(Minghui.org) After getting married in 2006, I moved to the city where I currently live. I now work for a foreign company as a translator.

Because everybody in my mother-in-law’s family practices Falun Dafa, I have had many opportunities to learn a lot about this method of self-cultivation. Falun Dafa cannot only cure people’s ailments and keep them fit but also improve their moral standards. Many people have shared extraordinary things they've experienced in the course of their cultivation. Their experiences were completely different from what I heard on the TV news and social media. Although I thought that what my relatives told me about Falun Dafa should be credible, I didn’t really believe it until I experienced the power of this practice for myself.

One morning in the spring of 2007, I did the Falun Dafa exercises with my relatives. Soon after, I was dizzy, nauseous, and sweating, and I could barely stand. I ran to the toilet but didn't vomit. Then I urgently defecated. After that, I immediately felt relaxed and that my body was light.

Wow! It turned out that the phenomena they talked about really existed, and it happened to me. This completely broke the barrier of atheism that I had been indoctrinated with since childhood. From that day on, I have practiced Falun Dafa!

Since practicing Dafa, I have experienced some miraculous things. An unusual experience occurred during sleep one time when I smelled the wonderful scent of cantaloupe. On the way to work after practicing the exercises, I walked as lightly as if someone was pushing me. At times, while meditating, I didn’t seem to know where my hands or legs were but only a little awareness of mine was left to know that I was meditating. Sometimes I suddenly feel wonderful, as if sitting in an eggshell and I encounter an intense sensation between my eyebrows as light appeared. When doing the exercises, my body is surrounded by very warm energy.

As I got older, I seemed to be less and less happy. I started to work, got married, had children, and found myself exhausted by having to deal with so many interpersonal relationships. Sometimes I was confused by my narrow-mindedness. I was jealous, competitive, showed off, and pursued fame and fortune. I knew my thoughts were not righteous and I wanted to control them, but I did not know how to do so. These ill thoughts not only made me feel bad but also uncomfortable in my body. Since cultivating Falun Dafa, I have gradually cared less about these bad thoughts and now know how to control myself.

A female colleague was my subordinate. From the moment she joined the company, I didn’t like her because, on the day met, she told me bad things about her classmate who had interviewed her. She did not pay for the company’s valuable tools after she had lost them nor did she return my MP3 player after she borrowed it. She often told lies and refused to admit it whenever she had done something wrong. She also argued with others unreasonably. Therefore, I concluded that there was a problem with this person’s character and I disliked her very much.

Every year, my company had an opportunity to send some of their staff to study abroad. Normally, if my subordinates go abroad for training, the company will first notify me, the department manager. But one year the company allowed this colleague to study abroad without informing me. Later, I learned that a foreign male colleague who had an ambiguous relationship with her arranged for this, which made me so unhappy that I looked down upon her even more! Because of this situation, I was very upset and angry with this woman from time to time.

I was aware that as a Dafa practitioner, it was wrong to treat her like this. So what should a practitioner do? I asked myself why I was angry with this woman. Clearly, her bad character and pursuit of personal gain disturbed me. In fact, I should really be thinking about her with a peaceful mind. She is actually unknowingly harming herself by behaving the way she did.

After thinking about this situation at length, I felt that I was too intolerant and unkind. After changing my state of mind, I discovered that I no longer thought that she was that unpleasant. Later on, she went to another department, and then she left the company. When she resigned, she returned my MP3 that she had borrowed six or seven years ago. I then told her: “If you love it, please keep it.” She was happy with this offer.

Without Falun Dafa’s guidance, I would not have treated her so tolerantly. In fact, when you can’t be tolerant of others, you also have a lot of bad emotions. If you go to extremes when doing things, you will hurt others and disadvantage yourself as well. If I had treated her as she treated me, our conflicts would have intensified and we would have felt uneasy with each other. It is Falun Dafa that helped me resolve the conflicts between us.

I had suffered from bronchitis since childhood. I had a cold almost every winter. It was a common practice for me to take injections and medicine. Since becoming a Falun Dafa cultivator, I haven’t taken a single pill, and even if I occasionally experience a cold symptom, it will soon disappear.

Two years ago I started to develop a red rash on my back, which was both painful and itchy. At first, I felt a little concerned. Later, I calmed down, thinking: “Whether I encounter diseases or difficulties, they are all caused by my own karma. Suffering is a good thing.” After a week or so, the rash was gone. I was able to stabilize my heart at the critical moment and gratefully pass another test.

One morning last May when I woke up and went to the toilet, I suddenly had a burning sensation when urinating. I also noticed blood in my urine! I continued to strengthen my righteous thoughts and stabilize my mind, and this condition gradually eased by noon. Then I was surprised to find that my backache that had been going on for a while was gone. It turned out that the bad things from my body were discharged!

Since practicing Falun Dafa, I have been relaxed and happy with a good mentality and good health. When my relatives and friends encounter difficulties, I can help them resolve their worries by using the principles I have learned from Dafa. Therefore, my relatives and friends are willing to talk to me when they are upset about something. In my cultivation, Falun Dafa has not only benefited myself but also the people around me.