(Minghui.org) A few days ago, a fellow practitioner said, “A practitioner will go to the countryside to give some necessities to another practitioner who is experiencing financial difficulties. She asked us to donate some money.” I agreed without giving it a second thought.

The practitioner added, “Her situation is tough. She has four grandsons. Her son is suffering from depression, and her husband had a stroke. She will have more time to study the Fa and cultivate if we can provide some financial assistance.”

I asked, “Master arranged her path of cultivation. Could Master have made a wrong arrangement? The hardship was arranged for her to endure and cultivate herself. She can only cultivate herself after enduring these hardships. The tribulation is her path of cultivation. Why does she need us to help her out?” Other practitioners did not donate money once they heard what I said.

When we studied the Fa together again, I heard that a practitioner still gave her rice and other things. I came to know that dozens of fellow practitioners had assisted her over the past decade. Some actively coordinated it, and some donated money when she needed it. Some gave her other things such as milk, sausages, toilet paper, oil, and clothes. One practitioner has been donating a fixed amount to her every month.

I don’t think this is a good thing in cultivation. I believe that these practitioners have been destroying the cultivation path for the practitioner experiencing difficulties, and the practitioner receiving such donations could be gaining karma as well.

Master said,

“To the great enlightened beings, living as a human being is not the purpose, and one’s life is not meant for being human—it is meant for you to return to your origin. Human beings suffer a lot. The enlightened beings think that the more one suffers, the better, as one should speed up repaying one’s debts. This is what they think.” (Lecture Four, Zhuan Falun)

However, these fellow practitioners have been donating to her for so long. I think this issue was serious, so I shared my understanding, but these practitioners still thought they had not done anything wrong. They felt they should help her out.

The reality is that during the past ten years, the fellow practitioner’s son had depression because his wife had died. Her husband had a stroke. It seemed her tribulation became severe when she relied on fellow practitioners’ assistance.

Master said,

“Of course, while you practice I do make use of others’ mouths to drop hints to you, as your spiritual development is something I, and not those people, arrange. I have to ask those of you who like to listen to and believe those people’s nonsense: Are you taking them as your master? Do you really have faith in me?” (“Another Stern Warning,” Team Yellow Translation)

I don’t think the practitioner who coordinated this issue saw it from the perspective of the Fa. Those who participated in the donation should also realize this was interference.

I recommended all practitioners involved in such matters reread Master’s teaching:

“That said, I want to share that Master very much cherishes all of you who are Dafa disciples and have made it through since July 20 of 1999. And the countless gods above hold you in high regard, as well. But you should cherish yourselves, too. Snap out of it! You have made it through the toughest leg of the journey, so it makes no sense to fail miserably at something so basic in the end!” (“Another Stern Warning,” Team Yellow Translation)