, the opposing side took the opportunity to point fingers at Trump and blamed him for inciting the riot and violence. The situation seems to have worsened for Trump.

Many people who had expected to see a Trump victory on January 6 were disappointed, frustrated and even puzzled: Where were the miracles? Why didn't gods protect the United States? Even some of our Falun Dafa practitioners have shown various degrees of misunderstanding and disappointment.

A Necessary Process Before the Cleansing

In my mind, the arrangement made by the righteous gods must be comprehensive and most conducive to Fa-rectification and the salvation of people. The time for cultivation and Fa-rectification is very tight and limited; there are really few opportunities left to test and improve cultivators and save sentient beings.

This U.S. general election is undoubtedly an opportunity for the world’s people to reveal their true nature and make a choice, because the result concerns everyone in the U.S. and the world. The divine will certainly use this opportunity to make arrangements for the process and the outcome. Can those extremely corrupt elements not be exposed and destroyed? Isn’t this an opportunity for them to reveal themselves?

Indeed, after this process, many of those deeds that were extremely dirty and corrupt have been exposed. The level of evil and depravity are far beyond human comprehension and without a moral bottom line. As things are gradually brought to the surface, those who do evil no longer bother to cover up for themselves or feel ashamed of it.

While the communist specter is behind those corrupt beings, it’s also those corrupt individuals' thirst for power and various desires that had led them down this path. They will have to bear the consequences for their self-indulgence and pandering to the evil.

On the other hand, people’s moral degeneration and corruption didn't happen overnight. It had taken years and decades for the communist specter to set in.

With everything now being exposed in front of the world, isn’t this a sufficient condition for the next step in the Fa-rectification, i.e., for mankind to wake up to the evil communism and its devilish acts, and distinguish righteous from evil? Although some manifestations of evil have reached a level beyond tolerance and the old forces are making their last struggle before their final extinction, everything will eventually be reckoned with and completely cleaned up.

Be Patient with the Divine’s Plan

In terms of how things have played out so far, some people would ask, “Why didn’t a miracle happen? Why didn’t things have a positive outcome?” Indeed, in the early stage of the process, people cited historical prophecies or some visions religious people had, which all pointed to Trump’s successful re-election.

From his four years of presidency, we got to know that President Trump is a man who believes in the divine, respects and embraces traditional values, and is bold enough to challenge the evil Chinese Communist Party. All of these traits have won him the support of religious believers and conservatives.

After the publication of Master's poem “On the General Election” and Minghui editorial “We Must Know and Be Clearheaded about Our Principles and Fundamentals,” some practitioners came to the understanding that since Trump is the chosen one, he would win the general election and be re-elected smoothly. When the setbacks happened, many people felt disappointed and frustrated, and they lost confidence.

However, let us not forget that the present situation is not the final outcome and that the laws and customs of man do not restrain the divine.

The superficial “reality” will baffle people and affect their emotions, but it will not change the divine's will or the arrangement of Fa-rectification.

Imagine if there were no major obstacles to Trump's re-election and he easily won key legal challenges as people had hoped for, then his supporters would definitely celebrate and rejoice, and those who believed in the divine would continue to have faith (although the substance of understanding would not necessarily be deepened). But in the meantime, the filth and rubbish would continue to hide and disguise themselves, the dark forces would continue to lurch and plan the next attack, and those uninformed would continue to be uninformed.

In that case, the screening and selection process would be difficult or prolonged. Moreover, people would still think of the upcoming elimination as mere coincidence and by chance, and would not think of the need to stay away from the CCP, reflect on their past wrongdoings, change their notions or truly believe in the divine from their hearts.

In the human world, only the sharp contrast between good and evil and miracles that occur when people are in total despair can truly save people.

It is not important whether the retribution for those unsavable comes now or later, but it is critical for us to make good use of this special period of time to save those who can still be saved.

The Importance of Faith

In fact, faith is what has led people through this election, as President Trump has prayed and asked for the divine’s help at every major or critical moment. It’s also gratifying to see some religious believers have deeper conviction and pray more regularly in the process, with the belief that the divine is protecting America.

In this corrupt and fallen age, this is the true essence of the human world and the manifestation of divine grace on earth. As true cultivators, we treasure this beyond measure. The divine also cherishes people’s true faith and protects and saves these people.

The divine will not ignore people’s frustrations or disappoint them completely. When people see the final truth and divine miracle, they will surely cherish it even more and believe in the divine even more. With that, they will receive the final salvation. At that time, when people look back at the present, they will not regret today's efforts and tribulations but will feel that they were even more worthwhile.

As Dafa practitioners, we should view the matter from the perspective of the Fa-rectification and salvation of sentient beings. If people can understand and realize what is righteous, it will be because of the power of Dafa. After all, this is the battle between good and evil and a stage towards people’s final salvation. Those who are making good choices based on their conscience are getting closer to salvation by the divine. People’s righteous choices will also benefit the Fa-rectification and help more people to be saved. Only those who have a positive understanding of Dafa can be saved in the end.

The people and things that are playing a positive role during this period are still in the process of being saved. It’s not their final result yet. We can encourage, support, help and guide them towards the final destination. But we can’t treat ourselves as ordinary people and get lost in the process.

May the Glory and Power of Dafa Be Appreciated by All

No matter how long it may take, the positive result will definitely appear, and it will be a manifestation of the power of Dafa. The success or failure of human affairs is a temporary situation and a fleeting moment in the whole process. We should see through it and not place too much importance on it ourselves.

For Dafa disciples, we need to look at the issues from the perspective of Fa-rectification and final salvation. In the final display of the results, if people can look beyond the election or which candidate wins the presidency, but recognize that it’s the power of Dafa that is driving everything and appreciate it, then it’s the best result for their salvation. Because only positive awareness of Dafa can lead to their final salvation and only Dafa is salvation.

Since this election, we practitioners have changed some of our notions and eliminated many attachments, including belief in and dependence on prophecies, the dependence on ordinary people, the dependence on human reasoning, lack of patience, and the eagerness to see positive results–all of these are rectified through the process. This is our cultivation and improvement.

We should stay unmoved, firmly believe in Dafa, and act according to Master's requirements. My understanding of remaining undisturbed is to measure things against the Fa and use the Fa to judge situations and guide our words and deeds. We should not be confused by temporary situations or appearances, nor should we consider ourselves a part of ordinary people, including those who are now playing a positive role.

In the final stage of Fa-rectification, we should persist in doing the three things well, save people under all circumstances, and not go to extremes. Only when we study the Fa well and truly understand the essence of the Fa can we not be interfered with or disturbed in carrying out our sacred mission.

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