(Minghui.org) Before I began practicing Falun Dafa in the summer of 1997, my family was poor, and hunger and cold made me sickly. Later, life improved, but my husband drank a lot, and he abused me when he was drunk. His abuse caused more sickness. I was close to 40 years old, but my health worsened every day.

Just when I was desperate, I obtained the Fa and I recovered from all my diseases. I became energized. My husband saw the changes in me, and he also read Zhuan Falun. After that, he was no longer abusive after drinking.

Awakening the Conscience of People

I started clarifying the truth about Dafa to awaken the conscience of people in early 2002. I initially didn’t dare talk with strangers, so I talked with my relatives, friends, and colleagues. If I met one of them on the way to or from my workplace, I got off my bike and talked to them about Dafa. I also wrote letters to perpetrators of the persecution who worked in county, city, and town governments, advising them to be good.

At first, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) secretary of my work unit (who passed away from an incurable disease) yelled at me and two other Dafa practitioners, threatening to fire us. Colleagues were also hostile toward us and looked at us strangely. Through our efforts, most of them now understand the facts about Dafa, have withdrawn from the CCP organizations, and began to support us.

I brought Dafa materials to my work every day, explained facts about Dafa to people with whom I did business, convinced them to quit the CCP, and offered them Dafa materials. Sometimes about ten people sat at a table together to eat. They asked me about Dafa and about quitting the CCP and its youth organizations, which gave me the opportunity to clarify the facts.

My supervisor once said in front of many people, “To judge whether Falun Dafa is good or not, just look at her (referring to me). She is completely different from before, in terms of health, personality, and work effectiveness. We can’t compete. If people behave like her, society will improve.”

He then said that he would stop paying the Party fee, and wanted to withdraw his membership from the CCP. I took the opportunity to convince two more people to quit the CCP.

People around me changed their attitudes towards Dafa, from fear and being worried for me, to understanding me and supporting me. Not only did they quit the CCP, they also helped me by hand-copying truth-clarification letters and mailing them, handing out Dafa materials, and saying good words about Dafa in public. They all benefited to varying degrees. Some regained good health, some had their lives extended, and some even became millionaires.

Looking for People with Predestined Connections

I had more time to save people after I retired in 2007. I brought Dafa materials to my hometown, a far away relative’s home, and the places where I used to work. I tried to convince people to quit the CCP. I gave out Dafa informational materials and put up slogans raising awareness of Dafa. For the people who weren't at home or who were involved in the persecution of Dafa practitioners, I mailed them “be good” letters when I got home.

I once climbed two mountains to find a village secretary. It was already dark when I arrived in the village. Other people’s houses were lit, but not his, and no one was home. The neighbor said that the secretary's wife had gone to their daughter’s home, and he was at a meeting. I then went in the direction I thought I would find him and pleaded with Master to let me see him. Sure enough, a motorcycle passed me halfway.

I loudly asked if he was the village secretary. He answered yes and came back to me. He said with surprise, “It is you! Where did you come from this late in the night?” I told him, “I came just for you. We haven’t seen each other for more than ten years. I have something to tell you. Please sit down.”

I then started to tell him everything I wanted him to know. After I talked for more than half an hour, he finally understood the facts and agreed to quit the CCP. He also took some Dafa materials and amulets.

Before leaving, I said to him, “You are the village party secretary. You must keep folks safe. If Dafa disciples come to your village to talk with people about Dafa or put up slogans, you must protect them.” He agreed and said that he would.

The effect of interacting with people was very good. Most of the people I met understood the truth and quit the CCP and its youth organizations.

Where will I go next? I have gone where I could and I talked with as many people as possible over the years.

Creating a New Environment for Truth Clarification

I rented a house and started a small business. I didn’t intend to make money, I just wanted to earn enough to pay the rent and have the opportunity to spread true information about Dafa. My husband started practicing Falun Dafa in 2003 and helped me. He sometimes accompanied me to distribute materials and raise awareness about Falun Dafa. When he retired he did all the housework, thus I could do the three things Master requires us to do.

There were not many customers in the first year, but there were more after the second year. Later, more people came and quit the CCP, and most used their real names because they trusted me. I gave them Dafa brochures and amulets, and told them to pass the information to their relatives and friends. Some asked for a copy of Zhuan Falun and some wanted to learn the practice.

I now live in a small city where many tourists visit in summer. Fellow practitioners and I go to the tourist spots to awaken the conscience of people, and I mail letters. Tourists are usually in a good mood. So we first say some nice words when we meet them, and then start talking about Dafa. Most people agree to quit the CCP and accept the amulets, even though most tourists are unwilling to take paper materials back home. We told them to remember the Dafa phrase “Falun Dafa is good, and Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good,” when facing danger.

Of course, there were also those who did not listen, and others who cursed us and threatened to report us to the police. Yet, we didn't think like ordinary people. No matter how we were treated, we smiled and explained Falun Dafa, then left.

Spreading the Facts During the Pandemic

Fewer people visit the tourist spots in winter, but there are more people are in shopping malls, so we went to the mall to clarify the truth. Although fewer people quit the CCP than in the tourist spots, we still helped several people per day to do so.

After the Chinese New Year, and because of the CCP virus, shopping malls were closed, and people in the community kept their doors shut. I thought that Dafa practitioners shouldn't stop clarifying the truth, especially during the plague. People are usually busy, and don't have time to read materials, particularly when they drive. It is hard to run into them. Now they stay home, have nothing to do, and are afraid of the virus. It is the right time for them to read the Falun Dafa information.

I printed “Remedy for Treating Plague,” “A Letter to Predestined People,” Minghui Weekly, and other related materials on A4 paper, folded them, put an eye-catching title on top, and sealed them in a zip-lock bag. One night, my husband and I each carried 20 copies in our pockets and went out after sending righteous thoughts. The doorman didn’t seem to see us. We have since gone out to distribute Dafa materials regularly. The doorman never asks us to sign in, checks our temperature, or asks for our pass.

Just before 8:00 p.m. there were hardly any people on the street, but both sides of the road were filled with cars. We placed brochures on the windshields. I checked the next day and found that only one car hadn't moved, and the material was still on the windshield. The other vehicles were gone.

I can sum up my cultivation journey over the past two decades as: By listening to Master’s words you can do the three things well. No matter what methods you use, one must have pure and righteous thoughts. The effect varies according to the amount of effort one makes.

For example, mailing truth clarifying letters seems simple, but each step needs to be done carefully. I have been mailing letters since 2002. In the beginning, I wrote the letters by hand. Since 2005, some practitioners printed them for me according to my requirements. I now print the letters myself. The results have always been very good. Only once did the post office not deliver it.